I Will See you Again

The only destination for the living is death. Death is the only thing anyone should be afraid of. My name is Eve. I am already dead. But I am still afraid.
Someone came to my grave and told me I had to keep my promise. That I had to figure out the truth about what happened. The person said to me... I will see you again.


2. So this is death.

Did you know that every year hippos kill more people than lions or bears?

I hope I didn't go out like that.

Present Day


           Dying wasn't so bad. But to be fair I don't exactly remember how I died. Not that it matters... What happens when you die? You pack up your soul for a journey to the after life. Only... you just leave your body behind. Just the Idea of your body remains. The world of death looks just like the "real" world, just for dead people. Only for dead people. Death might be the best thing to happen to you. You no longer have to take care of yourself. You have nothing to live for... because you aren't alive anymore. You have no purpose.

           Death truly is just like life. It reflects living in most ways. Sounds great right. But there is a catch. There's always a catch. You only get as much time in death as you did in life. And that's only for the first and second class corpses. So my time here is limited. And, to be honest, I'm running out of time. I've been restricted to the city I'm in because of my class. Class four.

            Once you die, you immediately become evaluated by the doctor to see what class you are in. Your class will determine how fast your soul is using up its energy. The class you're in also determines restrictions you have as a citizen of the dead. Classes one and two don't really have any restrictions, and they tend to be made up of the older corpses who died around their 60's and older. The third and fourth classes are restricted to the city they'd died. Those classes tend to include children and teenagers, myself included. The rarest class, class five includes any age group of corpses. Not sure why or how, but they just use up their energy really, really fast. I've heard that there were higher classes, but in my city, the fifth is the highest.

             One of the cool things about being in a higher class is that you can manipulate what you can do with your energy. For the first and second classes, one could manifest their desired appearance, but higher classes can do much cooler things. Finding exactly who you are looking for in the lake, for example, is just one of those things. But as I've said before, even if only briefly, the higher level classes are given restrictions by the higher members of our society. So us higher classes tend to stick together.

           Whenever I get the chance, I like to walk to this beautiful piece of land. It truly is a piece of art. Deep in the woods of my city is a bike path. And on that bike path there is a beautiful lake. Every city in the world of death has one. My lake is filled with lily pads. My lake shows me all of the people living in the city. I always wonder, if people looked hard enough, could they see me and the world of the dead. Like that scene from The Lion King. That part where Simba sees his father through the reflection of the water.

           The lake is a nice place. If you'd never seen blue water. Just wait 'til you die. The color looks imaginary. No shade of blue you've ever seen. I was told as a child that the color of water was transparent. And that the color of the oceans came from space. If that were so, is there a space in death. Could I escape and forget about the death world, the dying world. After life there is death. Of course death is also influenced by time. I wonder what's after death. Will that world be influenced by time too?

            When I was alive, I believed there was nothing after life. It just ended. You just ended. There was no dark hole, because darkness no longer existed. Time didn't exist. You would just stop being. My beliefs were proven wrong. But now I worry about the next stage. After death. I've heard of the afterlife. But there is nothing after death. How can there be.

           The blue water is the essence of live. I can spy on the living, check on my sister. I miss her. I said earlier that only higher classes can look through the water and see what they were looking for. While death makes you feel alive, the water is a different, better, representation of that feeling. I am addicted to the water. It makes me feel like I never died, which is saying a lot considering I don't even remember my dying.

           But this doesn't come without a price.

            A long, long while back a four foot fence was put up around the perimeter of the lake. Not only that, but several guards were stationed various places around the lake, for our protection. Some people got super obsessed with seeing life, so obsessed that they would jump into the lake. similar to what happens to a pebble when you toss it  into the ocean, the corpses just disappeared into the living world becoming what we would call a ghost. If I focus really hard into the lake, I might be see some of them trying to get back to the world of the dead.

            Going back to the living world will prevent a corpse from death, but that doesn't mean it's the better option. I'm sure there is a way back to the world of death if you enter the world of the living, but even if I knew what it was, the higher members of my society aren't letting the strays back in. Another downside to death. The population of the dead is rising. And we are running out of space here. Even with the increasing number of higher class corpses.

            I know that the higher members of my society have made a bunch of rules and regulations that are supposed to balance out the dead living here. Ha, the dead living. Funny concept. Small things, like trips around the world cost a bit of your time, poker games being set up to gain time rather than money, and for us higher classes, we use are energy to check on the deaths loved ones that can be seen in the lake. And if you touch another person's soul or even threaten it, a corpse will be banished to the living world. I find it crazy that your soul, the most valuable thing one is given in death is being sold like it is nothing important.

          I walk to the fence and let my hands hover over above the top of it. I could feel the vacuum ready to drain my time, the rest of my live... death if I get too close. I peak into the water and focus, on her. There is an emptiness in her heart that I use to fill. Sorry for leaving so soon sis.

