Kissing under mistletoe

Jo was a normal Aussie with a best friend, two pesky brothers and dad. She was a normal girl who just happened to live in Australia, and she had an obsession with a teenage band just like most girls her age. What happens when she meets this band? Will she just be another face or something special to one of them? or two?


5. Cheers!

Jo's POV

I was laying on my bed thinking. Luke and I kissed at the beach a couple days ago and I couldn't stop thinking about it. His lips were so soft and the way it felt was amazing. I was lost in thought when my phone rang. I picked up sighing.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Jo!!!" I heard, surprisingly, Ashton's voice on the other end. 

"Ashton!!" I said back and I head laughing in the background. 

"Okay so Kat is coming to our place to hang out with the boys and we want you to tag along!" he sounded really bubbly and happy.

"Okay sure but-" I started to say but Ashton cut me off.

"Great! I already sent Luke to go get you!" As if on cue the doorbell rang. I looked down at what I was wearing. I was in red shorts and a rock and roll tank top and I had my beanie on (don't ask why because I don't know). I grabbed my phone and shoved it into my back pocket. I thundered down the stairs and saw Nathan standing at the door.

"Who are you?" Nathan asked standing in the door way as Luke looked incredibly awkward.

"I'm Luke, I'm here to pick up your sister, Jo." he said, his feet shifting.

"Johanna?! No way! She's to ugly to get a guy to go out with her!" Nathan said shaking his head.

"Ahem!" I said and Nathan turned around and went pale. 

"Oh, uh, um hi Jo...." Nathan said and tried to walk backwards but tripped on his feet. He scrambled up and rushed down the hallway. I giggled as I got to the bottom of the stairs.

"Hi." I said to Luke still giggling at how awkward he was as I slipped on my shoes. 

"Oh hi, your brother was just-" Luke started to mutter on and on and I giggle and he smiled just smiled and blushed slightly. Laughing I just pushed him out of the house.

"C'mon!!" I say and he laughs and grabs my hand, pulling me to his car. I climbed in the passenger side as he went around to the drivers side. "So who's going to be there?" I ask as he starts the car and pulls out of my driveway.

"You, me, Ash, Cal, Mikey and Kat!." he said looking over and smiling. I grinned back, slightly excited. I mean wouldn't you be?

"Ohhhh exciting!" I say and he laughs. Soon we pull up at a big house on a beach. "Nice house." I say as we just basically sit in the car.

"Ya the four of us are renting it together for awhile until we can go back home..." he says trailing off.

"Do you miss it? Your home I mean." I ask quietly.

"Ya I miss mum and dad and my brothers." he says looking sad now. 

"Oh..." I say with nothing to respond. We sit there awkwardly. I start to get out when Luke grabs my hand.

"Have you ever wanted to do something so badly it hurt but then something else happens and you're torn?" he asked quickly.

"Not really... Except for one time I planned to hang with Kat but then the guy I liked asked me on a date." I say and Luke's eyes light up.

"So what'd you do?" he asked quickly.

"Stayed home and watched movies and ate ice cream." I said and I looked at him and could tell he was trying not to laugh. "What? It seemed like the logical solution!" he leaned back laughing. I blushed and he looked over at me and smiled. 

"You're fantastic Jo I've never met a girl quite like you..." he said and I dramatically did an 'Awe so sweet!' kind of face and touched my heart. I had closed my eyes and when I opened them again Luke had leaned forward slightly. I grinned at him.

"Guess we need to go they're probably wondering why we're taking so long!" I say and hop out of the car. I hear a groan and suddenly the car horn goes off. I jump and turn around and see Luke has hit his head in frustration on the horn. I giggle and head up the stairs to the front door. I knock and hear a clatter and bang and ruffled looking Calum appears soon followed by Michael. 

"Uhhhhh..." I start to say but I was distracted when Luke came running up behind me. 

"Hey guys!" Luke looks ruffled as well.

"We were just play fighting." Calum said looking embarrassed.

"I read wayyyyy to much gay fanfiction!" I mutter trying not to laugh. I heard Luke snort and then he grabs my hand and pulls me in to house. We head in and I hear laughing and yelling coming from one room. We go in and see Ashton, Kat and Nat all on the couch playing video games. Calum ran past us and hopped onto the couch and picked up another controller and started to play. I go and sit beside Kat and try to figure out what the hell the game was. 

"Yes!" I look and see Luke pick up a controller and join right in. I glanced at the others and noticed they were all playing except Michael and I.

"Hey can I go get a drink of water?" I ask Michael as he's staring at the screen and yelling advice at the others. 

"What? Oh ya sure! I'll show you where the kitchen is." he says turning to look at me and I give him a small smile.

