Forbidden Love

Jessica Wolfe, daughter of 44 year old mother Saffron Wolfe, is an only child. She has a rough life at home, as well as at school. Her mother smokes, drinks, and occationally does drugs. This leaves Jessica fending for herself most of the time. She is in with the wrong crowd, and boys are always taking advantage of her. Her mother is always depressed, and with no father to guide her, no siblings to grow up with, and no true friends to stand by her in these hard times, she is begining to go through a mental break down. But then she meets someone. A boy who treats her right. His name is James Valentine. But are they far to perfect for each other? Is the way he treats her too good to be true? Theres a secret in his family that may ruin the relationship before it even begins. Will Jessica end up too deep, and destroy her innocence forever?


3. Chapter 2: First Time

Jessica had began to get aquainted to her new friends, when Ray pulled her aside. He said in a husky voice "your hot, and I'm horny". Jessica looked puzzled, and said "thanks". Ray looked a little confused by her reply. Ray tried to smile as he continued with "let's head upstairs, and get better aquainted shall we". Jessica liked his bad attitude in his way of speaking. She nodded eagerly, and ran after him, as they both made their way upstairs. Ray led her by the hand into a dusty old bedroom. The bed was already made with red covers, and pillows. Ray leaded Jessica to the side of the bed. Jessica looked a little nervous Ray noticed, so he sad slowly "don't worry I'll lead, you just receive, and do as I do in return". Jessica nodded with a slight look of confusion Ray failed to notice.


Ray made Jessica jump as he suddenly collided his lips, with hers. She kissed him back obediantly. But then he began prizing her mouth open, and he then inserted his tongue into her mouth. Jessica did the same to him as he did to her. He began stroking her back up and down with his finger slowly. This made Jessica quiver al over. Ray began pushing Jessica onto the bed. He led her down, and slowly lowered himself on top of her, never breaking the passionate kiss. He began taking off Jessica's trowsers, but she stopped him. She got up quickly saying "what are you doing?!" Ray looked really confused as he said "you've never had sex before?" Jessica shook her head looking really puzzled. Ray led her back down, and said sweetly "you should have told me. I will go easy on you". As he went for her trowsers once more Jessica shivered nervously. He said softly "trust me".


He took trowsers off slowly. Jessica lifted her legs to help him out. Then off came her panties. He began kissing her once more, his penis erect, and pushing against his trowsers. He unbuttoned her top, and threw it onto the floor. He took his t-shirt off, and then kicked off his jeans. All that remained now was his boxers, which were soon on the pile of clothes on the floor. He led down on Jessica, his penis pressing against her belly. His lips moved from her mouth, as he lay butterfly kisses around her neck. He nipped at her ears making Jessica quiver once again. He began kissing down her chest.


He moved to her left nipple. He sucked the nipple, and circled him tongue around the tip. Jessica sqirmed with please as he moved to the right nipple. Again he sucked the nipple, circling his tongue around the tip. Adding a gentle bite to finish. He was on the move once again. Trailing his affectionate kisses down to her belly. When he came to the vagina, he looked up quickly at Jessica, and smiled cheekily. He began circling his tongue on the tip of her cliterus. Jessica moaned with pleasure. He then slipped his tongue inside her vagina, causing her to groan. He twiddled his tongue around for a moment, before looking back at Jessica.


He made his way back up her body, walking his fingers to her lips. He kissed her once again, and ehile strongly kissing her, he slipped a long cold finger into her vagina. This shocked Jessica as she flinched, and stiffened up. Ray spoke softly against her lips "this will make your first time a little easier". Once Jessica had calmed down, he began moving his finger in and out of her vagina slowly. She felt a wave of sexual thrill flowing gently over her. Ray removed his finger, and this time inserted two fingers. Jessica stiffened up once more. Two fingers filling her vagina felt really tight, and strange. Ray said sweetly "easy girl". He then once more slided his fingers slowing in and out of her vagina. A bubble slowly builded up inside her. As the motion got easier, he pulled his fingers out of her, and sat up. Jessica moaned with disspleasure.

Ray put a condom on, and then positioned his penis at the entrance of her vagina, and with a quick look at Jessica he said "you ready?" Jessica nodded, unsure of what happens next. Suddenly Ray thrust hard into Jessica's vagina. Pulling out, and in once more. After a few attempts he thrust deeper, and deeper into her vagina. Jessica desperatly tried to escape the pain. Surely he was far too big to fit inside her. But he just kept on thrusting deeper, and deeper, until he was completly inside of her. Tears escaped Jessica's eyes, as she tried to wiggle free, but his weight held her down. He had her trapped. Ray put his finger on her lips, and began stroking her hair out from her eyes. Once he had wiped away her tears he said softly "let me know when you feel okay".


After a moment Jessica nodded submissivly, and Ray began gently thrusting his penis in, and out of her. He remained at a slow pace, as Jessica led back in the bed, moaning with pleasure. She tingled all over, and longed for more. She began squirmed desperatly, in need of his rough love. She dug her fingers into his muscular shoulder blades. Ray seemed to know exactly what she wanted, as he began thrusting harder, and faster in, and out of her. Jessica moaned as a bubble grew within her, about ready to explode. As the hubble popped, and she reached her climax, she cried out as a large wave crashed down upon her. Ray groaned as he collapsed on top of her with exaustion.

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