How it all began


2. Justin Bieber?

We drove to her class and me and Taty were watching her dance for about ten minutes until we got up and waited in the car.

"So what are we doing after?" I asked.

"I don't know, my mom wants me home by 12:30 at what time does this end?" Taty asked.

"12:15." I replied.

"We'll only have 15 minutes!" Taty whined.

"I know!" I said frowning.


"Did you see my last twirl?" Lindsey asked me.

"Yup, I sure did!" I said.

"Are you taking me to Jazzy's?" she asked.

"Oh shoot! I totally forgot, we have to drop Taty off at her house first, that okay?" I asked Lindsey.

"Mhm, I'm sure Pattie won't mind." she replied.

"Who's Pattie?" I asked driving to Taty's house.

"Ugh. Okay, Jeremy and Pattie had a kid together when they were like 18, then Jeremy got another wife and had Jazzy and Jaxon." Taty said.

I looked over at Taty.

"What? Your mom told me." She defended, I giggled and rolled my eyes. We got to her house, and Taty got out.

"Bye! Text you later." she said and shut the door.

I turned the GPS on and arrived at the house.

"Is this it Liz?" I asked her.

"Yep!" she replied.

I got out of the car and knocked on the door. Suddenly a cute boy about my age opened the door, I starred at him for a few minutes and he starred back.

"Um Hi." I said.

"Hey." He replied.

"I'm Gabby um Lindsey's big sister." I said.

"I'm Justin Bieber, Jazzy's um brother." He said.

"Wait? What? Did you just say your Justin Bieber?" I asked. Oh my gosh I think it is him. What the hell am I doing here?

"Yeah I am." He smirked.

"Yeah okay, where is Jazzy?" Lindsey inturrupted.

"Oh, haha she's in her room, come on in." He said opening the door to Lindsey.

"Well, I should get going." I said starting to leave.

"Woah no way!" Justin said pulling me towards in said.

"What the hell Justin, why?" I asked.

"I am babysitting to girls! What the heck am I supposed to do with them? I don't know how to change diapers!" He said shutting the door inside.

"Justin, they are five, they are potty trained you don't need to change a single diaper." I said rolling my eyes and heading for the door.

"Wait, please." Justin insisted. I looked him in the eyes and agreed to stay.

"Where is your mom anyway?" I asked.

"At her friend's house, I'm in charge for three days." Justin smirked.

"Why three days?" I asked.

"I don't know, she's taking a break!" Justin replied.

"Oh cool." I said.

"She left me a schedule though." he said taking out a partly crumpled piece of paper out of his back pocket.

"Let me see, maybe I can help, cuz, you don't seem to know what your doing." I said taking the paper from him.


1) Lindsey and Jazzy's playdate:

12:45: Lunch

4:00: snack

6:00: Dinner

7:30-8:00: Watch TV.

8:00: Jazzy needs a bath.

-Blow dry her hair

-PJ's on

-Brush her teeth

-Bedtime story

-Say good night and she should be in bed by 8:30.




-Make beds

-Make food


-Clean tables and Windows

LOCK THE DOORS! If you take Jazzy anywhere make sure she takes a jacket!



I finished reading the list and handed it back to Justin.

"Well, let's get started." I said.

"It's 12:32, almost lunch, what should we make?" Justin asked.

"Sandwiches and apple slices?" I suggested.

"Sounds easy, sure." He replied.

He took out the Peanut Butter and Jelly, while I looked in the cabinet for bread. I found it and took out two knives.

"What do you have for drinks?" I asked starting to smear Peanut Butter on the bread.

"Um, Juice Boxes!" Justin said carrying for back to the counter top.

"kay." I said finishing up the sandwiches with jelly.

I set the table.

"Let's go get Jazzy and Lindsey." I said. Going up the stairs.

"You don't even know where her room is!" Justin said as we climbed up.

"Yes I do." I replied.

We got to the top and I walked to the left of the the hallway.

"Annddd that's the wrong way." Justin said as I walked into a bathroom. I walked to the next room and looked in, it was a room with CD albums, a drum set, a TV set, a microphone, and piano were.

"That's my room Gabby." Justin said pointing at the name on the wall.

"Oh alright, I don't know where." I said giving up.

Justin walked all the way in his room grabbing my hand.

"Justin, thought you said this was your room." I said.

"It is, but there is a short cut to Jazzy's." he said.

We walked into his huge walk in closet and he opened this door at the way far end.

"Open it Gabby." Justin said. And so I did. As we opened it I saw, Lindsey and Jazzy playing Barbie's in a huge pink room. I smiled.

"That is so cool!" I said to Justin.

"Who are you?" Jazzy said giving me an awkward look as she saw that I was still holding hands with Justin.

A/N: Yay! Justin is a character now :) Jazzy gave Gabby an awkward look :( Maybe she doesn't like her, I'm sorry if this story sucks, I'm trying. My other two stories are better, like Justin Bieber Kidnapped Me or Justin Bieber Man of My Dreams? You should read those too :) Please







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