New Beginnings

After what's happened will they find peace or be forever haunted by the memories of their captors.

Sequel to Kidnapped


3. Ms. Therapist

Louis' Point of View

Honestly I miss being happy. I miss laughing, messing around, and just having fun. But ever since... you know what, I just don't feel anything. I don't feel happy or sad, just numb. Hopefully this therapist can help me out. Every time I try to talk to Liam about it, he just stares blankly at me so I give up.

I'm feeling this session will leave everyone closer to being positive. I know I'm ready for that. Let's get this show on the road.

We just pulled up to the office, seeing no one outside luckily. We made our way inside and I sat on a waiting room sofa, only to have to get up after hearing our names called moments later. Sighing, I get up and walk to the back room. I take the seat closest to the doctor's chair, knowing that he'll mostly be speaking to either me or Liam.

"Ms. Vivian Sanders will be with you momentarily. Grab a seat in the mean time." The secretary informs.

Oh so it's a lady. Well I didn't plan on that. What if I start crying again? I can't cry in front of a lady! I just need to keep my cool and I'll be fine.

The other boys took their seats as soon as the door opened revealing the fittest doctor I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of doctors lately. Now I definitely can't cry in front of her.

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