She was the only girl in the band,the boys had a huge crush on her,but who will get her first?


1. Reunion

Kelli POV: My friends Dani, Trinity, and Stacey are coming! They are huge fans of the band and they ate spending the tour with us! Niall POV: "Boys the girls are landing! Don't forget your sunglasses!"Kelli reminded. She came down the stairs in shorts,sandals,a tie dye tank,and her her hair in a ponytail with her Calvin Klein sunglasses. Why does she have to be so beautiful? "I call driving!"Liam said "I call shotgun!"Kelli said. Girls POV: We are riding in 1st class which Kelli paid for, and we are in our way to meet One Direction! Could this get any better? "Please fasten your seatbelts because we are landing."the captain said. Almost to One Direction! Harry POV: Kelli stood at the entrance waiting for the girls. All of us were staring at her. If you couldn't,you were crazy! She's so pretty, no scratch that,BEAUTIFUL!!! We heard girls laughing and we looked up and saw Kelli. "Boys this is Dani,Trinity, and Stacey. Girls this is the rest if One Direction."Kelli said. Trinity POV: All of the boys were staring at Kelli so I changed the subject."Kelli do you still play softball?"U asked. She nodded. I didn't notice that we were at their house. Kelli didn't wanna leave so we told her that we would feed her. For the first time,that didn't work! Louis gave up and carried her inside. When we got inside, Kelli went into the kitchen and came out with her hands clenched. She sat on Harry's lap and threw flour in his face. That started a huge food fight,what a wonderful welcome home gift! :)
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