Looking On the Blind Side and Hearing On the Deaf Side

Ashlii- Blind and lost her twin sister Lola.
Lola-Deaf and lost her twin Ashlii
Two girls, both twins, are death and blind. They were both moved to a different house at birth. Will they ever meet?


1. Seeing Blind

ASHLII'S P.O.V. point of view)

My name is Ashlii, I can't see you but I know that you are beautiful. I live with my mother and she says that I have a twin out there in the world that I can't see. I've never met her, I'd like to though. 

It just makes me wonder if she's still alive. I hope so. Even though I never met her, she'll always be in my heart.

My mom said that I might meet her some day.



My name is Lola, I can't hear you but I bet your voice is beautiful. Don't worry, I can read Iips though. I live with my dad. Supposedly, I have a twin. I never met her though. It's not that I don't want to, because I really do.

I hope she's okay out there. It's a crazy world out there, it'll eat you alive. It's an ugly place where society judges you on your looks and not the beauty on the inside.


I'm going shopping with my dad for clothes today. Some girls are staring at me, giving me weird looks because of my hearing aid. I hope my dad doesn't become like those girls and walk off, like my mom did.

I was in the aisle when I saw a girl with the same color of hair as me, walking with a walking stick. She's blind. I feel so bad for her, except then again, I feel bad for myself too.

I went on with my business, not thinking of the fact of the blind lady, she's still human, and that's all that matters really. I step aside to admire a dress when I bumped into the blind lady behind me.

"Oh my gosh, I am so so sorry. That was my fault!" I squealed out. Her sunglasses knocked off, she looked exactly like me. No, it couldn't be my twin. Could it be though? A lady came around the corner, assuming it was the girl's mother. 

"Holy crap." She said, dropping her jaw at me.

"Ashlii?" The lady asked, staring directly at me.

How did she know my name? I just shook my head yes.

She had tears rolling down her dusty rose, pink cheeks. Who is this crazy lady?

"Ashlii, I'm your mother, Lauren." She cried out.

My dad came around the corner to see where I was. His jaw dropped, he saw my mother and I'm guessing twin sister? 

"Lauren, is this Lola?" He asked Lauren.

She nodded her head yes.

My twin sister right in front of my eyes.

"Oh, um, Ashlii. She's blind. She can't see you." My mother assured me.

"Lola, it's me your sister, twin sister to be exact!" I squealed out. Almost crying we both ran into each other's arms.

My long lost sister is finally in my arms. I'm never, ever, letting go of her.

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