Kissing under mistletoe

Jo was a normal Aussie with a best friend, two pesky brothers and dad. She was a normal girl who just happened to live in Australia, and she had an obsession with a teenage band just like most girls her age. What happens when she meets this band? Will she just be another face or something special to one of them? or two?


3. Beach date?

Luke's POV

The guys and I had met up with Jo and her friends (who I have been informed are called Natalie and Kat) at the beach 2 days ago. It was fun and you could tell Ash had a small crush on Kat. Well kinda, he thought she was cute and sweet. But I couldn't get Jo off of my mind. I can't understand why, maybe it's because she was different from other fans because she wasn't pushing her self on me every chance she has. I liked it. Not having someone cling to me just because I was famous, it was new, especially since whenever I make friends since five seconds of summer, I don't know it they want me, Luke, or just the Luke that's famous. 

"Luke?" I heard Calum whisper. I looked up and he was peeking his head through my bedroom door. The four of us were renting a house together in Sydney for awhile, instead of renting a hotel rooms. 

"Ya Cal?" I ask and put the guitar I had been holding down and flopped on my bed.

Ash told me to tell you he was going out and to give you this..." Calum said coming in my room and handing me a slip of paper. "Oh and also I wanted to tell you Mikey and I are going out for awhile, so we'll see ya later Lukey!" Cal said smiling and then leaving my room. I laid on my bed and waited for the door to slam shut. As soon as I heard it I jumped up and read Ash's note.

398-555-2290 hopefully she says yes :) -Ash

It was Jo's number oh god oh god oh god I was mentally freaking out like all those girls do at our concerts. I smiled at the thought and made a mental note to do a twitcam with the boys later. I picked up my phone and typed in Jo's number. I was about to type when I realized I didn't know how Ash got her number. He got Kat's! I smiled at the thought of Ash finally being able to ask her for her number. 

To: Jo

Miss me?

I quickly texted her, forgetting she didn't have my number, but she replied almost instantly anyways.

From: Jo

Either this is Jace or it's a wrong number...

To: Jo

Actually my name is Luke and no this is not a wrong, unless you aren't a girl named Jo...

From: Jo

Oh hey Luke, I just sent Kat out for her date with Ash, she looked fab!

To: Jo

Well are you free then?

From: Jo

Ya I am, why?

To: Jo

Would you like to join me at the beach then for a mid afternoon swim?

From: Jo

Sure why the hell not, flat rock right?

To: Jo

Great want me to pick you up?

From: Jo

Actually if you don't mind that'd be great, Dad's away and Malcolm's at work.

To: Jo

Not at all, text me your address.

After Jo texted me her address I quickly changed into swim trunks and a shirt, grabbed my sunglasses and headed out of the house, locking the door behind me. (Quick A/N: Does anyone know what a singlet is? I hear about them alot in stories and it says Luke and Calum having matching ones and I keep getting confused do any of y'all know? just curious, now keep reading (: )

Jo's POV

After I messaged Luke my address I turned to my closet and threw on my red bikini top and black bottoms. I slipped on a pair of black high waisted shorts and my crop top that said 'Reblog Is a Must'. After I grabbed a towel and headed downstairs. I put on my gladiator sandals and snapback then as I was just grabbing my sunglasses I heard the doorbell ring. I went over and opened it and saw Luke leaning against the door smiling.

"Miss me?" he asked just like when he texted me.

"Not really I was to busy watching shows." I reply and grab my keys and walk up to where he was leaning in the door way. I stood there looking at him, waiting for him to let me pass. He was just looking at me. "Are we going?" I ask raising my eyebrows. He smiled and moved to let me pass. I was really tall but walking by him I realized just how tall he was. I stepped out onto the porch then waited for him to pass me so I could lock the door behind us. After locking it I turned around and followed Luke to his car. I hopped in the passenger side and he got in driver's side. After about 5 minutes I broke the awkward silence between us.

"So, uh, how'd ya get my number?" I asked him and glanced over at him. Luke had his eyes locked on the road and he was carefully driving down to the beach.

"What? Oh, Ashton gave it to me, I'm pretty sure he got it from your friend Kat." he said smiling but still looking at the road. 

"Darn it Kat!" I say and Luke laughs and I'm secretly glad she gave it to him. 

