Blaise x Reader

(Y/n) is in love with Slytherin pure blood Bully Blaise Zabini and she's trying not to show it neither is Blaise but it's hard for the both of them.......Will Draco and the Slytherins find out?....



Y/n) was walking down the corridor, eager to get back to the common room and start her Transfiguration essay. She rubbed her tired eyes as she rounded the corner. in the distance she spotted a pair of Slytherin robes, she walked a little closer and noticed it was Malfoy's friend, Blaise. (Y/n) groaned to herself as she kept her head low, proceeding down the hall. She hoped he wouldn't notice her. She wasn't in the mood.

Parkinson snarled, eyeing (y/n) who kept looking at Blaise. "Seeing something you like, mudblood? He's a bit out of your league. Right Blaise?" Blaise snarled at Pansy. "Yes. But don't drag me into this, Pansy. You're fight." Draco chuckled. "The only thing in her league is a rat. Oh wait, that's the Weasel right here!" He gestured towards Ron Weasley.

(Y/n) cheeks flushed but she pushed that off.

Ron gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. "Shove off, Malfoy." he spat.

Harry came over with a sigh. "Come on. Just forget them. They're nasty snakes. Who gives a damn what they say?"

(Y/n) nodded. "You're right, Harry. Nasty snakes." she repeated as she turned away shaking her head and storming down the hall.

Ron glared at Malfoy for a moment before turning as well, trying to catch up with (y/n).

The trio followed after them, heading the same direction. Draco shrugged off Pansy, laughing. "It's always fun to get a rise out of them." Draco commented. Blaise hummed, his hands in his pocket. These were the moments where he thought that hiding it was a bad idea. He could protect her. Both from hexes and negative comments. Yet... he would basically be putting a big red target on her back. He couldn't do that. He did care about her. To what extent, he didn't know

(Y/n) sat down at her desk in potions. Ron and Harry sat beside her. "You alright?" asked Harry.

(Y/n) nodded. "Fine." she mumbled.

Ron sighed. "Them Slytherins. I can't stand them. They're nothing but a bad lot. I bet half of then are going to be Death Eaters by the time they leave this place." he hissed.

"Well, I think one already is." mumbled Harry.

(Y/n) sighed, droning out his and Ron's conversation about Draco Malfoy being a Death Eater.

Blaise sat besides Draco. He watched as Crabbe and Goyle, who finally catched up, fool around and shoot some mindless hexes at other nonslytherins. Blaise took a moment to glance over at (y/n), trying to catch her eye.

(Y/n) felt eyes on her. She slowly turned and found herself stating into Blaise's eyes. They weren't honey brown right now though. They were cold and intense like they usually were when he was with the Slytherins. She flashed him a small smile while no one was looking.

Blaise nodded slowly, knowing that she would understand the need not to be friendly to her. Draco caught him staring but decided not to comment on it, too much on his mind already. The rest of class was rather uneventful. Same old things. Snape was in a bad mood, Gryffindors lost points, Slytherins gained them. And a load of homework was assigned. He collected his notes, stuffing them neatly into his folder. He was ready for the day to end already so he could enjoy the rest of the night alongside (Y/n).

(Y/n) wished things could be easier. She hated being a secret and keeping a secret, but she knew Blaise wasn't ready to come out with this. She sighed to herself as she packed up at the end of class and tossed her bag over her shoulder. Ron and Harry were fooling and laughing about some joke as they walked out of the room. (Y/n) followed behind as she stared down at the floor, wanting classes to be over. It was hard for her to ignore Blaise... To not stare and smile at him.

Draco pulled Blaise to the side, away from people. "What is it with you and that stupid Mudblood?" Blaise scoffed at him, rolling his eyes. "What makes you think there is anything between us? Like you said... She's a stupid Mudblood." Blaise grunted out, crossing his arms over his chest.

Ron and Harry were too preoccupied in their discussion to notice (y/n)'s somber look. She walked to their next class; Transfiguration, and took her seat. Class didn't start for another ten minutes, but she didn't care. She desperately wanted to be near Blaise. To hear his deep voice and feel his chest vibrate as he spoke. She wanted to feel his lips against her and taste him. She wanted to know about his past and his goals. It wasn't fair. Why did such a small thing like being muggleborn have to get in the way of her own happiness? She sighed and laid her head on the desk.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful. Now that he had a relationship with (y/n), it was harder to pay attention in class. Especially when she bend over to pick something up, or threw her hair over her shoulder. He wanted nothing but to take her right then and there. He ate a quick dinner, deciding on heading over to the library earlier in hopes of having more time alone with her. He knew that it would be mostly empty since it was a Friday night. He sat on an empty desk in an area where usually no one ventured towards.

(Y/n) had finished her dinner and excused herself from Harry and Ron. They didn't mind. They were planning on having a small party in their dorm with the other Gryffindor boys.

