You Are All I Need

Zoe is really insecure about herself deep inside. She can hide all her fears and past with an adorable smile. But one day when her past is revealed to everyone will she deny the truth or just tell everyone? But no matter what decision she makes, there will always be someone beside her, protecting her.. Harry Styles.



Harry's POV

The next morning i woke up really late. I checked my phone and saw that Zoe had already called.

Holy shit.

I quickly called her back and she answered after about 14 seconds.


"Hey babe, its Harry. Im sorry for not picking up earlier. I was still asleep."

"Oh, its okay. So how are you?"

"Im good love, i was just wondering if you would like to hang out today?"

Oh god. What is she going to say. My heart is having a fucking race at the moment

"Erm ye, sure. Where though?"

"Meet me at the quiet park, in front of the bank."

"Okay, Harry see you there, bye"

"See you love."

Zoe's POV

Holy fucking shit. I have a date with Harry Styles. Ok. Hypnotising. I NEED TO GO GET READY,YO!

"Emilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" I screamed as loud as i can.

"Zoe, just for your information, im not deaf and i am perfectly able to hear you when you are talking like a normal human."

"Okay, okay stop your exaggeration. Guess who just called mee."


"I said 'guess' not ask 'who'."

"Okay, bitch calm your tits. Erm Brad Pitt?"

"How would he have my number, dude."

"Oh, my gee. Your kidding. I knoww. Harry called youuu!"

"Naaa, you dont say."


"Shutup for a minute and let me talk. I need to get ready but i dont know what to wear?"

"Oh Zoe, there is something called 'clothes' which we humans wear considering your an animal im not too sure."

"Ok, Emily ok. I didn't mean it in that way dumby, come on please help me."

"Okay i will."

"Thankyou baby"

After about 20 minutes we found the perfect outfit, it wasnt too dressed up or too casual. I was wearing a brown jumper with high waisted light wash jeans and my timberlands. I straightened my hair and put on some makeup then tadaaa i was ready for my date with Harry Styles!

My phone vibrated, and i saw that i had a new text message from 'hstyles' (thats how he is saved on my phone) it said;

"When your ready text me your address so i can come and pick you up! Cant wait to see your beautiful face ;)x"

Harrys POV

I have never been so excited to go on a date before. I mean, i am Harry Styles a world famous popstar but Zoe doesn't seem that interested in me. I dont know, maybe she is just shy. I decided to text Lou to tell him the plans of today.

From: Harry

The girl from the club yesterday, called me today and im now getting ready to meet her. My hearts pounding fasttt. Wish me luck bro

From: LouLou

Awwww hazza you sound so excited, someones in love;) aha, goodluck matee

Oh how i love Louis, he always makes me happy. Now time for Zoee.

I received a text from her 5 minutes ago telling me shes ready, i havent planned anything for the day but i guess we will just see how it goes..

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