"Hey, um, Jo how old are you?" Luke asked me glancing over nervously. I bet he was worried he picked up some 13 year old.

"15," I reply and he relaxes slightly. "but I'll be 16 in about 3 months."

"Oh cool! I'm 17!" he told me and I giggled slightly. He glanced over slightly, his eyebrows knitted together. "What's so funny?"

"I know how old you are! Kat and I could tell you pretty much anything about any 4 of you in your sleep!" I was laughing and Luke joined in with a chuckle as we pulled up at the beach.

"Alright let's test it." he says after he turns off the car and pulls out the keys.


"Michael's birthday?"

"November 20th 1995."

"Ashton's birthday?"

"July 7 1994."

"Calum's favourite colour?"

"Baby blue."

"My favourite animal?"


"My dogs name?"

"Molly. Any other questions?" I ask teasingly as he gives me a weird look.

"No, I'd rather not find out what you know about me." I laugh as we both get out of the car. I slide on my sunglasses as Luke locks the car. We were about half way to the water when I realized I forgot my towel. 

"Luke I-" I start to say but I felt him grab me around my middle and throw me over his shoulder.

"Oh no, we're already here guess you'll have to go in anyways!" he yells and started to run towards the water me bouncing slightly on his shoulder.

"LUKE!" I screech as he ran into the water until it got slightly deeper. He took me off his shoulder and I heard him laugh as he started to toss me in. Just as I was about to go under I grabbed his wrist and took him under with me. We both came up gasping for air at the unexpected dunk in the water. I felt heavy and I realized I was still fully clothed. Leaving Luke behind I ran to the beach and quickly took off my shirt, pants and kicked off my sandals, leaving me in just my bikini and sunglasses. I was just tossing my sunglasses into the sand when I heard Luke running up behind me.

"Why'd ya run out?" he asked me furrowing his eyebrows. I turned to him and just pointed at the pile of wet clothing in the sand. He smiled and took off his top, leaving him in just swim trunks. I quickly scan his body up and down and he catches me and smirks. "Like it?"

"I think Chris Evans is better but still..." I say playfully.

"Oh you're sooooo gonna pay for that!" he says and starts to run towards me but I shriek and quickly dash to the water. Regardless he still follows me. I'm about halfway out and I can't go any farther and he catches me, pulling me towards him as my toes barely skim the sandy bottom. 

"I give in you win." I say and he smiles.

"I think I deserve a prize." he says and I look at him questioningly.

"Oh ya and what's that?" I say and he pulls you in closer to him.

"A kiss..." he whispers his face inches from mine. His nose brushed mine and just before our lips meet I pull away.

"Sorry, but I don't kiss on the first date." I say going around him. 

"Well, what if this was a second date?" he asked moving towards me.

"I don't kiss strangers." I say as he comes up towards me, so close I can feel his body heat.

"Well would you play a game with them?" he asks me.


"Truth or dare." he asks and I know full well what the dare was.

"Truth." I say smirking as he comes even closer.

"Do you want to kiss me?" he asked and his body was now touching mine.

"Yes." I say hesitantly.

"Then I don't see why you object to it so much." he says. The next thing I know he's pulled me into his body, his head dips down and he brushed his lips against mine. I lean up slightly my mouth presses against his. It was like fireworks exploding, the butterflies in my tummy going crazy. Just as it gets heavier I pull away.

"That's your prize, Hemmings, nothing more." I say. I was walking back when I felt his hands wrap around my waist.

"Ya right, but you enjoyed it." he says kissing my neck. I pull away and turn to face him.

"Guess you'll have to decide that later, if I decide to ever kiss you again that is."

A/N: Hey guys! How are you liking it? That's what Jo and Luke did but aren't y'all wondering about Kat and Ashton? Well the next chapter is going to be all about them so just wait! In the meantime you can comment ideas (I'm always open to new ones) and tell me about any inaccurate stuff or things that you want to see more of (Michael and Calum will have chapters soon too don't worry) and please tell me your thoughts below! thanks for reading I'll update soon! p.s I don't know if the phone number is accurate to anyone's in Australia's slightly or not at all, I don't actually live there and I just made it up so ignore it if it's not an Australian area code! Bye y'all!! Jo's outfit:









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