Kidnapped (on direction fan-fiction)

So Jennifer was walking back home and then someone comes out of no where and kidnapped's her then when she woke up she saw Zayn Malik from one direction and he told her that he was in love with her and that he wanted her to love him back but then he tells her she can never leave without him going with her and so what should she do should she choose zayn or try to escape? find out


4. Chapter 4

It was the morning after my birthday and me and Harry are officially together and I saw Harry lying next to me and I was still in my dress but my tiara was on the table and I felt two lips go against my head and I heard a deep voice saying good morning my princess and I smiled and then I said that was so sweet what you and the boys did for me last night and he said ya I know. He was blushing when he said that then I said can we go get Starbucks and he said ok then me and him went downstairs so he could get the keys and I could get my shoes. I got my shoes and sat on the couch and I saw Zayn I said hey, then he smiled and said wow aren't you fancy to just go to Starbucks. I looked down, I forgot that I had my dress still on then I said hey Harry I'll be right back I'm going tonnage into pants and a shirt then he said ok. Then I ran upstairs to my room and I got my clothes and I took off my dress and I felt someone watching me it was LIAM!!!!  Omg I can't believe he was in my room I yelled WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!?!? And he said sorry I was just using the bathroom and I said well leave I'm trying to change and he just ran out of the room and I was just laughing on the bed. I shook my head and finished getting ready and then I went down stairs and I said ok bye guys and I walked out the door with harry

~~~~~Liam's P.O.V~~~~~

omg I can't believe Jennifer was half naked right in front off me and then she yelled at me. I mean all I did was use the bathroom and poof she was there. Oh there she is gotta stop thinking about this. ok bye guys I heard Jennifer say then I smiled and waved my hand then the door shut and I told Zayn, Louis, and Niall what happened and they all laughed. I said I hope she doesn't think I was going to rape her or anything then Niall said well why in the hell would she think that. Idk I just don't want her to think I'm a rapist I'm a sweet guy I think, I said. And Louis laughed and said no your the sweet daddy haha. I laughed and said whatever then I went to my room and I thought to myself what if me and her could have sex I mean Harry is going out of town for 5 days to go to comic con and maybe I could just get all comfortable and do it. It's past a half an hour and I heard someone knocking on the door I went down stairs

~~~~~Jennifer's p.o.v~~~~~

i came home from Starbucks and me and Harry took the liberty to buy everyone Starbucks and I knocked on the door and I saw Zayn smiling saying so I see you got everyone Starbucks, which is mine?? And I laughed amd told him to wait then we walked in and I set the coffee down and I said ok here's Liam's, here's Louis, here's Niall, and last but not least Zayn. Hey why did I get mine last, Zayn said. And I said because u asked first and u have to be patient. Then Harry told me that he's gonna go to comic con and he's gonna be gone for 5 days and I said well why 5 days why can't it be shorter and he said it takes a while for me to go somewhere without getting mobbed and I said ok then when r u leaving and he said tomorrow morning and I whispered in his ear that we should go upstairs then he nodded his head and he said sorry guys but ima leave duces. 

We got to the room and he said why did you want to bring me up here and I said so we hang out like just you and me for a while and watch a movie. He said ok and I got out my favorite movie it was Nemo and we sang along to dory when she said " Just Keep Swimming " then he started kissing me and I pulled away and said not yet the movie is still playing and he laughed and said ok then we watched the rest of the movie and I said now u can start kissing me and he pulled me really close to him were our body's were pressing against each other's and he kissed me then he was kissing my neck making me moan and he laughed and said do you like thank and I said obviously and he started kissing me again then I said wait I'm saving this for when u come back and he smiled and said why can't i unwrap u right now then I said because i like to tease u and I winked then he smiled and said I love it to. Then I fell asleep.


when I woke up Harry was gone and I started crying and I just went back to sleep and I felt someone gently wake me up and I said Zayn? He asked why was I crying and I said because I never got to say goodbye to Harry. He laughed and said it's ok then I smiled and he kissed me then I said why did you do that!?

he said its because I've wanted to do that since I saw you with Harry because he got me really jealous and I just couldn't help it then I said ok what ever and I went downstairs no one was there then I went to the kitchen and got a beer I went upstairs and I drank all of it and Zayn came in and said what the heak and I ran up to him and kissed him and he picked me up and set me down then he took my clothes off and he only had his boxers on and I saw a boner on him and I pulled his shorts down then I pulled him really close to me and he thrusted his dick into my vagina and he went harder and faster every time then I was moaning like crazy and then he slid it out to cum and then that kept going...     

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