Kirby's Pizza Delivery

From the Super Smash Bros universe. Kirby is an aspiring pizza boy, as he delivers pizzas across the Smash Bros universe. Who will he meet? Will he deliver every pizza? Read to find out!


5. Two Villains to Deal With!

King Dedede: Meta Knight, what is the status on Kirby and Sonic?

(Meta Knight looks at his control screen.)

Meta Knight: They' our universe!

King Dedede: Oh, excellent!

(King Dedede rushes out of the control room.)

King Dedede: Waddle Dee!

Waddle Dee: Yes sir?

King Dedede: Kirby and Sonic are in our dimension! Prepare the lasers!

(Waddle Dee rushes off towards the laser control room.)

Waddle Dee: Gentlemen! We have found who we are looking for! Set up the lasers for firing!

(The Waddle Doos operating the lasers turn on the lasers, and focus them.)

(Meanwhile, Kirby and Sonic are roaming around Dream Land, trying to find King Dedede and Meta Knight.)

Kirby: They should be around here somewhere!

Sonic: Maybe they're in the Halberd?

Kirby: They got a new ship, the Rapidus. It can turn invisible, so I wouldn't be able to see it anyway.

Sonic: Perhaps they're in another dimension? I mean, there isn't just regular dimensions, you know? There's Hell and Sky!

Kirby: Sky! Of course!

(They run over to a portal, and open up the "All Universes" screen.)

Sonic: Sky Dimension.

(The Dream Land Sky appears on the portal.)

Sonic: So the dimension that we're in's sky appears on the portal. So if say Tabuu gets stronger, we would have to save every sky dimension for every other dimension, as well as every other Hell dimension!

Kirby: Dude, my brain hurts just thinking about that. Let's just deliver these goons their pizza.

(They step through the portal, and begin their descent through the sky.)


Kirby: WAIT SONIC...

(The Rapidus slowly flies under them.)


(Kirby grabs Sonic and hops on his back.)


Sonic: OKAY!

(He Spin Dashes towards the Rapidus, and they land on the top, making a huge dent.)

Kirby: Nice! Now how are we gonna get in?

Sonic: There should be some way in...

(Kirby notices the crater, and punches a small hole in it.)

Sonic: How did you get that strong?!

Kirby: Kicking King Dedede's butt for 20 years has it's advantages, you know?

(They jump into the Rapidus, but are quickly stopped by a gang of Waddle Doos.)

Waddle Doo #20: Halt! State your business!

Waddle Doo #5: Why do we do this? Can't we just kill 'em?

Sonic: Yeah?

Waddle Doo #20: It's the King's Orders. So, why do you cometh?

Kirby: I've brought pizza for the King!

Waddle Doo #20: Great excuse. Let me see it.

(Kirby whips out the pizza King Dedede ordered.)

Waddle Doo #20: Smells good. I'll take this pizza to him right away!

(He walks off into the main control room, and tries to hand King Dedede his pizza.)

King Dedede: What is this? Pizza? Who is the deliverer?

Waddle Doo #20: Kirby, sir.

King Dedede: Are you kidding me?

Waddle Doo #20: No, sir.

King Dedede: What kind of pizza is it?

Waddle Doo #20: Pepperoni.

King Dedede: Perfect...Send in Kirby and his little friend!

Sonic: Little friend. Whatever!

(Kirby and Sonic walk into the main control room.)

Kirby: Dedede.

King Dedede: Kirby.

Kirby: DEDEDE.

King Dedede: KIRBY.

Kirby: DEDEDE!

King Dedede: KIRBY!

Sonic: I...don't know what to do.

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