Dirty Little Secret

Brittany has never had a first anything so what will happen when fours boys make it a point to change all of that.


3. Sneaking Out

Brittany's P.O.V.   

 I walk into my house and immediately my dad asks if I'm ok. 

   "Yes dad I'm fine, how was work?"

   "It was fine, so did they hurt you? Did you eat enough? Did they touch you?" 

   "No, yes,and no, dad I'm perfectly fine. So dad I'm 17 and I was wondering if you would be ok with me dating."

   "Why has one of those boys asked you out? Is this because of those boys?"

    " No dad I just want to have a little freedom." I am nervous my dad never let me date but I'm starting my senior year in high school in less than a month so maybe.

   "Well maybe, first I have to approve of him and he has to have no criminal record."

   "Thank you dad!" I run up to him and hug him. We walk into our dining room and have supper. I jog up the stairs to my room and look at my phone. Really? Four new contacts- LukeythePenguinKing, AshthePokemonTrainer, SexyBeast, and Calum<3 Wow these boys.  I switched into pj shorts and one of my brothers sweatshirts. I breathed in the smell of the jacket, I missed my brother so much. He had gone into the navy right after highschool and I almost never see him. I jumped into bed and decided to watch reruns of Full House. After like 6 episodes I am starting to feel tired so shut of the tv and cuddled into my blankets. A knock at my window abruptly woke me up. Nope I'm not sleeping that movie was too scary. I decided to text Ashton because things were weird between the rest of the boys. 

To :AshthePokemonTrainer

Hey I can't sleep thanks to that movie :(

From: AshthePokemonTrainer

I could cuddle you ;)

To :AshthePokemonTrainer

How bout we just go to McDonalds

From: AshthePokemonTrainer

That can work I'll meet you outside your window

    I checked my clock it read 10 o'clock. Ok my parents should be asleep, I put on some jean shorts and put my hair in a messy bun, I kept the sweatshirt on and looked out the window, Ashton was standing there looking up. I went in my closet and found my rope ladder and attached it to my window. I jumped out and went down the ladder. Once I reached the ground Ashton gave me a hug, I loved his height compared to mine, me being 5'7 and him being about 6 feet tall. We let go and headed to my car, I drove because he was still new to the area.

    We were silent during the car ride to McDonalds but it wasn't an awkward silence it was a nice one. When we arrived we went in and I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and Ash ordered a plain cheeseburger we also got a soda and a fry to share. We got our order and sat down to eat, he sat beside me and we just talked about random things. Once we were done eating we headed back out towards the car. I walked over to my side of the car and opened the door, when I sat down I realized that Ashton had come to my side of the car and was standing in front of me. He took my legs and moved them so that I was facing him, he then pulled me closer to him so that my legs were wrapped around his waist and that our faces were 2 inches apart. He just stares into my eyes and slowly moves closer. I close my eyes as he closes his. I was actually going to do this. When we kissed I felt a spark, the kiss deepened and he bit my lip asking for entrance. I opened my mouth and his tongue slipped in. Our tongues fought for dominance and his one. He moved his hands to my butt and lightly squeezed making me moan into the kiss. His hands traveled up under my shirt to my sides, his touch make my shiver. We both pulled out of the kiss.

    "Ashton that was my first kiss." His face went white.

    "Brittany I'm so sorry I didn't know, I would have made it more special."

    "No it's ok I liked it."

    "In that case." He pecked my lips again and rested his forehead on mine. He then pulled away and went over to his side of the car. We drove back to my house and he walked my to my window. He hugged me and said goodnight. I climbed back up that the ladder and could tell he was staring at my butt. I climbed into my room and watched Ashton walk back across the street. I walked over to my bed and slid under my covers. Now I wasn't scared to go to sleep I just have to much on my mind, what are these boys doing. 

Hey i just looked at this on my ipod and the spacing is all messed up like da fudge.But anyway comment who you ship Brittany with!


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