Starting Fresh

Keaton is now 18 and has almost forgot about her summer romance with Harry styles. But almost is never enough and things always end up coming back to you

***self harm is included in this story***


7. the party.

Keaton's POV.

A few hours later me and Deni had half our wardrobes laying out on our beds. We continuously swapped sides and clothes(we turned out to be the same size, other than the 5 inch height difference). In the end Deni had on ripped light wash skinny jeans a nirvana t-shirt, red flannel, and white docs. I had on medium washed ripped high wasted jean shorts, a plain white Miranda and the diamonds band t and a green flannel, and my black docs. We both wore normal makeup. It ended up being foundation powder bronzed mascara and a thick line of black eye liner on top. I of course wore my abundance of bracelets and my cross necklace. Deni had a rubber band on her wrist and a leather necklace. We grabbed our phones and walked out of the dorm.

By the time we got to the frat house. By walking. There were already probably 20 people passed out in the lawn. Inside there was hardly a sober person in sight. Me and Deni agreed to spilt up and text each other later. Not that I was too thrilled with this because I wasn't exactly known as Frankie make friends. I went into the kitchen and took a couple shots by myself. I knew I could hold quite a bit of alcohol . I could out drink almost every guy is ever drinker with. I was getting bored so I decided to text Deni and figure out where she was.

As I was getting out my phone a guy who actually just looked like a prick came over to me. "Hey baby. Wana go upstairs with me?" He slurred from too much alcohol. And cockiness if you ask me. "No. Thanks." I hated people like this so I decide go just walk away. "But baby come ooon. Don't be a prude." He leaned in to try and kiss me and I leaned over so he kissed nothing but air. "Don't be like that!" I was getting bad. "Then don't try to kiss me like that." I spit his words back at him. He again leaned in to try and kiss me but I hit him in the face. I'm not one for slapping so he got a punch. "You bitch!" She screamed. He had this look in his eye and I was kind of scared. "If your not going to let me play with you, maybe you'll let me and my friends play with you. That'll be fun for you haha won't it?!" Now I was scared. I knew I could fight off him but not more than 3 guys. I kneed him in the groin to try to get away. "Ugh. Stop being so difficult you slut!" She moaned and slapped me across the face. It stung a little but I'm accustomed to pain. Just then 3 other guys which I guessed to be his 'friends' came over and picked me up. "What the fuck do you think your doing!" I yelled. They ignored me and me hitting all of them. I heard some girls screeching about some famous guys coming and I yelled for them to help but they couldn't hear. "Seriously let me the fuck go." I growled. They carried me into a room and shut the door. They then proceeded to throw me on a bed. "Not let's have some fun creepy dude number one said. He had the same greasy black hair I saw when he came onto me in the kitchen. Disgusting. They then all walked over to me and I began to realize that I was actually about to be raped. I tried begging. "Please. Stop...d-don't do th-th-this!" They ignored me but mumbled something along the lines of 'ugh virgins. Shut the hell up.' How the fuck did they know? I screamed for help but not much came out before a hand was clamped over my mouth " scream again and we won't stop." Said creepy guy number 2. He had long blonde hair. Stringy. Ew. At this point they began to undress me And I really began to panic. I realized I was having a full blown panic attack.

The last thing I remembered was a blonde haired Guy, and a black haired guy with tanned skin, along with a buff brunette and brown eyes opening the door and picking me up.

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