Alive (sexual content)

isabelle peyton is just a normal shy girl from Cheshire,England she moved to a new school will her life change/ when she meets a tall curly hair named harry styles will he make her feel alive?

hey guys I know I never finish nothing but this time I am promise/ sexual contents


3. chapter 2

we walked to his car it was a nice black bmw. "nice car" I slide my hand on the shiny texture," thanks my step dad bought it for me" he said while opening my door, "ohh dam thanks" I smiled and got in,  wow this car was just wow black leather so shiny and smooth," so where do you want to go to eat" he looked at me, "well im not really hungry I want something sweet" I did a dreamy eyes," just wow belle ,well im starving" he laugh. he started the car and drove off

    *skipping the car drive*

we arrived to McDonalds  and stepped in we walked to a register and there was a gorgeous standing behind it "what will you like" she smiled "wait wait harry hey about last week wow" harry interrupted her while fake coughing" not now" he smirked " ill want  a big mac with large fries" harry said he looked  at me like saying what are you ordering " ill just have a mocha frappe" I answered. " alright that will be 8.98" she smiled  we walked down to sit ," so harry what was that about" I asked so curiously well I was to curious like gosh." well I fucked her brains out last week dam it was soo good li "wooooahw there styles I don't want to  hear about it " I interrupted "okay its good story though" he smirked "still no" I laughed I saw the girl coming with our stray we both said thank you ,"woah sure you where hungry there harry" I laugh. "im always hungry belle always" he smirk I looked down eating my ice cream I felt I don't know around him like I think I have sex dreams with him what the fuck am I saying. so I broke the silence " should we go back" I asked "how about we go somewhere else" he looked at me straight in the eyes," how about no we have work to do" I responded back  " come on is just school" he smirk " school is very important  I have to studied and catch up with the school work" I sounded so nerdy," your suck a goody goody" he rolled his eyes " lets just go" I stand up, we walked out and I saw how harry wink to the pretty girl what a flirt.  we walked to his car I opened the door and got in," so are we going to school or  some where else" harry smiled starting the car, " school I need to get some work rom the teachers" I smiled " what come one belle loosen up a bit, your  so I barely know you and your boring" he looked at me . the way he said it I wanted to cry I know I m boring I studied a lot  but I want to be someone in life but I felt stupid so I gave in. " fine my house" I faked smile." there you goo" he laugh told him the directions to my place were here I smiled ill rather be in school than here ." you think a lot don't cha " he looked at me  " yeah" I looked down we walked through some hallways until we got to my apartment door 196, I  turn the knob unlocking the door," come in" I sight, " nice place you live a lone" he asked ." yeah" I answered back. I sat in my couch I saw him how he took his sweeter off he had a lot of tattoos their so dumb but creative at the same time, " like what you see" he smirked." ahh oh what" I laugh, he sat next to me to close to be exact , he leaned in but I stopped him " what the hell no" I stand up, "  what your so hot,sexy,beautiful" he walked to close to me, I couldn't speak I was frozen, his lips where to close to mine his gorgeous eyes looking at my lips and back to my eyes, I wanted to kiss him so badly but at the same time noo I walked to the other side." I don't think its a good idea" I looked at him, " isabelle are you a virgin" he sat down looking at my body, " amm what" I put my eyebrows together." answer my question" he smirked " no" I looked down " wow nerdy belle is not a virgin" his eye widen, " no im not" I rudely said " belle come to a party with me tonight " he smirk, " I have never been to a party before except my grandmas surprise party" I said a little embarrassed " belle come on its going to fun todays Friday" he seemed convincing " umm I have to study and im not a party person" I smiled." come on belle  loosen up a bit  feel alive" he looked at me  mhmh alive I liked how he said alive , " fine" I smiled  " for real" he seem surprise, " yeah sure why not" I smiled. " okay pick you up at 8" he smiled and left, wow my first party I grabbed my phone from my back pocket and found a folded piece of paper  I un folded it , cindys number? what wait wait I can call her so she can help me get ready for the party  she knows about those stuff. I dialed her number

(I=me - c=cindy)


i: hey cindy its me isabelle

c: hey girl whatsap.

I= harry invited me to this party and I don't know what to wear or make up.

c: iiiii be right there ill take my make up kit and some dresses . just give me your address .

I : I gave her my address / okay come in a hour  ?

c: yeah bye

 thank god she was going to help me I bet its going to be a small party or something I don't know but im ready, I looked at the time it was 6 already I ran to the restroom and turn the water on I took my clothing off , I stepped in I took a 20 minute shower I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around  my body, I looked for my hair dryer and plugged it in , I walked to my room searching for under wear and bra found a black thong wtf is this oh yeah my friend gave it to me hmmm maybe I should wear it I put it on it felt weird but im going to get used to it I clipped on my black bra I felt sexy, I heard a knock on my door it must be cindy i grabbed my robe and ran to the door ," hey cindy and stefany" I smiled " nice place" stefany looked around." thanks its small but its okay for me" I smiled ." lets get started" cindy walked to my room. " ill do your make up and stefany would do you hair" cindy smiled ," yeah its fine" I smiled widely. I sat down in the chair stefany dried my hair and plugged in her straighter , I saw colorful eye shadows " the dress is going to be black" she smiled " mm that's nice" I said  after one hour and thirty  minute it was done " you look beautiful" stefany smiled ," you think" I walked to my big wall mirror wow I do look different " thank you guys soo much" I laugh " its okay I left the dress and heel in your bed we have to go and get ready ourselves" cindy smiled " okay thanks  again, I heard the door shut , I have two minutes I hurry up and go dress omgad I look like a hooker no no it was a black really short dress it was beautiful it fit well my curves I had to admit I looked hot , I grabbed the heels done I looked sexy. all of a sudden I heard a knock on the door  " wow you look so fucking hot I would fuck you" harry said with his eyes scanning my body. I felt my self blushed" oh stop it styles" I grabbed my purse and phone, " lets go" he smiled , I locked my door and headed to his car, " but wait want to do something fun first and no it doesn't involve sex" he smiled " today was the day I will loosen up a little  or not, " yeahh" I sounded excited. he opened the door for me and I got in  he started the car" ready" belle he smiled making his pimples pop out wow their where so deep like a tunnel. " yes" I almost scream this was so exciting but what are we going to do.





hello guys soo  I added this hope you guys liked it , and TOMMOROW  IS MY BIRTHDAY 16 IM TURNING, maybe ill add a chapi tomorrow  thank you love I love yall

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