New Beginnings

After what's happened will they find peace or be forever haunted by the memories of their captors.

Sequel to Kidnapped


2. Therapy

Zayn's Point of View

I just heard Liam shout to be ready soon and I double checked my hair. Lately, me and Perrie have been spending a lot of time together. I could've lost her forever. I'm just glad that she's alright and safe with me. Unfortunately that isn't the same for all of us... Whenever Perrie is with me, basically everyday, I keep her in my room in case Louis or Liam see. I'm not hiding her from them, I just don't want them to see a reminder in her of their girlfriends.

I don't know if this would help them or not... But I want to propose to her. Going through all that made me realize that I never want to live without her. It's been a great two years with her, so why not? I still needed to ask her father for permission first, because that is the right thing to do. Especially since we are so young.

But still. I don't want to hurt my friends so I'll bring it up at the session. If it will hurt them I'll wait.

Liam yelled for us to leave now so I rushed down the stairs and got shot gun before anyone else could. Harry decided on driving us and thankfully he's not drunk at the moment. It's weird because he'll go out clubbing and come home without a girl. Not saying that he should, it's just a odd.

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