She made her way to the library, searching the halls for Blaise. Maybe he was already there. Maybe he couldn't come... That thought put a somber look on her face as she pushed the library doors open. She walked slowly to the desk area, setting her bag down at her usual table. The room was empty, or so she thought until she heard a stir in the corner. Her gaze snapped up and she finally noticed the Slytherin sitting a few feet away. A large smile crossed her lips, touching her eyes and lighting them up. She walked toward him. "You're here."

Blaise looked up, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. "Of course. Didn't I tell you I would be here?" He stood up, making his way towards her. He encased her in his arms, kissing her soft freckle kissed cheek. He inhaled her scent, closing his eyes.

(Y/n) smiled as rested her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck. "How was your day?" she chuckled as she looked up to his warm eyes.

He shrugged, pulling her by the arm to a chair. "Uneventful. Yours?" He sat down, across from her. He didn't want to tell her that Draco Malfoy suspected that there was something going on between (y/n)and him. He didn't want to alert her of anything. Especially with Draco being so close to the Dark lord. He was staying in his very home.

(Y/n) nodded in agreeing. "I guess you could say mine was uneventful as well." she said as she watched his face closely, taking in every feature and every movement. "I've been anticipating this moment, actually." she chuckled.

Blaise smirked, tilting his head. "As have I." He leaned forward, his elbows on his thighs. He glazed into her eyes, finding truth in them. "Don't let Draco or Pansy get to you."

(Y/n) still held her smile as she gazed into him. "I don't give a damn what they say." she said as she reached out and took his hand.

Blaise squeezed her hand and leaned back. "I won't see you for much of the weekend." He stated, not adding more. The less she knew, the less likely she would stick her nose where it didn't belong. With Draco suspecting something, he didn't need her hanging around him.

(Y/n) frowned, feeling her heart grow heavy. "But why? "she asked, her eyes staring into his, pleading for the answer as her smile faded.

He shrugged, sighing. "Draco asked me about us. I want to throw suspension off us this weekend." He just didn't mention that it included taking a girl on a double date with Draco.

(Y/n) sighed and looked down, feeling all the excitement and happiness she felt a few minutes previous fade. "Well..." she said, sounding hopeless. "Maybe on Sunday we can spend some time together..."

He nodded. He took her chin and kissed her sweet lips that always seemed to pull him down to earth. He was about to say some thing when Draco Malfoy was heard arguing with the Liberian and heading in their direction. Blaise stood up, almost knocking over the chair. He backed away, masking his emotion with his usual calm and collected one. He folded his arms and looked down in a glare at (y/n), putting on a show for Draco.

(Y/n) frowned in frustration and she slowly wiped her lips. She was so ready to taste him feel him against her. Feel his warmth and security. With a sad sigh, she got in character, frowning up at him, which wasn't really a mask. She really was disappointed.

Draco popped around the arise, pointing at Blaise. "I /told/ you he was here!! Blaise, what are- oh. It's you, (s/n)." Draco sneered down at her. Blaise raised an eyebrow, glancing at Draco. "Bookworm. Found her nose deep in a book." Draco let out a chuckle, the librarian already left. "No friends, mudblood?"

(Y/n) turned, glaring at Draco. "Why is it that when I want some peace and quiet, you vile /snakes/ have to find me? It's a bit pathetic really. No life, Malfoy?" she said in a mocking tone as she crossed her arms, refusing to look back at Blaise.


Blaise snorted, looking over at the glaring Draco. "I can you underestimated whose pathetic, (s/n)." Blaise refused to call her mudblood. "At least Draco has friends." Draco chuckled, judging Blaise. "Who would ever want to be friends with her?"

(Y/n) slowly turned to glare at Blaise. "Friends?" she chuckled with no emotion. "More like followers." she said as she rolled her eyes. "And I've got /plent/ friends." she hissed, glaring daggers at Malfoy.

Draco took out his wand, pointing it at (y/n). "Then where are your friends, Mudblood? It's us against you now." Blaise didn't bother pointing his wand at (y/n), though he did take it out. "You know they all want her just because she gives them the answers to their homework." Blaise spoke.

(Y/n) glared at them both, her hand hovering over her pocket where her wand lay. "I'm not scared of you." she hissed. "What's the matter, Malfoy? Did I strike a nerve?" she asked, smirking slightly.

Draco growled, a hex about to leave his mouth when the Liberian came back. "What's going on here!?!" Draco yucky hid his wand. "Nothing, professor." Blaise looked at (y/n), shooting her a small smile over Draco's face. He nudges Draco and pulled him away. "Come one."

(Y/n) couldn't muster a smile back. Her heart was too heavy. How long would this go one for? How long would they have to do this? Play this game and lie to the world? She watched as the pair walked away. Feeling hurt and lonesome, she sunk back into her seat.

