Kissing under mistletoe

Jo was a normal Aussie with a best friend, two pesky brothers and dad. She was a normal girl who just happened to live in Australia, and she had an obsession with a teenage band just like most girls her age. What happens when she meets this band? Will she just be another face or something special to one of them? or two?


4. Stuck

Kat's POV

"Are you sure?" I ask looking at my outfit in the mirror. Ashton had asked me on a date and currently I was at Jo's house getting ready.

"Hell ya I'm sure!" Jo said beaming at the outfit she picked out for me. Ashton asked me out on a date to the fair so I was, naturally, at Jo's house and she was "prettifying" me. I had on a dark blue top that ruffled out slightly, jean shorts and black flats with little bows on top. Jo had curled my long blue hair in loose curls and put slightly darker makeup on me then I was used to.

"Do you think he'll like it?" I ask turning in the mirror inspecting my outfit.

"I think he'll love it!" Jo said beaming. "Wait hold on two more things!" she jumped up and raced out of the room. Sighing, I sat on her bed, the butterflies in my tummy felt more like buffalo stampeding. 

"Got it!" I looked up as Jo came into the room. She had two things, pink lip gloss and a fedora. I sat on the bed as she came over to me and smeared some of the gloss on my lips. After she was done she set the hat on my head. "You look fabulous!" she said and I got up and looked Jo's floor length mirror again. The outfit was summery and light which was nice as it was quite hot out, and the hat would be a change from my usual beanie and the makeup went nicely as it was darker but not to dark. Just as I sat back down on the bed, nerves eating away at my stomach, we heard the doorbell ring. We had told Ash to pick me up here, seeing as I was already here and Jo wanted to pick out my outfit. I grabbed my purse, excited and nervous at the same time, before I half walked half jogged down to the door. I opened it to see a smiling, slightly ruffled looking, Ashton.

"Hey Kat!" he said smiling nervously at me.

"Hey Ashton!" I said smiling back and freaking out inside (I mean C'MON! It's was Ashton fucking Irwin!!!).

"Are you ready to go?" he asked me still smiling.

"Ya, hold on a sec." I replied then turned around and grabbed my sunglasses. I paused then called up to Jo. "BYE JO!!" I yelled up and I hear her yell back her goodbye's. Ashton moved out of the doorway and I followed him out onto the deck. I turned and closed the door. Before I could ask where we were going he grabbed my hand lightly and led me down the stairs.

"C'mon my car's just down here." he told me and led me down the steps to where, what I assumed was, his car. As we walked up to his car all I could think about was the electricity that shot through my body where he touched my me. My insides felt like the feeling after you eat pop rocks, fuzzy and tingly. As we got to the car he let my hand go and I ached for the feeling that it brought when he touched me. He opened the passenger side door before I could even think about going to it.

"Thanks." I said smiling at him as I slipped down into the seat and he slammed the door shut behind me.

Ashton's POV

I slammed the door shut and jogged over to the other side. I was nervous and happy to be going out to the fair with Kat, she just seemed so cool and she was gorgeous but she wasn't consciously aware of it in a way that was annoying, and when our hands touched it was like fireworks. I hopped in the drivers side and started the car and looked over at Kat.

"Ready to go?" I ask and she looks and smiles at me in away that makes my heart feel like it's going a million miles an hour. 

"Yup let's do it!" she says and I laugh and we head off.


A half hour of joking and story telling later I pulled into a parking spot right in front of the fair. After I took the keys out I saw Kat go to open her door but I placed my hand on her other one.

"Hold on a second, I'll go get that!" I say before she can protest and run over to the door and open it for her. 

"How chivalrous!" she says giggling and I bowed as she stepped out.

"M'lady!" I say closing the door and offering her my arm trying not to break the seriousness of my face. She curtsies, still giggling and takes it. We walk like that, arm in arm, for awhile until we reach the fair. We were walking and talking until Kat spotted the ferris wheel. She squealed and grabbed my hand and pulled me over to it.

"I barely ever get to come to the fair and I love the ferris wheel and I know it's small and weird but its nice and slow and you don't go to high and you can see every-" she started to go on and on as we got in line and I just laughed slightly at how excited she was. "What?" she asked stopping her face falling slightly.

"Nothing, I just think you're cute when you're all excited and distracted." I say and she just smiles and blushes looking at the ground. After awhile it's our turn and we go up and sit in the little seat. We're squished in beside each other, our shoulders pressing together and a older man comes up to put the bar down that secures us in. He looks at both of us, smiles and winks at me before heading back down. I hear the grinding of the gears starting to move and the seat jolts suddenly. The feeling and the sound makes us both jump and Kat reaches down and grabs my hand. 

"Oh my gosh! I'm sorry I didn't-" she stutters and drops my hand but I just lace my fingers through her and squeeze gently.

"Don't be sorry, I prefer the feeling of your hand in mine." I say and she turns bright red. I quickly lean over and kiss her cheek. I laugh when she looks like a tomato and she just uses her other hand to lightly punch my arm.

"Laughing at others isn't a very nice thing you know! If Benji and Mo were her they'd beat you up!" she said and I glanced at her tensing slightly.

"W-who are Benji and Mo?" I ask.

"My dinosaurs." she says looking beside her as we slowly came to the top. I could see her smile though and I just grinned. 

"Are they truly terrifying?" I ask and she chuckles.

"Ohhh yes! They'll eat you if you hurt me!" she says way over exaggerating. We both laugh and I look over at her. The mid afternoon sun is highlighting her face and her blue hair is hanging in front of her. She looks beautiful. She glanced over at me and stops laughing when she notices I'm staring at her. "What?" she asks, her eyes sweeping over mine. I was glad she took her sunglasses off before the ride so I could see the light brown they were and the way the sun hit them made them look almost gold.

"Nothing..." I say leaning forward. She's staring at me and as I get closer she still doesn't object. Our noses brushed and I could smell the mint from her toothpaste on her breathe. "You're beautiful, don't let anyone tell you otherwise." I say and she nods slightly not breaking eye contact and as I dip my head down to hers she lifts her head towards mine. Our lips brushed and the feeling of fireworks that I got when we held hands was intensified. We were coming to the top slowly but neither of us were paying attention to the view now. Her hands slipped behind my head and tangled in my hair and I reached down and pulled her waist closer to mine and deepened the kiss. It was an awkward position with my elbow pressed against the back of the chair and her body turned at a slightly awkward angle. Just as I was moving my hands farther up her waist I felt the ride jerk to a stop right when we reached the very top. We pulled away and looked down for the source of the problem and it looked as though the old man that helped us in jammed the lever that made it go and stop. He was talking to someone and shrugging then pointing at the lever.  He shrugged and moved past the man but glanced up and noticing me looking down at him, smiled at us. 

"Well it looks like we're stuck..." Kat said looking down. I laughed and grabbed her hand, keeping one hand around her waist.

"I'm okay with that." 

Kat's outfit:

A/N: So what'd y'all think? In my head I think Kat and Ash are like the opposite of Jo and Luke where there all sweet and loving and slightly shy around each other in the beginning where as Luke is very Jacey (have any of y'all read the mortal instruments) and I like to think Jo is sassy to Luke where Luke is usually used to having girls follow him and stuff and she just shoots it all back at him (in positive way). Anyways like and favourite (pleaseeeeeee) and comment me opinions and ideas!!

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