Heartless ...

I don't belive in love I belive in having a badass time yes im young and I love to have a gwd time people can talk all they want but honestly I have learned not give 2 shits about I don't show emotion to nobody I mean it yea im human I will breakdown but one this is sure you wont be there to see me n yes Im what you call "a bad girl" call me wht ever you want it wont change who I am but once I have had enough of your bull shit I will and I mean it I will woop ur ass good to make sure you think twice before opening ur word whole and saying something to me or about me !


1. hi there..

Hi my name is fall but everyone calls me "Hearless" im 17 years old I live by my self in this nice apartment I don't have family.... anyways sadly im still in school ugh.but I do have good grades hey just cuz I beat people up and am what u call a so what wild child I still have to think about my future any ways I love partying and having fun I don't belive in tht bull shit of LOVE I have never felt it for nobody and hopefully it stays like tht im a strong woman I have my monuments but I have  never shown emtion like that I know better then to just show my emtion to people because that makes you a fool and weak people will always try to find your weak spot and take advantage of It and I know way better then to that. I don't let people break me if it is necessary I will be the one to break you if you haven't guessed since im like I said that I don't show my emotion and all that crap people think im all weriod and what not I haven't fought anybody yet but that don't mean I wont I try to control my anger see I am doing a big favor to every body I hate cuz I could of tear them a part in a second but I just try to ingonre them when I am anger I will walk away people think im cold and evil cuz I don't talk any one unless I really have to but thtz rare and im not a nerd or anythink were people just push around because they should way better by know I don't talk to any one and they don't talk to me which is fine by me lets just say people are scared which they should I can snap at any second I choise not to for stupid reasons yea im  mean and weriod im all those things but at the end of the day im Heartless.....

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