Dirty Little Secret

Brittany has never had a first anything so what will happen when fours boys make it a point to change all of that.


4. Lazy Day or Not

Brittany's P.O.V.

    "Wake up! Wake up!" I groaned in 'excitement'. I got no sleep last night so to be woken up at six by my dad like every other day. 

    "Hey, me and mom are going to work in 15, so make sure you are up and have eaten." 

    "Ok." I manage to grumble out. So what to do what to do.........LAZY DAY! I haven't had one of those in forever. I change out of my sweatshirt and shorts from last night to my penguin onesie. I LOVE PENGUINS. 


    I head downstairs to see my mom and dad just heading out the door, I yell bye as they shut the door. I immediately hook up my iphone to the speakers in the living room and Crank it Up by David Guette starts blaring through the house. I dance into the kitchen and start getting out ingredients to make scrambled eggs and toast. I put the toast in the toaster and cook the eggs. I put it on a plate and head back out to the living room. I turn off the music and put on Nemo my favorite movie ever, I am watching until I get interrupted by a knock at the door. Really I was at my favorite part where Nemo touches the butt. I get up and on my way to the door I check my face, HOLY BUTT I LOOK UGLY, my hair is all messed up and my makeup is smeared, I rub my messed up makeup off and fix my hair as much as I can. I go to the door and open it, really the boys again, so much for my lazy day. 

    "Hey guurrrllll," they all yell. 

    "Really guys I was having a lazy day."

    "Sorry but we just wanted to know where you go to school since it starts soon, oh and nice onesie," Luke says while winking. I ignore his flirting and welcome them in, they all walk in and go to the living room to sit down.

    "I go to Woodsgrove High school, it's just down the street from here. I'm going in as a senior."

    "Hey so are we so I guess we will be seeing a lot of you." I roll my eyes that's just great. 

    "Yeah I guess so, so if you would be kind enough to let me continue my lazy day that would be great." 

   "Fine." They leave and finally I am alone woo I continue watching Nemo. 

   After a few hours of watching movies I decided I need to get some sort of exercise in today so I went up to my room and took my hair out, brushed it, and put it in a ponytail. I then put on a grey nike sweatshirt and carpi leggings with grey sneakers. I also got my ear buds and ipod nano. 



   I started running around my three mile triangle when I saw a familiar face running on the opposite side of the street as me. Luke. I tried to ignore him but he saw me and crossed the street. He caught up to me and pulled my ear buds out of my ears. 

   "Ay I was listening to that ya know."

   "Well not anymore, now you are listening to me." I slowed down to a walk and steadied my breathing.

    "You know you look hot when you are sweaty, yeah you would be especially hot and sweaty when I'm through with you."

   "Umm no thanks, can you just leave me alone I'm trying to run."

    "No prob babe I'll text ya later." Luke turns and starts running towards his house.

Hey my cupcakes so this is just a filler chapter I'll probably update very soon since this was short and you should go check out the first chapter again because I added to the beginning of it. 

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