Dirty Little Bastards

"Now you listen here you ungrateful little twat, the only reason you're here is for pleasure and that is it! Understand? If you weren't so hot, I frankly wouldn't care a damn about you."

Harry Styles and Niall Horan have become wickedly bad and even sexier in this story. Will Mia ever escape the wrath of Harry and Niall, will the other three dashing boys come to her rescue? What happened the night she got kidnapped, did they drug her?
Read to find out...

xx -Molly


2. The easy way or the hard way

"That's right sweet cheeks, welcome to Hell."  Niall said with a grin. 

I glared at him with a look of pure disgust at how immature he's being.  Harry and Niall are two very distinguished members of One Direction and girls around the world look up to them so why are they being such douches tonight?  Any where are the other guys?  You'd think celebrities who are members of the same boy band would keep tabs on each other and who they are kidnapping.

"Look here Niall, why are you doing this to me of all people?  Do I have a sign on my forehead that reads kidnap me or something?"  

"I'm really surprised that you didn't see this coming Mia I mean really, did you honestly think that you could dirty dance all night with us and we weren't going to do something afterwards?"

"See this coming?!?!  Wow.  I didn't think I had that much to drink anyways only two or three cups of rum and coke, that's all.  You guys really didn't have to be such jerks about this whole thing."

Niall keeps circling around me and after a while he will just switch directions.  It's making my neck sore.  Harry is just quietly sitting on the floor in the corner of the room silently laughing sarcastically: What a dick. 

"Now Mia, you can either do this the easy way or the hard way."  Harry began to rise up off the floor and come towards me. 

"Do what?"  I said with eagerness. 

"Our bidding, obviously."

"Wow, cocky much?  I choose no way, thank you very much!" 

Niall and Harry quickly exchanged glances and said at the same time, "Hard way it is!" 

"Great, just fantastic."

Harry came up behind me and started tickling my neck.  Niall grabbed my legs and started to feel them up.  I had goosebumps forming all over my body, the hairs on my arms started to raise and everything.  

"You know you want it baby."  Harry whispered into my ear with a soft voice. 

All I could say was "uh uh."  Harry kept on anyway.  He started to feel up and down my arms as he sucked on the sweet parts of my neck.  Niall now moved is way up, untied my legs/feet and was groping around my crotch.  "Please stop."  I begged.  It was no use, they just kept caressing me.  

I felt my hands become free and I could feel my fingers again.  Harry untied my hands, yes!  Now I can finally try to escape, at last.  I shot up out of the orange chair and Niall fell backwards onto his butt.  Harry stepped back but quickly grabbed onto both of my wrists pulling me into him.  I had his arms wrapped around me and Niall was taking of my dress as Harry slowly kissed my neck. My dress was chucked across the room and all I was wearing now were a pink strapless bra and some pink lace panties.  Oh, how wonderful, just plain fantastic!  

Niall was about to take of my panties when Harry threw me to the ground and pounced on me like a puma.  His legs were on top of mine and my arms were pinned down by him.  Niall found enough space under us to undue my pink bra.  Now my size 34 a boobs were flopping about.  Harry moved his head and started to suck and touch each one of my breasts.  Messaging and gently sucking them to make the nipple hard, very hard.  

Niall came up and was on his knees over my head.  He already had his pants off and his dick was very close to my mouth.  

"Suck it."  Niall demanded.

"No thank you."

"Suck it!"  

"I said no!"

"I said suck it so you WILL suck it."  "Now!!!."  Niall became so angry I just gave in. 

My mouth started moving up and down his shaft and he started to make all of these moaning sounds like a pregnant cat giving birth.  Gross.  

Harry slid off my panties and moved in.  His dick was inside me.  Harry Styles, the guy I looked up to the most was raping me?  What a sick perverted bastard.  I hate him so much now, he disgusts me.  

"Stop, please it hurts."  I managed to get a couple words out before Niall went back in.  

They just ignored me and kept going.  Harry was going harder now and it hurt so much I began t cry.  I gave up trying to suck Niall's dick so he was just moving back and forth.  I cried so much, the tears just kept coming.  I got no sympathetic looks from neither of them.  They just kept going harder and harder.  

I didn't realize it at the time but the front door opened and Zayn, Liam, and Louis walked down the creaky stairs.  Harry and Niall didn't even bother looking.  They just kept raping me for personal pleasure.           

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