I Will See you Again

The only destination for the living is death. Death is the only thing anyone should be afraid of. My name is Eve. I am already dead. But I am still afraid.
Someone came to my grave and told me I had to keep my promise. That I had to figure out the truth about what happened. The person said to me... I will see you again.


4. Class Four

Did you know one full grown tree can feed a family of four oxygen for a year."

I wish there was a tree that could feed my soul for just as long.

Present Day


"Oh by the way Eve, I've been meaning to ask," he pauses and I look him in the eye, brows raised, "Any luck fixing that problem?"

"I'm handling it." I say. I stand and get ready to leave. Simeon blocks my path, "Are we done here?" I question. I don't bother turning my head back.

"Yes, but I suggest you start coming to see me at least once each week like you used to. Considering your condition, I might need to give you stronger doses of medication."

"Alright, see you next week." I say. Simeon, seemed content with my response and moved out of my way. Both Simeon and I leave the room. Emily sat outside in the waiting room.

"Emily." I say, "What are you doing here so early?" I question.

            Emily is another class four corpse. She is around eight years old. So much younger than I am. I'm twice her age. She visits the doctor every other day to adjust her medication. I hang around with her and some other class three and four corpses most of the time. Aside from my father and Simeon, they are the only real friends I have.

"I've been having problems again."

            She's been having problems for the last few months. False collapses. She is going to be gone soon. And she is too young. So, so, young. Simeon gently touches my back. Pushing me towards the exit. I wave goodbye and leave the doctor's place.

"Emily, back again I see." the doctor's voice says just as I walk out the door. The sunlight from the windows tries to escape to the doctors office, but they don't make it in time. The door closes and Emily is lost in the darkness of the small office that is the doctor's headquarters.

"What did the doctor mean when he said you had a problem?" Simeon questions just outside the building.

"Nothing really, just some class four stuff." I avoid answering. I start to walk to the class dorms. Simeon speeds up to match my stride. I always use my class to avoid answering questions. I like to pretend saying information is class four stuff is a way of saying the info. is classified.

"Should I be worried." I hadn't noticed before how close the walk from the doctors was to the higher class dorms.

"No." I open the door to the entrance and Simeon waves goodbye from across the way. I'm not surprised. Rarely anyone even touches the door of this building. There is something off about it.

            I walk through the long hall to the staircase and climb to the second level. That is where class four stays. Class three occupies the third floor and if there were any class fives, they would occupy the first. I pass some of the boys, Tony and his crew, as they walk by. I nod my head politely. They do the same. I find it interesting that they don't separate to ladies from the gentlemen, but I guess it's because the younger corpses have a way of making their own system and getting it to work.

            I unlock the door to my room and fall silently onto my bed to rest. The pills had taken their toll on me. I lift my hand to the ceiling and try to create a pretty light upon my fingertips, but I am just too tired. I'm sure it would be alright if I just rest for a while. I turn on my side and look at my room. An empty bed is made next to me. Emily's. I'd been her roommate for almost a year now. She'd been here longer than me, but not by much. Apparently before myself she roomed with her brother at her parents house. But her brother is gone now. And her parents kicked her out. I guess they don't want anything to do with her if she was going to die.

            There is a desk covering one section of a wall in the room. There's an imaginary line down the center of the desk that separates my things from Emily's. The rest of the remaining wall was occupied by to dressers which hold Emily's and my own personal belongings. We don't have much. Emily has a snow globe that her parents gave her as a welcome present when she first came here. It sits on top of her dresser. On the other two walls, adjacent to the walls with the desk and drawers, is where my bed and Emily's lie. And on the final wall, there is the door to the hallway, a fairly large closet and a small bit of wall.

            On Holidays, or you're birthday, you can ask for things. Higher members of society will grant higher class corpses to be given an item of their choice that would otherwise not be found in the dorms. Instead of manifesting the items ourselves, which would disappear in about a day, the higher members give us things that somehow stay in this world. That is what Emily and I tend to put on the wall. On my birthday I asked for paper. Lined paper, and envelopes. I often times write non-existent words on the paper, fold it up and put it in the envelope to be forgotten. I was only given five sheets of paper and three envelopes, so I didn't want to waste them. Emily asked for a bulletin board and pins. She wanted to fill the board up with something. But she didn't know what. So, come Christmas time, the both of us asked for a polaroid. We did end up getting it, but in Emily's condition, we haven't been able to use it yet.

            The higher members of society have found a way to match normal household objects with the state the dead are in. It's nice, because we can sit in chairs, lay in beds, touch and hold objects, and of course throw things. But one of the things that still sucks is that you can still stub your toe on a chair leg and feel pain. Of all the emotions you can barely feel in this world, you can still feel pain. That is one thing that sucks. But I am happy we are able to have so much.

