Kidnapped (on direction fan-fiction)

So Jennifer was walking back home and then someone comes out of no where and kidnapped's her then when she woke up she saw Zayn Malik from one direction and he told her that he was in love with her and that he wanted her to love him back but then he tells her she can never leave without him going with her and so what should she do should she choose zayn or try to escape? find out


3. The best birthday ever❤️

When I woke up I snuggled next to harry  and he kissed my forehead and then he said why don't we watch a movie (he said in his American voice) and I say ok harry ( in a British accent) then we laughed and I said ohh can we watch the notebook and he said ok why not then I said maybe I should order some tacos and he laughed and said ya ya ya. And then I called a taco shop to see if they can deliver and they did and then me and harry were just cuddling eating tacos watching the notebook. Then someone knocked on the door and harry said come in then I saw Niall and he said so can I have some tacos with a grin on his face and we all laughed and said sure then Louis and Liam came in and said hey can we watch the notebook to and then I said sure and I giggled. Someone was missing it was Zayn

Harry: where's zayn 
Louis: he downstairs drinking

Jennifer: why is he drinking 

Harry: he does that when he's upset

Jennifer: oh…I'm gonna go down stairs and get something to drink and harry said me to plz and I said ok 

Then when I went downstairs I saw Zayn sitting on the couch watching the notebook 

Jennifer: hey you know where watching that upstairs you could join if you want

Zayn: no I think I'm ok right here but thanks

Jennifer: ok 

Then I went into the kitchen and I got water for me and harry and then I heard Zayn walking to the kitchen and I just took a sip of the water and I turned around and Zayn was right in front of me. He started to say

Zayn: why won't you forgive me

Jennifer: because I don't believe your really apologizing plus your drunk so your not even gonna remember what's going on 

Zayn: I'm not drunk ok I just had a little sip of beer and I knew it was a bad choice because I might do something I'll regret later

Jennifer: ok but I still don't believe you 

Then Zayn just gently put his hand near my ear and mouth. 

Zayn: plz forgive me and I will treat you like a princess 

Then I hugged him and I said I'll forgive you but then he told me to look at him and then he kissed me and I kissed him back. I know I was dating harry but Zayn had the most magical kisses ever and I couldn't help it.

Jennifer: I-I have to go upstairs because Harry's gonna wonder what's happening 

Zayn: I'll come upstairs with you 

Jennifer: ok 
When I walked in the room I saw all the boys crying and me and Zayn started laughing and then harry said what this movie is just so cute then I said I know. Then I sat down and we were al just sitting down and watched the movie but Zayn wasn't paying attention he was just staring at me and I looked at him and I waved hi and he laughed and he looked at the tv. For once we all got along and it was just so much fun and then I said omg we should have a party. And they all looked at me and nodded there heads then I said ok 

Zayn: why don't have your birthday party because it is in February 18 isn't it

Jennifer: ya 

Harry: oh it is well then we should start planning everything were gonna do 

Niall: I'll get all the food 

Liam: typical Niall

Niall: well it is my specialty 

Then when when we went to the store we planned everything out Zayn gets the snacks and beer harry gets the sodas Louis gets the party decorations Liam gets the cake and Niall got all the candy. 

Then we bought the stuff and then we set the stuff out and since the party was tomorrow we decided to make jello but all the boys went up stairs and it was just me and harry making the jello and would always kiss me then the rest of the boys came down stairs and harry said ill be right back then he went up stairs and I just need to put the jello into the fridge and then I'll be done 

                                >>>>>>>>>>Harry's P.O.V<<<<<<<<<<<<

Ok for her birthday were gonna sing truly madly deeply so I hope you guys remember it and plz don't mess up I want this to be special for her. And since like I'm gonna ask her out can we plz not make her our sex slave anymore unless she is single but if she is dating one of us it's off limits ok? And they agreed then I said I'm gonna try to make it as romantic as much as I can and thank you for helping me. 

                               >>>>>>>>>> Jennifer's P.O.V<<<<<<<<<
I heard harry coming down stairs and 

Harry: oh sorry it was something major I'll put the jello in and either me or one of the boys are gonna take you shopping so you could wear something really beautiful 

Jennifer: ok and thank you so much 

*1 hour later*

Zayn took me to the store 

Zayn:he said so this is awkward 

Jennifer: ya I'm just so happy that you guys are throwing me a party and I really want to thank you guys so much for this

Zayn: no problem I mean we have been mean to you and by we I mean me haha

Jennifer: ya but you are finally on my good side.  OH THERES A PARKING RIGHT THERE!!!

