My best friends boy!!!

So my best friend Devan piper met this guy louis Tomlinson from one direction and they invited her on tour but she made me come will there be more then her and Lou after I meet mr. Styles


3. at the flat

So we get back and I change into red skinny jeans and a cropped shirt that says rebel and some black supras and I put my hair up in a perfect pony tail and left to the living room Devan was in some regular skinny jeans and a batman cropped shirt with black convers and was sitting by louis and harry gestured me to sit by him so I did u look very nice thank u harry

Devans p.o.v

I was talking to louis about how it was like on tour and he said it gets very lonely. So Devan would U like to go to this really nice place with me on Friday ??? I would love to louis so they left and me and Lexis were talking about how I like louis an how harry likes her but she doesn't agree

Lexis p.o.v

I really like harry but I don't Think he likes me who would I only had to real relationships and I broke up with them cuz they were flakes but me and Devan get asked out a lot but I don't we don't say yes to them we barely even no the sometimes but I hope harry likes me !

Louis p.o.v

I'm gonna go out with Devan on Friday and ask her if I could be her boyfriend I liked her rite when I laid my eyes on her I just want her to be mine and then if r relationship is long (hopefully is) I want her and lexis to come on tour cuz I know harry has a thing for lexis!

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