I Will See you Again

The only destination for the living is death. Death is the only thing anyone should be afraid of. My name is Eve. I am already dead. But I am still afraid.
Someone came to my grave and told me I had to keep my promise. That I had to figure out the truth about what happened. The person said to me... I will see you again.


7. Speak

Some ants will capture ants from other nests to work as slaves.

Similar to how I am a slave to time

Present Day


            The light shone through the curtains above Emily's window. Not the sun, but it was the closest the World of the Dead could get to I guess. Judging by how long it's been there, I could only guess it was around seven or eight in the morning. I take my eyes off the curtains and the bright, unrealistic, light and look down to Emily, who had woken. She smiles, and I return the gesture as she gets up and grabs her medication. She tosses me mine.

"Take it." she demands. For a little girl, she acts like an adult. Death gives so much insight. It may seem impossible, but you can still age here, at least mentally.

            I sit up catching the pill bottle. I turn the cap and it makes a satisfying popping sound. I shove a ginormous pill down my throat. If I were alive, I would feel my stomach deteriorating. Come to think of it, how do these pills even work? Do they have a straight shot to the soul?

"Are you taking the wheels today?" I get ready to pull the wheelchair out of the closet.

"Probably should."

"If you want I can carry you." I joke craning my head back to see if Emily was laughing. I could see a small smile, but it soon disappeared.

"You can head out; I'm going to be a while."

"Alright." I open the door and walk down to the lobby. Best to leave her alone. I’m sure she doesn’t want pity. And she’s probably sick of my jokes by now.

            When I get down there, only Ben and the third class twerps are there. I take a seat next to Ben as he shuffles the same deck of cards he always has. He must have asked for them from the higher members. He’s used those things so much, but they still remain is its prime condition. He grinds his teeth as Ashley, Ivory, and Jimmy talk about things they used to do when they were alive. I can't imagine what it must be like for Ben. While he doesn't open up much, he let it slip once that he'd been in the hospital since he was just five years old. I'll bet he never had a normal day in his life.

"How's it going." he says. He doesn't care. He just wants to talk to someone, and his usual companion and former roommate, Adam, was gone.

"The same, you?"

"Sure feels the same. But lord knows all of us are dying."

"We are already dead." I joke leaning onto Ben's shoulder. He nudges me off.

"Not exactly." he straightens his cards out and sets them down on the table, "I mean look at you. You're so cheery, every day. How can you be so alive when you are dead and have no closure?"

"What do you mean?" my face becomes serious.

"Doesn’t it bother you that you don’t remember how you died?" he caught me off guard. I didn’t know how to respond. I open my mouth and close it again, “Never mind.”

"But I just-" I put a hand on his arm and he shakes it away.

"Do you mind!" a few heads turn in our direction, "I just want to be alone." he turns away. I've accidentally shut him down.

            I run my hands up and down my jeans for a second before getting up. I walk past Ashley and her gang, trading smiles and greetings. I move past the empty couch and coffee table, ready to go back to my dorm. Out of the corner of my eye I see a figure. I stop in my tracks and face the dark space where he stood. Tony?

"Hey Tony," I approach him hesitantly, "Where are your followers?" I refer to Phil and Pete.

            Tony stood looking bored. I'm sure if his pals were here, he would be doing something. Chatting or playing some sort of game. Tony slid down the wall until he was sitting. I sit next to him. I'd like to ask him if he was okay, but I don't want to shut him down as I did with Ben. That was a mistake I didn't want to repeat.

"Pete went to the doc again. Phil's still in his room."

"Wasn't Pete at the doc's a few days ago?"

"Yeah, I don't know what's going on with him lately, can’t be good though I reckon."

"So you're all alone."

"For now." he responds, "How 'bout you?"

            I look around the room again. The crowd just keeps getting smaller. We are leaving this place at an alarming rate. Sure it was bound to happen. But when I think of it, all of us were promised a few years. And all of a sudden, we only have months. Doesn't sound fair. Doesn’t sound right.

"I was talking with Ben for a while, but I pissed him off. And Emily is taking her time coming down. Lord knows where Michael is."

"Hey Eve." speak of the devil.

"You'll have to excuse me."

"Alone again?" he jokes.

"Naturally." I reply with a wink.

           I stand and greet Michael. He flicks his head over to the door and then his eyes lock on mine. I nod in return and we both exit the building. I hold on to his arms so he could support me. I didn't expect to feel so weak so quickly. Stupid meds.

"What was going on in there? The place seemed so morbid."

"Pete went to the doctor again." I respond.

"Really? Pete? Wasn't he there like... three days ago?"

"Yeah," There is an empty pit in my stomach.

"Maybe it's the higher members of society, trying to bring down the population." I didn't expect this from Michael. He wasn't much of the rebellious type. If anything I was.


Flashback #4: Let's call it how I lost my best friend

"Hey stranger." I jump onto Jordan's bed surprising her. She barely got out of the way in time.

"Jesus, Eve." she replies angered before we both fall victim to laughing fits.

            Jordan is texting someone on her phone so I wait until she is finished. I bury my head in one of her soft pillows and sigh. The smell reminds me of all the memories I had in the house. My first sleepover when I was ten, the nights we sat out on her roof with binoculars and spied on her cute neighbor across the street, long walks to the park a few blocks from her house. Fun times.

            It's been minutes, and she still isn't done texting, "Who on Earth are you talking to?"

