Free Falling

You can always find something, just out of the corner of your eye. I saw something fall, I couldn't explain it. But in school I learned that an object in motion stays in motion.
I'm Ellie Haron,
and this is my story.
(amaze cover by K.E. Kamiko thanks love, xoxo)


2. Falling In Oblivion

"Now, if you're wondering, I wasn't severely injured, although you probably weren't," I was saying. I was on the show. Lights blared around me, and the host was asking questions about my... what do you call it? Encounter.

"Where were you shot?"  The chirpy host asked.

"Um, my shoulder, right on the pressure point."

"Ah, now if you could point that out?"

I pointed to the tip of my shoulder. The crowd sighs.

"Well, maybe you imagined meeting the doctor."

"Well, maybe I'm a hologram."

I woke up in the infirmary.

I was wondering what happened. Every thought imaginable crossed my mind in a matter of moments.

I was shot. Right?

Who was the man?

Where am I?

Help me...

" Now, if you could tell us what happened next, that would be amazing Miss."

"Well, I- I honestly don't remember." I say, sure it's obvious I was fibbing.

The interviewers are far too stupid to call my bluff. What a shocker. But I try and conceal my voice to where it won't shake, or wobble, or anything of the sort. I believe the second day went something like this...

I sat up and looked around, a jolt of pain shooting through my back like a stab wound. If only I could find out what planet I was on this time. Did I fall off my home planet?

I stood up and got out of the bed, and I started to fall, and I realized.

I was on Gallifrey.

The place where the mysterious doctor was.

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