"Thanks." I say and get up and follow him to their kitchen. Michael heads in before me and quickly grabs me a glass and quickly fills it with water. 

"Here, they're so absorbed in their video game they probably haven't noticed we left." he says and you know he's right. 

"Well guess we're left to distract ourselves until they get hungry!" I laugh and so does he. We stand there awkwardly and I drink my water and then start to head back to the others in the living room. 

"Hey Jo, wait!" Michael called behind me and I turned and stopped.

"Ya?" I ask.

"Are you and um, Luke a, um, thing?" Michael asked nervously shuffling his feet.

"I-I don't know..." I say suddenly feeling really awkward. I look down and start towards the living room.

Luke's POV

I'm getting really into the game when I hear a loud thump and someone yell 'OW'. 

"What the-" Ash starts but I jump up when I realize Jo isn't there. I run out of the room to see Jo sitting on the floor holding her head. Michael is already there and making sure she's okay. I feel jealous that it wasn't me helping her.

"Murphy are you alright?" Ashton asks her and she just nods her head.

"Ya I just kinda ran into the door..." she says sheepishly smiling at us. 

"Murphy, wh-what?" Calum turns asking Ash.

"Inside joke." Ash says winking and giggling with himself. I bend down beside her and look at her head.

"Are you sure love?" I ask her and she just nods and smiles at me.

"Let's go do something though sitting on the floor is boring." she says and I grin and stand before offering her my hand. I pull her up and we all stand there.

"LET'S GO SWIMMING!" Calum yells and runs out of the backdoor down to the beach. We yell and run after him. We run onto the beach and I feel the sand in my toes as we rush towards the water. I turn to see where Jo is and I see her running towards me.

"C'mon!" she yells and grabs my hand and pulls me in the water with her. We're all laughing and splashing around enjoying ourselves. 

Kat's POV

I race into the water with Ashton on my heels. I get about knee deep and I feel someone grab me and lift me up from behind.

"We're are you going?" he whispers in my ear.

"Swimming." I say and he chuckles.

"Well why don't you go under!" Ash says laughing and lifts me up and starts to go farther in the water.

"ASH, PUT ME DOWN!" I scream as he starts to get deeper.

"Sure love." he chuckles before dunking me under the water. I scream before I'm pushed under, submerged completely. I swim back up before locating Ash. I spot him with his back turned to me. I come up behind him and jump on his back. 

"Now you owe me!" I say as he laughs and jumps so I'm pushed slightly more up his back. "Weee!!!" I say as he starts to slightly run in the water.

"Now you can't leave!" he says laughing and holding onto my legs. Laughing I jump off his back, wriggle my legs out and swim off. I'm not very far when his arms wrap around me. 

"Hey I'm swimmin' here!" I say and Ash laughs and turns me around and I wrap my arms around his neck. 

"Alright I'll ask this quickly then," Ash takes a deep breath. "doyouwannabemygirlfriend?" he speaks really quickly before turning bright red.

"Sorry, but what did you ask?" I say and he slowly says it this time.

"Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" he asked and I grin.

"I'd love to be your girlfriend." I say and he smiles at me and kisses me.

Jo's POV

I'm splashing around in the water chasing Michael with Calum when I feel Luke grab me and turn me so I face him. 

"Are you okay? Like really okay?" he asks pulling me in for a hug and I wrap my arms around his neck and lightly squeeze back.

"I'm fine I walk into doors all the time, Luke." I say chuckling at his concern. I pull away and look at his face which is slightly red.

"I know I was just worried about maybe you got some brain damage or-" he starts to go on but I kiss him lightly to shut him up.

"No brain damage, but I think the fact that you're concerned is cute." he smiles at me flashing his dimples.

"Well I think you're cute..." he says and pulls me in as close as I'll go and presses his lips to mine. Suddenly, as my hands tangle in his hair, I hear cheering in the background. We pull away and I look over to see Calum, Ash and Kat all cheering. I looked at Michael but his face was blank. What's up with him?

"Haha I think they liked it." I laugh and he rubs his nose against mine.

"Mhm..." I agree.

Michael's POV

I watched as Jo and Luke pressed their lips together. My whole body tightened and I heard Cal laughing beside me.

"Damn Luke is really into it eh?" he says and I look over and give him a small smile. Just then Ash and Kat came up behind us holding hands. 

"Look at that, Luke did it!" Ash said, half laughing.

"I bet you anything Jo's freaking out inside." Kat said and they all laughed. Just then Calum started to cheer and Luke and Jo broke apart grinning. I saw Jo look over at me but I kept my face blank. Why was I feeling this way? I think to myself upset with how I was feeling about this. Well you better get over whatever it is Mikey, that's Luke's girl now... I knew the voice in my head was right but I wish it wasn't...




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