Afraid of The Dark {larry}

"Don't get too close, it's dark inside."

"I'm afraid of the dark."

"What I meant, Harold, is that I'm dark."

"I'm afraid of that too."





1. Chapter One

-Harry Styles point of view-

My mother zipped around as she cleaned rapidly, taking the valuable thing we actually did have and putting them into her bedrooms closet. We didn't have a lot of money, so the stuff that's worth something she hid. Once she was finished, she say across from me on the chair. I looked up from my notebook, making eye contact with her as she brushed a piece of hair behind her ear gently.

"Now, Harry, when I let this boy in, stay away from him. Okay?" Mother said before coughing into her elbow.

I nodded slowly as a knock on the door erupted the atmosphere. I jumped, slightly shocked. My mothers eyes rake over me before she stands up. She mumbled to me that this was most likely him, and that it'd be better if I avoided eye contact with him or I'll end up as one of his "victims". I was confused, but began drawing on my note book to prevent my mother from getting worried.

I heard the door unlock and saw my mothers head peak through the crack; her hair shifting over her shoulder smoothly. I heard her chuckle and the door open. In walked a boy with red hair and tattoos scattering over his short figure. A jean jacket tugged up to his elbows revealed the black tattoos, only to soon hide the ink under fingerless gloves. Though, the fingerless gloves showed his knuckle tattoos that said, "love wild".

His icy blue eyes locked with mine, and my heart sped up. His smirk widened as he passed my mother a see through baggy with white powder in it. I stayed quiet as he looked back at my mum, only to quickly look back over and start walking to me. His combat boots rattled due to the metal. The grunge boy hovered over me. "Anne, who is this?"

My mother winced as she stuffed the baggy of snowflakes in her back pocket. She quickly walked over to us, tugging him back by his forearm so he wasn't exactly completely hovering over me. He chuckled, and to be such a metal boy, he had a feminine voice.

"Louis, this is my seventeen year old boy, Harry," my mum said to this 'Louis' boy.

Louis nodded slowly, looking back at my mother from over his shoulder where she stood, her arms crossed over her chest. He licked his lips and she shook her head quickly.

She walked toward him, "Nonono Louis, don't get any ideas." She whisper yelled at him.

I was lost as to what she meant by 'ideas'. I couldn't talk, Louis cut me off. "No promises Anne."

He sat on the seat across from me. Louis left his legs gapped widely. He rested his hands in the middle of them, his fingers entwined. The tattooed boy watched me as I sketched. Mum walked past me, ruffling my hair and going to get the money she owed Louis.

Once she was gone, he continue watching me as I looked at my notebook. "Me and your mother go back," he mumbled lowly.

I nodded, looking up at the red head only to look at the Telly. He looked at the Telly as well, only to burn his gaze into the side of my head.

"Id love to get to know you too," I bit my lip hard as he said these words. "Personally that is."

Before I could reply, my mother walked in. Her fingers flicked through the bills she had to give him for the drugs. He stood up, stomping his way to her heavily. She handed him the money and he looked over at me, shoving it in his back pocket.

"I better get going," he smirked over at me and my mother looked at me from him continuously.

My mother looked at me confused when he broke his gaze and walked to the door, opening it.

"See ya, Anne." He said, walking out of the door before saying, "Goodbye, Haz."

My mother locked the door, turning on her heel to me with a highly confused. "Haz?" She questioned what he called me.

I shrugged. "I don't even know."


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