"My cousin, he's moving into our neighborhood." judging by the wide grin on her face, this must be good news.

"Cool, when is he moving in?" I ask out of politeness.

"The family isn't moving into the house until a few weeks from now, but Michael will be staying with us from now until then."

"So you're texting Michael." I like the way the name rolls off my tongue, "Well, when is he getting here."

            As if the entire thing was planned, the doorbell rings at that very moment, and both Jordan and I look out her bedroom door. I sit up, and Jordan runs down the stairs to go see Michael into the house. The moment she leaves, there's rustling on the roof. I look out the window, expecting a squirrel, but there is nothing. I pick at the chipping nail polish on one hand waiting for Jordan to come back to her room.

            After a while, I glance out her bedroom door debating if I should go downstairs and meet up with her. A small breeze comes through Jordan's window giving me goose bumps. I turn to shut the window and jump back in fear falling off the bed in the process.

"Holy shit!" I crawl away from the window as a man... boy enters. He'd been relatively shocked to see me as well. He puts his finger to his lips and extends a hand for me. I take it, and he lifts me up. Once I'm standing, I back away from him. He smiles, causing his blue eyes to sparkle. Noticing how handsome he is I almost pee my pants in excitement.

"Hi, I'm Michael." he says softly, "I'm just trying to surprise my cousin; I didn't mean to scare you."

"I'm just a friend." I say before gesturing to the door, "She’ll be back any second.

"You got a name then." he smiles. It's contagious. I put my hands in my back pocket. He takes a step closer to me, "Or are you just a friend."


"False alarm." Jordan says walking into her room, "It was just the mailman. Delivery." she shakes a box.

            When she looks up, she drops the box without another thought and runs to Michael screaming. From downstairs I could hear Jordan's parents laughing. I move to door not wanting to ruin the moment. Jordan and Michael hug, talking about how long it has been. Michael sneaks a glance at me and I smile raising my brows.

            Remembering my presence, Jordan releases Michael and introduces the two of us. Michael walks up to me extending a hand to shake, trying his hardest not to laugh. I shake my head and greet him. Jordan scratches the back of her head somewhat confused.

"Hi." Michael says.

"Hello." I respond awkwardly. I continue to shake his hand. I try to release but he keeps holding on to my hand. I laugh. A blush threatens to make its entrance on my cheeks.

"Well, Eve, do you mind helping Michael and I carry his things to into the house."

"Sure, why not?" I walk out of the room followed by Jordan and then Michael.

"Oh my god! Michael is that you, you’re so grown up; tell me how you've been." Jordan's mother says from the kitchen. She'd been wiping down the dining room table. She threw the rag on the sink and gave Michael a hug. I had to dive out of the way of being sandwiched in an embrace.

"I guess I'm leaving you to do the heavy lifting. I'll be there in a bit." Michael says to Jordan and me.

            Jordan and I walked up to a pile of boxes stacked on the sidewalk. Jordan hands one to me and grabs one for her.

"You didn't tell me he was cute." I say nudging her shoulder.

"Oh god, don't say that." she scrunches up her nose, "That's so weird to hear."

"But its true." we put our boxes inside and went out for another load, “I’m just sorry he’s your cousin.”

"You don't like him, do you?"

"I know I like is eyes. I've never seen such a blue."

"That's not even an answer." she grabs another box, and I take one after her.

"I hardly know the guy. Besides, what's it matter if I like him."

            We finish putting boxes inside the house while Michael chat's with Jordan's parents. I caught a glimpse of his smile every so often and felt my heart melt. Did it even matter if I liked him? Who's to say he even likes me? I stretch my arms, in pain from all of the heavy lifting, and stand in the doorway with Jordan.

"Hey, Eve,"

"Hmm." I was too absorbed in the sight of Michael to really hear what she was saying if she was saying anything.

"Do you mind if you leave me and Michael alone to catch up."

"Really," I stand up straight, my back instantly in thanks. I hadn’t realized how uncomfortable I was, "All right. Let me get my things from your room."

            I scurry up to the bedroom and grab my phone and jacket. I speedily make my way down the staircase, but roll my ankle halfway down. I prepare myself for the fall, but someone catches me. Michael. I regain my balance and move up a few stairs so we weren't so close.

"You’re leaving, already?"

"Yeah, I've got homework, and besides... you and Jordan have some catching up to do."

"I caught up with her on the way over." he must be referring to the text conversation between him and Jordan.

            I shake my head subconsciously moving my fingers through my hair, "Excuse me, I have to get going." he steps to the side and I squeeze past him slowly. I could hear his breath in my ear and his hand lightly resting on my arm, probably to catch me if I start to fall again. Luckily for me, I make it down in one piece.

            Jordan waits for me at the bottom of the steps. I wonder if she saw what just happened. She leads me to the door, seeing me out like the good host she always is. We walk down the porch steps and to the driveway. My house is only a fifteen minutes’ walk from Jordan's so I contact Mike and tell him I'm on the way home.

"Alright, I'll see you later." I say.


            I didn't notice the difference in her words then. She used to say until next time, or stop by soon. But she said goodbye. I thought she meant for the day. Until school, or the next time I came over to her house. But she meant goodbye to all of the memories that we shared. Goodbye to our friendship. Goodbye to the bond that we'd made over almost ten years. She was speaking. Trying to tell me that we weren't friends anymore. But I didn't listen. I didn't understand.

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