Kirby's Pizza Delivery

From the Super Smash Bros universe. Kirby is an aspiring pizza boy, as he delivers pizzas across the Smash Bros universe. Who will he meet? Will he deliver every pizza? Read to find out!


1. The Beginning of the Delivery!

(Kirby slides out of bed, as he slips on his work uniform.)

Kirby: Time for a day of awesome pizza delivery!

(He sees alarm clock, and sees the time is 9:45, being 15 minutes late.)

Kirby: Oh shoot!

(Kirby hops on his bike, as he rushes to get to his work, Ganondorf's Pizzeria.)

Ganon: You're 15 minutes late!!!

Kirby: I'm so terribly sorry, your greatness!

Ganon: You better not be late again, or I'll fire your sorry behind! Now, deliver these 10 pizzas to these locations.

(Ganon hands Kirby a large list of addresses, even some in other worlds.)

Kirby: Holy smokes!

Ganon: I better see smoke on those tires, because I need you back from that trip ASAP!

Kirby: Yes sir!

(Kirby rushes out the door, hops on his bike, and starts riding.)

Ness: Jeez, why haven't you fired him already?

Ganon: Because...I believe he has potential, he just doesn't show it!

Ness: I have potential!

(Ganon looks at Ness blankly.)

Ganon: Get back to work.

Ness: *sigh*...Yes, sir.

(Meanwhile, Kirby is busy delivering to all of the location we was tasked to go.)

Kirby: *huff* *huff*...This is really tiring!

(He gets a phone call.)

Kirby: Hello?

Sonic: Hey Kirbs! Do you have my pizza?

Kirby: Yes I do! In fact, I'm headed toward your location now!

Sonic: Great! I can't wait to eat. I'm starving!

Kirby: Don't worry, Sonic. I'll be there in a flash.

(Sonic hangs up.)

Kirby: Alright, 1991 23rd St SW Green Hill...

(He crashes right next to a mysterious portal.)

Kirby: Whoa! A portal! Where does it go, Green Hill Zone?

(Suddenly, a picture of Green Hill Zone dissolves on the portal.)

(Kirby sticks his leg in through the portal, and sees that it's actually in Green Hill Zone. He grabs his bike and the pizza and steps through the portal.)

Kirby: This is so trippy...

Sonic: Kirby, my man!

Kirby: Here you go, your... Chili Dog pizza?

(Sonic grabs the pizza.)

Sonic: Thanks man!

Kirby: So what's up with this portal?

Sonic: Oh, that thing? It's called a Ultimadimensioner. It'll take you to wherever you want, as long as you say the location.

(Kirby looks at the portal, confused.)

Kirby: So, is this portal just right here?

Sonic: Oh no! They're everywhere! Even in your home!

Kirby: This is awesome! I'd never be late anymore!

Sonic: There's one catch though.

Kirby: What is it?

(Sonic stares at Kirby uncomfortably.)

Sonic: Every time you use the portal, an unbelievable evil gets stronger. The one they call...

(They look up in the sky.)

Sonic: Tabuu. 

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