Kidnapped (on direction fan-fiction)

So Jennifer was walking back home and then someone comes out of no where and kidnapped's her then when she woke up she saw Zayn Malik from one direction and he told her that he was in love with her and that he wanted her to love him back but then he tells her she can never leave without him going with her and so what should she do should she choose zayn or try to escape? find out


2. Chapter 2

I woke up and I saw Zayn and he was asleep in his boxers I was officially scared of him because he acted all sweet and then he yelled at me and raped me. Then I got up and I went to go downstairs and then I saw harry watching tv and Niall at the table eating…typical then I sat down on the couch near Harry and he said "hey love" then I said hey and he told me to come closer and he hugged me and said so why are you so quiet. 

Me: I just didn't like the way Zayn treated me last night 

Harry: well don't worry I won't force you into anything

then I kissed him and he smiled during the kiss and then I snuggled really close to him and then I heard foot steps coming down the stairs and then I saw Zayn and I got closer to harry. 

Zayn: hey jennifer 

me: hey 

Zayn: are you too dating or something 

me: no he's just comforting me

zayn: why 

harry: because she wanted to be comforted 

Zayn: ok 

then Zayn walked to the kitchen and got a sandwich then he sat down and I got up and went to make myself a sandwich and I sat down at the table. Then I heard harry talking he called my name and I looked at him then I went over to him and I said ya then he said I'm gonna treat you special tonight I promise and I I went up stairs to go to sleep without getting raped and I heard a knock on the door and I yelled can't I at least go to sleep for just 5 minutes and then Zayn walked in and I said ugh what do you want and he said I'm sorry

me: why would you act like you weren't a rapist and then tern all freaking perverted on me like who does that. 

Zayn: I wanted you to feel safe around me and then you set me off buying being a bitch

I just rolled my eyes and he grabbed my face and told me to look at him and I tried to pull away and I saw harry walking in and he asked Zayn what was he doing and Zayn got up and said I was just talking to her 

Harry's P.O.V 
I saw Zayn holding Jennifer's face by force and I was curious of what he was doing then I asked what was he doing and Jennifer just looked scared and then he said I was just talking to her and I just walked up to jennifer and asked her if she was ok and she nodded then Zayn said I just need to talk to her alone and I said for what then he just said for what he did to her

Jennifer's P.O.V

harry asked if I was ok it's not like he cared or anything but I nodded anyway and I wanted to hug him for trying to be nice but I didn't then Zayn started talking he said that he wanted to talk to me alone and I didn't want him to. Thank god harry had the face that said oh hell no look on his face
 Then he said for what and I just wanted to freaking punch Zayn even though he was just trying to be nice but he was still a jerk. Then I got up and I said to Zayn I don't want to be alone with you ok it's bad enough as it is just leave me ALONE!! Then he stormed out of the room. Harry turned around and I looked at Harry and I got up and I started kissing him and then we fell on the bed while I was kissing him then I unbutton his shirt then he took off my shirt and and he turned me over so he could go on top of me then he unbutton my shirts and then 5 minutes later we were naked and I whispered into his ear and say let's take it to the shower and while I said that I was teasing him and he smiled and I walked to the shower and I turned the water on and he pinned me up against the wall and I put my legs around him and he put his little friend in me and I started to moan and I mean really load and I moaned H-Haryyyyyy then he got faster and I couldn't stop moaning and then he was kissing my neck and I pulled his head up and kissing him and I mean there was a lot of tounge. I didn't want it to stop I just felt so comfortable with him and I just wanted him to keep going but then I was getting really tired because we started at like 9 p.m and it felt like it was midnight then he carried me with his little friend still in me and he carried us to the bed and he said I don't want this to stop and I hope your enjoying this and I nodded and I climbed on top of him and started kissing his whole body and then he picked me up and said it's my turn and he laid on me then he was kissing my whole body and I was moaning and he laughed then I said omg I'm getting tired and he said I'm not but I understand and then we laid down and I fell asleep on his chest 

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