My best friends boy!!!

So my best friend Devan piper met this guy louis Tomlinson from one direction and they invited her on tour but she made me come will there be more then her and Lou after I meet mr. Styles


6. you and I

I woke up to a loud noise I stood up and realized I was only In Harry's sweater and my pants were on the floor who cares I walk out and see harry and Devan good morning beautiful harry said then he looked from head to toe and smirked shit sorry guys oh it's ok harry said I blushed and walked to the bedroom I shut the door and went to my dresser then all of a sudden hands went around my waist don't get changed Lexi u look sexy I turn around and it's harry oh ya just gonna walk around with my underwear and a sweater perfect Harry said I slap his arm then grabbed some shorts and a tank top I looked at harry and he put his hand over his eyes I pulled off the sweater and he whistled i just rolled my eyes and put on my shorts ok u can open your eyes just to let u know I was peaking the hole time ya I know harry come here kitten what then he wraps his hands around my waist and I'm in between his legs then he kisses me lexi.....will..... U be..... My girlfriend he says between the kiss ...ya I feel him smile between the kiss then I push his back on the bed and am on top of him it gets pretty crazy were making out and his hands go lower that's when I giggle and get up and walk out I go to the kitchen to find louis and Devan cooking something mmh it smells good I plop on the counter and then harry comes out and gives me a confused look that made me laugh so what do u guys want to do today well tonight let's go clubbing cuz u know that's always fun and it's Friday but we could just sit around and watch movies ok ya that's cool so I go In the living room and Devan follows so lexi what was that in the bedroom SHHH!!! It was nothing lexi that was something u were just eating each other's faces friends just don't do that ok Devan I'm dating harry how long has this been going o why couldn't u tell me I thought I was yo- Devan shut up u are and he just asked me out I'm sorry I didn't tell u right away I just didn't want to take the attention away from u and louis no Lexi it's ok I'm happy for u really yes now come hear and she hugged me

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