"Eve?" the voice and the sound of the door slamming makes me open my eyes. I didn't know I fell asleep. The sounds of marbles hitting the floor didn't even wake me. I jolt up out of bed and try sweeping up all of the transparent marbles into my hands.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep." I apologize to Emily while continuing to clean the floor. Emily laughs,

"You can't help from falling asleep from time to time. It's the one time you forget you're dead."

"Until you wake up and remember." I say standing up. I tilt my head to the side, "Or if you have really realistic dreams.

            I open my dresser drawer and throw all of the transparent marbles into it. Unlike Emily, the only real items I have are just layers upon layers of the same thing. Transparent marbles that won't go away. I pick up stray marbles from the ground and toss them in with the rest. Emily watches the entire thing.

"The all of the third and fourth classes are gathering in the lobby. Just hanging out and stuff."

"Oh," I turn to Emily. She walks past me somewhat sluggishly and to the closet. There are two hooks is to only hold two canes. On the floor of the closet, are two folded up wheelchairs. The higher society members issued them to the third and fourth classes so we could still go places even if on medication.

"I've been deduced to a chair." she says bluntly unfolding one and sitting.

"You're a vegetable." I chuckle opening the door for her and following her out.

"And you're a jerk."

            We walk down to the lobby together... well, I walked, and she rolled. No matter what hallway one would walk to, there was no absence of railing. They were always on each side of the wall. There was no way to escape the inevitable disability. As a higher class corpse, I was destine to eventually be using a cane or sitting in a wheelchair. If anyone else were to walk these halls, they wouldn't last a day. They have a way of draining one's spirit. We are already dead, but still fate found a way to make us suffer. We are being reduced to stale air. Unwanted, dead weight.

            The lobby is filled with children. There is no one there that is over twenty. No more than ten of us either. Their used to be more of us. Of course they all...

            We all sit huddled around a large table. When the turn their heads and acknowledge us all of their voices rise. They beckon us over and I find a seat with Emily.

"Where's Adam?" I ask looking around.

"I heard he croaked just a few days after his last visit with the doc." Ben responds.

            Ben was only fourteen when he kicked the bucket. Considering his past life, he believes he finally dropped dead after a long struggle from a disease. Like me, he is a class four, along with Michael and Emily. Adam was a class four as well. But clearly he is no longer with us.

"That's a shame." Michael says shuffling a deck of cards before handing them Ben to deal.

"Not really," Ben chirps happily, "I get a whole room to myself now. "It's important to understand Ben was never the sensitive type, "Who's all playing?"

            In fact, its hard to be sensitive in a place that drains all of your emotions to a dried up dead feeling that barely ever presents itself.

"I am!" Ashley, a third class shouts, "And so will Jimmy and Ivory." Despite liking to hang around our own classes, Ashley and a few of her friends were able to slip through the crack.

"How about the rest of you third class twerps?" Ben pipes in shoving a finger in their direction.

"Not today," calls a voice, "we'll watch though."

            It was Tony. He, Pete, and Phil tend to hang around themselves most of the time. I don't really know any of them too well. One thing I do know is that whenever Tony makes a decision, the rest follow him. Tony leaves the table and sits on a sofa as his pals follow him. I look around the table. Ben, Michael, Ashley, Jimmy and Ivory. Seems like a heavy pool.

"How about you Eve?"


"I'd like to play too." Emily squeaks. She rolls her wheelchair to an empty spot at the table. Ashley welcomes her one one side while Ben scowls.

"You were just at the doc's weren't you?" Emily nods, "Do you even got enough juice to play."

"Doctor said I had three months." she replies.

"Three months!" Michael yells somewhat surprised. I think? It's hard to tell when we all are a bit monotone. Everyone sitting at the table moved a bit further from him, "That's cutting it real close don't you think?"

"Hey, if she wants to play she can play." Ben states dealing the cards. Michael looks to me for help but I just shrug my shoulders. Once someone makes a decision, what right do we have to interfere. It's not like I could change Emily's mind anyway.

"How 'bout only two rounds." I suggest.

"You can't make a good game with just two rounds." Ashley complains.

"Whatever fine." Ben says defeated, "Alright everyone, pay up. One day minimum."

            I watch as everyone's hands reach into their chest and pull out a days worth of their time. I reach into my chest and pay up as well. This is what we do when our time is short. This is what we all do. We take a chance to gain even a day longer in this world. No one knows that we are doing this. But this is how our classes function. We do the only thing that can save us even if for a short while.

             We gamble.

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