Starting Fresh

Keaton is now 18 and has almost forgot about her summer romance with Harry styles. But almost is never enough and things always end up coming back to you

***self harm is included in this story***


1. explaining

Okay so let me start off by saying that I'm nothing special. There's nothing extraordinarily different about me that makes me stand out from others. I live a fairly boring life. Sure there's my brother who's always getting in and out of trouble and the constant visits to JDC whether it's from a misunderstanding, drugs, running away, or issues with the family. There's the constant fighting in the house, and then there's the secret. The secret only 3 people know about. The secret I only told 1 person willingly about. But that's something I'll get into later be she now is not the time. So now I suppose I should start from the beginning. About 4 years ago when I was 13. It's important that I explain this because if not you will not understand the rest of what I'm going to explain. So here goes nothing.

I surprised myself and the rest of my family by being up so early. It was 9 am on a Saturday and I had willingly gotten up and ready and was quite impatiently waiting. Staring out the window in front of the house. Who could blame me though? In my small neighborhood in east England we were getting a new neighbor! "Keaton stating out the window won't make them appear any faster." My mom said. Of course. "Oh maybe it'll be a girl your age so you can finally have a friend!" My brother said, he wasn't purposely being mean. He was just kidding but little did he now that I truly didn't have any friends anymore. I had pushed all of them away. The secret was why. It was ruining my life and I couldn't do anything about it. The noise of a large engine snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked up immediately and saw a blue mini van following the big truck. It took a lot of me not to run out right now before they could even get a chance to step out of the car, but I held myself back. I was secretly hoping my brother was right. That it was a girl my age. I really needed someone right now and I didn't have anyone. Not since my best friend Wayne had moved to the States last fall. I decided to wait 10 minutes before going outside; i didn't want to seem desperate -not that I wasn't I just didn't want to seem it. When my time was finally up I tried to walk slow out the door but gave up and bolted out carrying the brownies I had made for the new neighbors. When I got to their house only a few seconds later I didn't bother ringing the door because they were in and out getting all the boxes in doors because of the approaching storm clouds. When a pretty woman who looked to be in her early fifties with dark brown short hair made her way outside I didn't hesitate. "Hi I'm Keaton Liles. I live just next door. I brought you some brownies; is there anything you would like some help with?" She picked up a package before looking up and smiling at me "Oh how sweet of you Keaton! I'm Mrs. Styles, and if you don't mind me asking would you mind helping me carry a few boxes?" She seemed nice enough to me and didn't seem like the kind of person id have to worry about with 'stranger danger' nonsense. "No problem at all!" With that I picked up a box and headed right in the house behind her with the brownies balancing on top.

I ended up helping her for a while when we took a break to have a cup of tea. "So do you have any family with you in this house Mrs. Styles?" I asked politely. She told me she had a husband but he wouldn't be here for a few days yet and them she smiled and told me she had child about my age. I grinned and though about finally having a friend. I was lost in the made up scenarios in my head when she said "Harry is much like you. Shall I get him?"

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