Spend a week with one direction (niall horan fan fic)

what happened that week never leaves the house we stayed in, but i'll let you in on it.
by the way my name is Sarah hutchison, and my best friend hannah calam and i won a spend a day with one direction comp. hannah's not a fan, but we had a deal. i watch aname if she lets me talk about one direction. she likes Louis and i like Niall. he's always been my favorite. i don't know what it is but i like him :)


2. the results

I woke up ever so slightly when my alarm went off. Then I realised that today is the day I find out about the competition. I shot up and rang Hannah straight away. She didn’t pick up until the third time I rang.

"WHAT?! I was sleeping if you didn’t know. That’s something that people do you know?"

ok maybe I should of rang her in like an hour or something. Cause she sounds pissed off!

"the competition Hannah. We find out if we won TODAY!"

there was silence then a small groan.

"REALLY? That’s why you rang me? couldn’t you of waited for an hour?"

I just gave my best ‘you have to be kidding face’ even though she couldn’t see it.

"you are giving me the face aren’t you?"

"yep. Come on! You know how much this would mean to me if we won!"

"I’ll be over in a few hours you little shit."

"love you to! See you then."

I hung up the phone and walked over to my closet and pick out some clothes and got in the shower. Once I finished washing. I got out and dried off and wrapped a towel around my head and body. I walked past the mirror and I stopped and backed up. I looked in the mirror and just wondered if I won, would they like me? or would they forget my name the day after we leave. Not to mention I'm nervous. I mean they are known by everyone and if you make the wrong first impression then you could ruin every and any chance to become friends or more with them. The wrong impression and they could even chuck you out and get the runners up in for the week instead. Hm, I'm just over reacting. They probably have to keep you there so they don’t make the wrong impressions themselves.

I walk over to my bed and flick my stereo on and start dancing to one direction and horribly singing while I'm at it, while I get changed. Once I have my black singlet that has ‘Aussie Babe’ on it, and my white high waisted shorts with my wedge sneakers (black) and my sunnies. I put my hair to the side in a braid again and flicked my stereo off and walked down stairs.

"hey mum, hey dad."

I said to my parents as I walked into the kitchen.

"hey pumpkin."

Dad calls me pumpkin because of my hair.

"you’re up early, what’s the occasion?"

I bit my lip and held my breath because I haven’t told them about the competition yet and dad’s a little over protective of me and I don’t know how he’d react to me spending a week with 5 boys.


I said in a nervous tone trying not to be to scared incase my father rips my head off for not telling him. I told mum but dad’s a harder person to convince.

"well what?"

dad said in just as a nervous tone

"well, I entered a competition to bring a friend and spend a week with one direction."

I kinda backed up in the kitchen slow an small steps at a time.

"what? Why didn’t you tell me?"
"well I told mum and well I wasn’t going to tell you unless I won."
He didn’t say anything for a few seconds and I was getting nervous

"well just be careful ok. If you do win that is."

He wasn’t happy, I could tell. But he was handling it better than I thought he would.

"thanks dad. And don’t worry I will be careful. Plus I'm bringing Hannah."

"well I guess that won’t be so bad."

"honey, she’ll be fine. Don’t worry"

mum finally spoke up. She was sitting there quietly and waiting until dad went on his rage and she would of stepped in and helped my case a little.

Once breakfast was out of the way I went back upstairs and sat on my bed when my phone dinged. It was Hannah:

"On my way. About half an hour away. Oh and by the way. The contest is going to be announced at 10:00. What do you want to do until then? And if you’re panicking, just take a breath and drink water remember?"

I didn’t even feel nervous until I realised that the announcement is only 2 hours away. Now I was panicking. I grabbed my water I keep at my desk and slowed down my breathing, relaxed and drank my water. I don’t want to be over stressed on something like this, and I am known for my stressing. After I clam down a bit I text Hannah back: "ok, see you then. I just had some water, I'm fine now and I will pop in a movie when you get here, I’ll let you choose." I grabbed my laptop and logged in, and opened my email up. I was ment to get an email from them and a phone call like 10 minutes after or something. Maybe it was to give us time to calm down and relax. I walked back down to the kitchen and made myself a coffee and got Hannah’s special cup she leaves here, out and ready to go. I walked over to the TV and flicked it on, leaving it at whatever channel it was on, I put my cup on the coffee table and walk back up stairs and get my laptop and bring it back down and sit on the coffee table as well. After the initial set up was done, I walked over to the draws I keep my movies in and have a look through them. I have a lot of movies, the rest are in the garage, they are ones I haven’t watched in forever, my younger brother’s movies are in there to. His name is Andrew and he is 17 this year, we’re only 17 months apart. I continue to flick through the movies, narrowing it down to the one I want to watch after Hannah chooses one. I have decided on a horror selection. I have narrowed it down to all the scream movies, all the paranormal movies, when a stranger calls, sinister, and a less horror one: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I put the rest of the movies away and decide on Sinister. That is one mother fucking scary movie. I have watched it many times and MR. Boogie still scares the fuck outta me. I mean, look at him. He is a child eater for fuck sake! He feeds off of children’s souls over time! And not to mention he is butt ugly! Mask or not! and I have probably just scared the fuck outta you. Sorry. Then I heard a banging on the window which made me nearly jump outta my skin and climb up the wall and through the roof. Them I heard it’s voice.

