Can't Live Without (Sequel to Irresistible)

Niall and Casey has been married for three months, and they also had a baby on the way. However, their love was being put to the test. Would they resolve all of the challenges? Sometimes, all of the troubles come after marriage.
(please read the previous my previous book to make sense of this one)


2. Looking Forward and Looking Back

Niall’s POV

New Year’s Eve, I spent the last hours of 2018 with my Cupcake, and the view of the firework was absolutely gorgeous from the London Eye.  We shared a passionate kiss since the countdown of ten seconds to the first five seconds of 2019; it was the most special kiss by far.  Since Casey’s belly was getting a little bit bigger every day, our bellies were touching but we had to reach further for a kiss or a hug.  Our New Year resolution was to have the most amazing year together and say hi to our baby in May; he or she was going to be a spring baby!  We did not know the gender yet since it was still too early to tell, but she scheduled an ultrasound in February.  It would one of the top ten moments of my life with Casey when we find out about the gender; I didn’t have a preference between a boy and a girl since I would love him/her so dearly from the bottom of my heart. 

Casey’s POV

Looking back of 2018, it has been the most amazing year in my entire life.  I met my favourite boy band (Thanks to my best friend, Ashley), started dating the prince charming from my dream—Niall, moved in with him, got engaged and married to him, and found out that I was pregnant on the same day as our wedding with Louis, Eleanor, Harry, and Ashley!  What I didn’t mention was our birthday party on September.  Since both of our birthdays were in September, we combined them and had one huge birthday party at our house. 

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