New Beginnings

After what's happened will they find peace or be forever haunted by the memories of their captors.

Sequel to Kidnapped


4. Story Time

Liam's Point of View

Ms. Vivian Sanders just appeared and took a seat in her chair next to Louis. Did his eyes just light up a bit? Hmn. That's awkward.

"So. Who wants to share first?" She asked us cautiously.

Instantly Niall's hand shot up, "Hi. My names Niall. And um we've been through this kidnapping thing. It way crazy. These chicks snatched Louis and Liam up and after that they got us too."

She is taking down some notes and politely asks, "Care to elaborate a bit more Niall?"

"Oh yeah sorry miss. So after a concert we had we met these fans. They seemed a little weird but you know they could've just been nervous. Well nope because they kidnapped Liam and Louis! So Zayn here's all worried when they're gone but we just thought they went out for a while, ya know? So yeah Harry tries to call em but some chicks had their phones. Then they escape and come home." Niall says as fast as he can with Ms. Sanders struggling to keep up with her notes.

"But Eleanor and Danielle already died..." Niall adds on slowly.

Zayn takes over now, "After everyone was home, they said they had Perrie. So we went back for her and they tried to take us again but we escaped."

Niall shouts proudly, "I got shot!"

I decide to speak up about that, "I was the one who killed Ocean... after she shot Niall."

Zayn says, "I was the one who killed Kendra." He used air quotes when saying killed.

Our therapist finally started talking again. "What do you mean by killed Kendra?" She said using air quotes mimicking Zayn.

I answer, "Well, we say someone at the hospital who looked just like her and we didn't know what happened to her body... Soooooooo."

After I said that a little timer went off on her desk that I didn't realize was there. She looked over her notes and back up to us. "So I've decided that the best way for us to work through this disturbing experience is to have individual sessions. To gain each of your perspectives and treat you each individually."

She stands up gesturing to the exit, "Tomorrow I'd like to see Louis since he is a big part of this and yet didn't speak at all. I'll let the rest of you know later on."

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