"Hey, you there! Take a step back, away from the fence. Now!" One of the guards yell at me causing me to lose my focus. My sister fades away blending in with the rest of the city. Just another drop of water indistinguishable from the rest of it. The rest of the life. I know that every higher member of society would love for a few more corpses to be banished for the sake of space, but they swore to protect the obedient citizens, until the end.

           I look down and watch my hands. They shake, the energy being sucked away from them. The time. The vibrations of the vacuum course through my body sucking away at the rest of my time here in this world. It warns me to let go if I want to live... you know what I mean. I hadn't even noticed the pain it was causing at first. But now I can. I remove my hands from the fence and smile seeing the guards face.

"Good morning Simeon." I skip to him no longer interested in the water. At least not this moment.

"I should have known it was you Eve." Simeon replies sighing. He scratches the back of his head. He walks to me and  takes my hands in his own gloved ones. He examines the place I'd placed my hands on the fence.

"What makes you say that." I say sarcastically.

"You are always here." he spits into the lake. I grimace. I wonder if someone in the real world felt a drop of spit fall on them. Can that even happen?

           I sigh again, already tired of Simeon, "Perks of being a class four corpse." I smile at Simeon but he is to focused on my hands to return the gesture, "Well am I dying?" I ask annoyed.

"When's the last time you've gone to see the doctor." he says looking into my eyes.

            I should lie to him.

"It's been a while..." I say looking towards the water in the lake. I don't want to see Simeon's look of disapproval. I still see it in my mind.

"Go see him now."

"Okay." I say walking to the bike path back to the city. Like hell I'm going to the doctor. I hate that guy.

"Actually, let me take you there." Simeon insists knowing I probably wouldn't go. He's right, I'll give him that.

"Don't you have to make sure nobody jumps the fence." I point. He turns for a second before grabbing my arm and pulling me the path to the doctor.

"Not everyone is as crazy as you." he responds. I look at him disgusted at the way he is pulling me around. His grip is tight on his bare hands. Bare hands.

"Let go of me!" I yell yanking my arm free, "Where did your gloves go? You were wearing them five seconds ago!" I look around exasperated. I can't see them anywhere. I look Simeon in the eyes, "You know my touch is lethal."

"I have at least thirty more years here, I can spare you some of my time."

"It's not right." I say looking at my hands. I can feel the humming of new energy in me. More time here. Even if only a little, "I could get banished for that." I sigh calming down, a little.

"How much time do you have left?" Simeon says looking me in the eye. He cares too much. I am already dead. Why is he trying to save me?

"A few years last I checked." I lower my head in shame.

"So like the last time you visited the doctor... when you first arrived." he shakes his head and starts walking to the city. I follow him. I'll go to the doctor. But only for his sake.


"Eve, it had been a while since I'd seen that face of yours, I thought you might have..." the doctor stops. He walks to the back of his office where he does check ups and I follow. I sit in a chair across from him. Simeon is leaning on the door frame in and out of the room. My hand reaches into my chest and grabs my soul. I pull it out of it's safe place. The doctor gloves his hands.

"I might have died." I finish for him, "I'm already dead sir."

"You knew what I meant." he says checking for tears in his gloves. I must have so much trust in him. One touch of bare skin on my soul could kill me. Only I can touch my soul with my bare hands.

           Such a bright soul, mine is. Beautiful but small. Not that the size shows what type of person you are, just how long you have left. Such a fragile soul, so soft. If I wanted to, I could crush it. But this is my baby. I couldn't hurt it. It's already hurt enough.

            I know what the doctor says will be bad news.

"What do you think."

"It ran out of much of the energy it first had. Normal for a person of your age and class, but it had lost life faster than it should be." The doctor takes my soul from my hand gently and moves over to a counter. The distance between my "body" and my soul is starting to take a toll on me. I could feel my imaginary body start to disappear. The doctor takes a few things from the shelves as he weighs my soul. Approximating how much time is left for me. Once finished, he makes his way back to me. He hands me a bottle of pills and pokes at my soul. I'm glad I can't feel that.

"What's this for?" I say holding the bottle up to my eyes looking at the size of the pills. I'm supposed to shove these down my throat? They're HUGE!!!

"Those should have limited your ability to harness your soul's energy, that way you'll had the abilities of at least a second or third class corpse. It'd slow your souls collapse."  I love the thought of my soul collapsing. It brings me sooo much joy. NOT.

"How much time doctor." Simeon says as the doctor hands me my soul. I take it carefully and put it back into my body's chest.

"Nine or ten months, if she took the pills." he says jabbing his finger in the direction of the bottle in my hands. I swallow a pill down just to make him happy. I almost choke, but at least the doctors happy, "A year if you were lucky."

"Is what you said all the pills do?" I ask.

"It had limited mobility depending on how many you took." I hadn't noticed how oddly the doctor spoke until now. He talks as if I've already taken these before.

"Yay." I don't like the thought of not being able to move. I might be dead and can do anything... but I might have to be in a wheelchair.

"Oh, Eve, I've been meant to ask," he pauses and I look him in the eye, brows raised, "Any luck fixed that problem?"

             I remember why I hate the doctor now.

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