Dirty Little Bastards

"Now you listen here you ungrateful little twat, the only reason you're here is for pleasure and that is it! Understand? If you weren't so hot, I frankly wouldn't care a damn about you."

Harry Styles and Niall Horan have become wickedly bad and even sexier in this story. Will Mia ever escape the wrath of Harry and Niall, will the other three dashing boys come to her rescue? What happened the night she got kidnapped, did they drug her?
Read to find out...

xx -Molly


3. His shirt was so big

As Zayn, Liam, and Louis were walking down the stairs I heard them laughing and calling out the names of Harry and Niall.  All they probably heard was them moaning.  They probably thought they were having a gay sex orgy or something like that, no surprise though.  Finally they came down to the last step and they all gasped as to what they saw.  Me, sucking Niall's dick and Harry thrusting in and out of me very fast.  

"What is this?"  Zayn asked.

"What are you doing?"  said Liam.

"What the fudge is going on here mate?"  Asked Louis with general concern.

"Nothing much why?"  Niall replied very casually. 

"This is Mia."  Harry said. 

"Okay?  What is she doing here?"  Zayn asked. 

"We were at a party and she was dirty dancing with us so we sorta took her with us."  Harry replied.  

"Did you drug her, and by sorta took do you really mean kidnapped?"  Liam said. 

"Yes and yes!" Niall said with a laugh.  

"That's not funny mate, you have to send her home right now!"  Louis yelled. 

All of the time they were having a conversation, Niall and Harry just kept on raping me like it was nothing. Such giant assholes.  After a while, Harry and Niall got off of me and walked up stairs.  I still was lying on the floor sobbing.  Louis came next to me and wrapped his baggy shirt around me.  He reached out his hand and I declined to take it.  

"Are you alright?"  Louis asked seeming very concerned. 

"I guess so.  As long as I'm not pregnant, I'm fine.  But, why did they do this to me?  I don't deserve to be treated like this." 

"I know you don't, no one does.  Sometimes Harry gets these moods where he does things like this and Niall just doesn't have the balls to stick up for himself and goes along with it."

"You guys used to be my favorite band, I even have posters of you and Harry on my walls in my dorm room."

"Oh, I'm sorry.  Did they rape you?"

"What do you think?"

"I suppose that's a yes."

"Just please take me away from here."

"I don't think that's possible baby.  Seeing as you're mine now."  Harry's voice shot out of the dark by the stairs.  

"Come on, I'll bring you upstairs."  Louis picked me up and wrapped more of his shirt around me and carried me upstairs bridal style.  

He placed me down on the couch and wrapped me in a big blanket with a colorful bird on it.  I began to fall asleep when I heard Harry and Louis yelling at each other from the kitchen down the hall.  I hate when people yell, it just brings me back to the time when my parents were in the middle of a split-up.  



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