My best friends boy!!!

So my best friend Devan piper met this guy louis Tomlinson from one direction and they invited her on tour but she made me come will there be more then her and Lou after I meet mr. Styles


2. at Starbucks

I woke up and me and Devan got into are out fits. Black shorts a high low green shirt with studs on the shoulders and black high tops and left to Starbucks . I turned on the lights and Devan turned the sign we were sitting there for about 5 minutes until 2 boys walked in with hoods and sunglasses and one shut the door and locked it and the other on shut the blinds so I said excuse me sir u can't do that the tall one took off his hood and he had a full head of curls then came his sunglasses he looked like an angel I know but the fans recognized us I looked at them said your from one directions can I get u something and I couldn't stop staring at harry until Devan said lexis why don't u go and see how much cups we have bu- just do it so I go back there and I walk back with Devan talking to louis and her say ok so what u talking about oh how were gonna go to the apartment right now with the boys oh ok so I go her my stuff and bump in to some one I look up and it was harry sorry it's ok love um I came back here to get u I guess were going to your flat oh ok .

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