Dirty Little Bastards

"Now you listen here you ungrateful little twat, the only reason you're here is for pleasure and that is it! Understand? If you weren't so hot, I frankly wouldn't care a damn about you."

Harry Styles and Niall Horan have become wickedly bad and even sexier in this story. Will Mia ever escape the wrath of Harry and Niall, will the other three dashing boys come to her rescue? What happened the night she got kidnapped, did they drug her?
Read to find out...

xx -Molly


7. You're going to pay for this

I can tell that this is going to bruise. 

"Niall? Come here now."


"See Mia's sweet little red face?"

"What about it?"

"I think that she is ready for a real blowjob. So don't hold back"


Niall take me head and turns it to the side. He shoves his dick in and he's not holding back, he's shoving all of it in making me choke. *Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

"Ugh! Stop, I can't breathe." 

"Just a little more, I'm almost there." 

He shoves it back in and a few moments later he comes all in my mouth. 

"Now swallow it bitch." Harry insists. I spit every last drop onto the ground. 

"That's not what I told you to do now was it?

"WAS IT?" 

Harry lifts me up off the bed and pushes me roughly against the wall. I slam into it and fall down onto my knees. 

"Now look at my stomach." I take a quick glance at his stomach and it seems as though I scratched him pretty hard. It's still bleeding. 

"You're going to pay for this, you're going to pay for this real good."

He slaps me hard across the face one more time. He picks me up by my hair and throws me around the room a couple times. I hit the walls and the floors with big thumps. 

"Open this door this instant!!!!! Let us in, NOW." I hear three voices from the hall come through the door. Harry tells Niall to go and answer it while he has a hold of my face and is pushing me up against a wall. 


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