The lubricant petted (y/n)'s shoulder, tsking. "There. There, dear." Blaise didn't dare look backs as he walked away, not wanting to see her crestfallen face. He fisted his hands, glaring ahead.

Blaise woke up Saturday morning knowing that it was going to be a disgusting day. After getting ready and meeting up with his "date" alongside Draco, he headed to Hogsmeade with them. He knew that it wasn't a real date. He was with Hermione. Even though they never really declared their relationship, he considered her a girlfriend. Blaise looked off to the side, staring into the shops as the girl on his arm talked on and on about how she decided to turn insert-something-interesting into a purse. Like he really cared. He wanted to be with (y/n). In all manners of the word.

(y/n), Ron, and Harry were walking through Hogsmeade. (Y/n) didn't even want to go. She wanted to stay back in her dorm and catch up on her homework. She had been too distracted lately to do it. But, Harry and Ron pulled her along, saying that they were worried about her and thought she needed some air.

"Let's go get a look at the Shrieking Shack." suggested Ron.

Harry nodded in agreement and started to follow.(y/n) sighed but went along as well.

Blaise snarled down quietly at the girl who droned on and on about her clothing and 'interesting' hobbies. Draco looked to be in the same boat. However, he would gladly endure their chitchat just so he could enter their 'chamber of secrets' while Blaise only wanted one person and their chamber of secret. Blaise was yanked back as the girl stopped, whose name he didn't know nor care to know. The girl pointed inside a clothing spot. He cringed when he peeked in and saw undergarment only. What in the hell did Draco get him into? He looked around, suddenly afraid that (y/n) would see him or get wind of this.

(y/n) glanced over her shoulder one last time before she followed, hoping to see Blaise around somewhere. She was glad she did because she spotted the caramel colored boy. She grinned as she broke away from Harry and Ron and stared toward him, but instantly stopped when she saw a girl hanging on his arm and browsing around for lacy, sexy undergarments. She clenched her fists and stormed into the shop, not giving a damn anymore, not even realizing that Draco was with him. "So this is where you went?!" she cried in anger.

Blaise turned around, a bit startled at seeing (y/n) screaming in their general direction. He narrowed his eyes before looking down at the girl on his arm. "Is she speaking to you? I didn't know you were friends with people like /her./" Blaise snarled, eyeing (y/n). Inside his head, the gears were turning. 'What in the world is she bloody thinking?' Blaise thought. Draco Malfoy eyed (y/s) and Blaise, stepping forward and pushing his date back with the palm of his hands. Draco scoffed and looked down at (y/s) his nose in the air. "What in the hell are you screaming about, Mudblood?"

"Shut up, Malfoy. I'm not speaking to you!" she hissed, glaring past him at Blaise. "When you said you were going out with Malfoy I didn't expect THIS! Shopping for undergarments with a...whore like her!" she boomed, her face turning bright red. She hardly knew what she was doing or what she was saying. Anger had taken complete control of her.

Draco looked at Blaise, his eyes narrowed. "You socialize with a mudblood like her?" Draco asked, an odd expression on his face. Blaise scoffed, shaking his head. "I don't bloody know what she's talking about. She's been following me around for the past weeks. I guess she heard about the Zabini charm." He told, cruelly, snarling down at (y/n). She knew what she was getting into by doing this. He was trying to protect her. How dumb was she to blow all that up? All his effort. The girl on his arm giggled, running a hand down his chest. "Who hasn't? I don't blame her." He guessed that she was trying to sound sexy but she ended up sounding like a hog.

(Y/n) glared at the girl, her teeth baring as she watched her hand slide down Blaise's chest. She looked back up at Blaise and slowly shook her head. "Forget it." she muttered as she turned on her heel and stormed out of the store, feeling rather foolish and angry.

Blaise watched her retreating back, his eyes narrowed and a puzzled expression on his face. Shaking his head, lightly, he turned to his group glancing at his date. "Get to it." He snapped at her, making her slightly step back from him. Draco watched Blaise, letting out a low huff. Draco made a mental note to have a word with Blaise in privacy. He needed to get to the bottom of this... Blaise was fuming inside, his insides churning. She destroyed everything. And did exactly what he didn't want her to do. She ruined everything. He had to make sure the two bimbos didn't go around speaking about the accident. Especially with (y/n) acting so defensive. He inwardly sighed, knowing he was going to have to go hell and back to talk himself out of this one.

(Y/n) left Hogsmeade without a single word to Harry or Ron. She was far to heated and slightly nervous. Her actions were stupid, yes, but she was sick of this sneaking around. She was sure Blaise was going to be angry with her, but she didn't care. 'I have every right to be angry with him', she thought stubbornly as she returned to her common room. Dinner was going to be interesting...

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