Forbidden Love

Jessica Wolfe, daughter of 44 year old mother Saffron Wolfe, is an only child. She has a rough life at home, as well as at school. Her mother smokes, drinks, and occationally does drugs. This leaves Jessica fending for herself most of the time. She is in with the wrong crowd, and boys are always taking advantage of her. Her mother is always depressed, and with no father to guide her, no siblings to grow up with, and no true friends to stand by her in these hard times, she is begining to go through a mental break down. But then she meets someone. A boy who treats her right. His name is James Valentine. But are they far to perfect for each other? Is the way he treats her too good to be true? Theres a secret in his family that may ruin the relationship before it even begins. Will Jessica end up too deep, and destroy her innocence forever?


2. Chapter 1: The Wrong Crowd

Jessica had just turned 13. She was now a teenager. Some even called teenagers young adults. Jessica might as well of been an adult. She had to make all her own decisions. She spent her birthday alone. Her mother unconcious on the floor, no birthday cake, no presents, and no party, or friends. Jessica sighed as she looked sadly down at her mother. Jessica couldn't stant being alone in the house any longer. Even her mothers presence seemed lonesome now. Her relationship with her mother was a lot less everyday that passed by. She headed out of the front door, slamming it crossly behind her. A tear escaped her eye as she looked back at the grotty little apartment she called home. She ran to try and escape the pain. It began to rain, and she felt like she had nowhere to go.


She refused to go back to the place she was forced to call home. She collapsed near an allyway on the soaking wet grass. Her long blonde hair flowing down her back was dripping wet, and her white top was drenched in rain water. She suddenly wished she had worn a bra as she realized her boobs were on show. For a 13 year old, she had a perfect pair of boobs. Her nipples had hardened as it was so cold, and they became quite pirky. As a boy came towards her from the alleyway, Jessica quickly covered her boobs. "What are you doing out here in the rain?" Jessica teared up and said "because I don't want to go home". The boy who looked to be about 19 just looked at Jessica for a moment. His eyes locked onto her figure. Jessica took in his looks. He was tall, well-built, and quite muscular. He was tanned, with black spiked up hair, with eyes as green as emeralds. He was pretty fit Jessica thought to herself.


"You could always come with me" the boy said cheekily. Jessica thought for a minute, and then said "where would we go?" The boy said with a cold smile "you could hang out with my group of friends. We have a dry hang out". Jessica was cold, wet, and fed up, so she stood up quickly saying "okay lead the way". The boy's smile widened as he looked Jessica up and down. His eyes taking in her her slender figure, and locking onto her boobs. He said sternly with an eager smile "of course you have to pass the satisfactory test first to get into my group of friends". Jessica was desperate for friendship so she said loudly "I'll do anything to get friends, and feel like I belong!" The boy perked up with interest "anything?" Jessica said quickly "just name it". "Come this way so we can talk" the boy said, leading her into the quiet alleyway. Jessica obeyed, and tagged along behind the stranger.


The boy stopped in front of an old run down shed. Jessica smirked and said sarcastically "this is where your mates hang out? Theres holes in the roof! That won't keep anyone dry". The boy laughed and said "oh no, I don't introduce you to the gang until you do a little something for me. Let's call it an initiation". Jessica sighed and said "what do I have to do?" The boy smiled eagerly once more and led Jessica into the old run down shed. "It's quiet on here, no one will bother us" the boy said with excitement in his voice. Jessica impatiently said "so what do I have to do?"


The boys smile widened as he began unzipping his pants. Jessica noticed the boy had a very large prominant boner. Jessica looked a little shocked when he got his penis out. Jessica said with a look of confusion "so are you gunna tell me what you want me to do or not?" The said slightly shocked "you mean a gorgeous girl like you has never done this before?" Jessica said looking really confused "done what?!" The boy commanded Jessica on what to do.


"Come over here".

Jessica obeyed him, until she was stood before him.

"Now get down on your knees".

Jessica did as she was told immediatly.

"Now wrap your hands around it, and go up and down".

Jessica began moving her hands slowly up and down his long shaft. The boy moaned contently as he said with a stutter "put your mouth around the end, and move up and down a little faster".

Jessica cupped her mouth around the end of his penis, and began bobbing her headcup and down. The boy groaned with pleasure. Jessica felt she was sinning, but her bad side liked the control she had over the boy. She began twiddling her tongue around the tip of the penis, in  circles. She licked up and down his shaft, before returning her mouth to the tip, moving faster, and faster. The boy reached his climax, and tried not to collapse with exaustion, as he used Jessica's shoulders for support.


The boy lifted Jessica to her feet and said while gasping "good greif girl! For someone who has never done that before, you really took me for a ride!" Jessica smiled proudly, and said excitedly "did I pass the test". The boy shouted "YES! Yes you did! Your in the gang! But there will bw many more tests in the future". Jessica looked really cheerful as the boy led her to where his mates hung out. They came to an old house. Jessica looked at it and said nervously "are you sure were not tresspassing?" The boy said "no, no, no, this house has had no inabitants for many years. Just don't let the police catch you in here". Jessica gulped nervously at the last thing he said.


As Jessica followed behind the boy, he was greeted by five other people. There was four boys, and one rough looking girl. She had black eyes from drugs, or lack of sleep, and very scruffy blonde hair. She looked a lot more depressed than Jessica was a while ago. The four boys also looked rough, but all very attractive. The boy Jessica first met began to introduce her to the gang.

"This is Ray" the boy said as he pointed at a skinny boy with black hair, and dark brown eyes. He appeared to be 17 or 18.

"This one here is Dave" the boy said again as he now pointed at a slightly tubby guy with brown hair, and blue eyes. He looked to be about 21. He was definatly the oldest.

"Here we have Fred" the by continued as he now pointed at guy with long blonde hair, and blue eyes. He looked to be the same age as the boy Jessica first met.

"The last boy in the group is our youngest Johney". The boy now pointed at a cute shy looking guy with brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He looked to be about 14, a year older than Jessica was.

"And now we come to Sandra, who was once our only female member. The girls seem to come and go you see, but Sandra never left". Sandra said lazily "awright" as she sighed and went on smoking in the corner.

"I don't think I have told you my name yet" the boy said quickly. Jessica shook her head and said "no, you never did". The boy said maturly "the names Max, and I'm the leader of this gang". Dave snorted aloud and said with a sarcastic laugh "you wish!" Max said crossly "watch it you, or you will lose all respect of the new comer. Trust me, you wanna keep on her good side". With that Max winked at Jessica. "And what is your name pretty lady" Ray said sexily. Jessica said shyly "my names J-J-Jessica". Johney accidently said "that's a beautiful name". He cowered with embaressment as all the boys began picking on him, and laughing at him. Jessica broke it up by smiling sweetly at Johney and saying "thank you Johney". Jessica felt an instant connection with Johney. The other guys seem rough, but he was different.

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