Kidnapped (on direction fan-fiction)

So Jennifer was walking back home and then someone comes out of no where and kidnapped's her then when she woke up she saw Zayn Malik from one direction and he told her that he was in love with her and that he wanted her to love him back but then he tells her she can never leave without him going with her and so what should she do should she choose zayn or try to escape? find out


1. walking home

I was so happy when I got a text from my mom because she said that I get to throw a party for my birthday since it was right around the corner and I was about to graduate high school and then I get to finally go to Oakland and go to my Dream college that I saw this really cute guy and I smiled at him and he waved for me to come here and I walked over and he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I said I don't even know you then I walked away I could hear him running to my and I was screaming then he picked me up and took me to a van and he wouldn't let go then he put something on my nose and mouth

i woke up on a bed and I saw 5 guys and their ONE DIRECTION!!!! Wait why was I in a room with one direction and why was I tied up? Then I asked

Jennifer: why am I here?

Harry: because your gone be our sex slave

Jennifer: WHAT?

Liam: here are the rules you have to follow

1. Do not give us an attitude

2. Listen to what ever we tell to do

3. Don't escape even if tried you would still end up here

and 4. Have fun i mean a lot of girls would like to be in your position

Jennifer: ok then why don't get one of those girls 

Harry: because we like you and we don't really know those other girls

Jennifer: you don't know me 

Zayn: I know you I've been watching you because I knew there was something special about you when I first saw you

Jennifer: YOU CREEP!

zayn walked out of the room and Harry came to me and told me my schedule 

Monday was Louis 

Tuesday was Liam

Wednesday was Niall

Thursday was Zayn 

Friday is me he winked 

Saturday was whoever I wanted 

Sunday is my free day 

Harry sad that I'm go with Zayn today since it Is Thursday and wanted to kill myself I wish this had never happened then Zayn walked in and told me to follow him 





a/n just to tell you it's going to get dirty from this point so just telling you to read on if you ok with it





I walked in and he shut the door and locked it then he said ok I'm not going to force you into anything but if they come in or something we will pretend ok and I smiled and gave him a hug and omg thank you so much and then he said so what is your answer to my question he said and I was thinking about what question he was talking about then I remembered someone asked me if I would be their boyfriend. And then I pushed him and told him he was the whole reason I was here then he said I know I'm so sorry and then I said whatever and I went to the bed and he walked towards me than he pushed me down and he ripped my shirt off and then my shorts and he started kissing me and I slapped him and ran to the bathroom and locked it I was crying I didn't want this to happen to me I was still a virgin then I saw the door knob turning I was so scared and then he walked in and he yelled GET OVER HERE NOW!! He saw me crying then he pulled me up and he carried me to the bed. He took off his shirt and pants then I saw him tying my hands and feet to each corner of the bed and took off my bra and panties he was licking my lips as if he wanted to kiss me and of corse I let him because he made me then he started kissing my neck and I moaned then he said your starting to like it aren't you and I said no I'm being raped how can I like it and I said in my head that I kinda do like it but I'm not gonna tell him that and I felt him rubbing "that area" ( I'm gonna call it the cat ok so ya) then I felt something go in my cat and I screamed in so much pain and I could help it then smiled and said what is this ur first time and I screamed in so much pain saying yes then he laughed and I said it's not funny your hurting me I'm tired and I want to go to sleep then he said ok I'm getting tired to and then he got off and untied me then I fell asleep in pain. So much for your first day. 

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