To The Moon and Back

"Who are you?" I asked, turning on my heel to face him.

"Really, I mean you're asking me to run away with you in a strange box, I should at least know your name."

He grinned, as if amused by an inside joke. His eyes glittered like the thousands of stars above us as he spoke,

"I'm the Doctor. Come away with me Roxie Davis. Come and see the stars."


1. Prologue

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Nobody understands. Nobody ever will. He was...and always will be the love of my entire life. That blue box of his came crashing into my existence at an unexpected, yet perfect time, and I will never ever be able to repay him for that. Now as I stand here in the TARDIS for possibly the final time, I pray to every God in the universe to bring him back to me. This man that gave me the universe and never asked for anything in return. This man who thinks only of the ones he must protect, and never of himself. This man...

The Doctor.

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