Zayn: what the heak 

Jennifer: sorry I just really want to try on some dresses 

We got in the store and I pulled Zayn forward and said come on let's go then he started laughing and I saw this beautiful dress it was a short dress that was turquoise and had puff underneath the skirt part

---- at the very beginning page---- ~~~~~skipping back to the house because I'm lazy~~~~~
I saw harry and he said I can't wait until tonight because I have something very special for you and then I smiled and started blushing then I went up stairs and I started getting ready so I curled me hair and did my natural makeup with mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and blush then I put the dress on and I heard so,done coming to my room and it was Zayn and he said well who looked like a princess and all this princess needs is a crown and he put a crown on my head as I bowed down then I started blushing and smiling then he got a text and he said that harry told him to tell me that I have to stay in the room as there putting the decorations and I said ok then he gave me my phone and said I think it's ok to give it back to you then he left and I went on my phone and I haven't looked at since forever and when I turned it on I got a million texts and a bunch of updates but then I texted harry and asked him if I could invite my B.F.F.'s and he said it was ok then I texted my friends and one of them asked were I've been and I said well I won a contest to live one direction and I took it. I lied. But then I said well anyways I'm having a party would you like to come and they said HELL YA, where at exactly? And I gave then the address then I got a text from harry and he said you can come down now and I saw everyone in the house even my friends and I ran to them and gave them a hug and said I missed you guys and they said wow your supper fancy little Miss. Lopez and I laughed and said well just make your self comfortable and then harry came up to me and said bring your friends outside and I did then I saw a STAGE!!! It was small but god enough and I heard Harry here's a song to the lost beautiful girl in the word then harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall started sing truly, madly, deeply

Am I asleep Am I awake 
Or somewhere in between 
I can't believe that you are
Here and lying Next to me
Or did I dream That we were 
perfectly Entwined Like branches
on a tree or Twigs caught on a vine

Like all those days and weeks and 
Months I tried to steal a kiss and 
All those sleepless nights and daydreams 
where I pictured this I'm just the underdog
Who finally got the girl and i am not 
Ashamed to tell it to the world

Truly, madly, deeply I am foolishly,
 completely falling and some how 
You kicked all my walls in so baby
Say you'll always keep me Truly, 
madly, crazy, deeply in love with you
In love with you

Should I put coffee and granola on a 
tray in bed and wake up with all the words 
That I still haven't said and tender touches 
Just to show you how I feel or should I 
Act so cool, like it was no big deal

 wish I could freeze this moment in a frame 
And stay like this I'll put this day on replay
And keep reliving it cause here's the tragic 
truth if don't feel the same my heart would 
Fall apart if someone said your name 

All together: 
Truly, madly, deeply I am foolishly completely
falling and somehow you kicked all my walls 
in so baby say you'll always keep me Truly, 
madly, crazy deeply in love with you

I hope I'm not a casualty I hope you won't get 
Up and leave May not mean that much to you
But to me it's everything everything

All together:
Truly, madly, deeply I am foolishly completely
falling and somehow you kicked all my walls 
in so baby say you'll always keep me Truly, 
madly, crazy deeply in love ( in love) with you 
(With you) in love (in love) with you (with you) 
In love (in love) with you (with you) with 

I started crying then harry said don't worry that's not all and It was so cute then he asked my friends if he could could have a moment with me then they said sure and harry out a blind fold on me then carried me bridal style and I was tempted to take off the blind fold and then he took it off 2 minutes later and he said now turn around and he said I know it's cheesy but your worth it then fireworks started going and there was a dinner set up with little lights on the roof and we sat down and watched the fireworks then he said I did this because I knew you liked really cute things and I said it can't get any more perfect then he grabbed my hand and he kissed me right when there was a firework that made a big heart and in the middle it said harry and jennifer. Then right when that firework shot up someone took a picture and me and harry were kissing then he said I love you jennifer and I said I love you to then he stood me up and he got on his nees and he said will you be my girlfriend forever for me to keep and protect and I started crying then I said yes yes yes. And we kissed again













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