"oi! Shit head! Are you going to let me in or not? I have been banging on the door for 10 minutes!"

I look over to the clock, and I realise I have been sitting there for nearly an hour.

"shit! Sorry Hannah!!"

I jump up off the floor and nearly slip over on the polished wooden floor, thanks to my socks. I manage to make it over to the door, running but not slipping. Thankfully. I open the door to see Hannah standing there with her hands on her hips tapping her feet with a ‘are you fucking kidding?’ look on her face.

"sorry, I said I was sorry. I was looking through the movies and you know how I get!"

I said letting her in the house as she walks over to the kitchen and boiling the kettle and starting to make her coffee.

"well we only have and hour until the results. Do you want to watch half a movie and then see if the email says ‘Congratulations!’ or what?"

I walked over to the kitchen and put my cup in the sink and turned to her.

"yeah that sounds like a good idea."

I say to her smiling like a goof.

I start jumping around the kitchen and living room shaking my hands.

"ah! I am so nervous! What if I don’t win?"

Hannah leaned on the bench of the kitchen with her cup in both hands and looked at me

"sarah. Shut up. I know your excited but really, shut up. You are over thinking it. Don’t think about it until the time comes. Like 2 minutes before the time comes. Would be appreciated."

I glared at her

"gee, don’t sugar coat it!"

she walked over to the movies and put her cup on the coffee able and sat with her legs under her and opened the cabinet to the movies and started to look at them.

"well, you don’t keep me around to sugar coat it, I am all truth."

She looked up from the movies and smiled at me.

I said back to her in a happy and bubbly voice.

"What movie do you want to watch?"

I asked Hannah as I sat on the couch with a pillow.

"well, I was thinking, hm, maybe warm bodies?"

I jumped up.

"omg! I was going to pick that movie for after what you wanted to watch! But I chose sinister instead."

Hannah looked up from her drooling over the case

"haha I was going to suggest that but I saw it there and thought maybe not."

I slumped back on the couch and laid my arms out.

"hmmm, isn’t R just so gorgeous at the end?! Nicholas Hoult plays him well."

Hannah just laughed.

"easy girl, keep it in your pants and put that tongue back in your mouth!"

I turned my head to her.

"you know I just cant help it, uh! I just want that zombie!"

I say faking an orgasm and being a horrible actress at the same time. Hannah just slapped me and laughed.

"down girl, down girl!"

we both laughed together while we wait for the movie to start.

We are half way through the movie and Hannah and I are sitting there with pillows, sitting cross legged on the couch. The boneys are after R and Julie and the face of a bony is fully covering the screen and my email goes of. Hannah and I both scream so loud it sounds like we were being tortured in a basement. We looked at each other and when we realised what happened we both laughed and when I fully comprehended what happened. I stopped laughing and was shaking. I opened the email that was labeled "one direction comp." And I scanned it once, I had to go over it a second time because I scanned it so quick I couldn’t comprehend what I saw. The email read:

Dear Sarah,

We are pleased to inform you that you have won the spend a week with one direction competition! Here is all you need to know…

And it continued with all the contacts and informed me that they will ring in 10 minutes. I closed the email and shut the lid.

"so? What happened? Did you win?"

I turned to Hannah and I could feel my face go pale.

"you didn’t win did you? Oh well there will be anoth-"

I cut her off

"I won."

Hannah just looked at me with a blank stare.

"I won. I freaking WON!"

I jumped up jumping around and squealed so much for about 5 minutes and realised that I don’t know what to do now.

"they are going to ring in 5 minutes and I don’t think I could speak. Can you write down the information for me while I tell you? Cause I will be shaking something shocking to write!"

Hannah got off the couch and walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulders and smiled.


I ran up to my room and started to pack and I kept my phone on loud and with me, and next to it was a pen and paper. Hannah got out my suitcase and backpack and wrote out a list of essentials.

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