All Good Things Must End

Natalie, a nineteen year old girl, meets pop-star, Harry Styles, after he spills her coffee on her. Love erupts and there is nothing stoping them.


2. Chapter 2:

Natalie's P.O.V. 

"Why do we always have to be the last ones on the plane?" I ask my mom and Richard, the dick I have to call my stepfather. You see what I did there, Richard, dick, because Dick is short for Richard.

"Sorry Natalie, your sister had to use the bathroom." my mother gestured towards my little sister, Victoria. "Ok I think here are our seats," my mom looking around noticing the only seats that were empty. She placed her belongings up in the top thing for your small bags and sat down followed by Richard, Victoria and then me. 



I shoved my earphones in my ears and played my music while we are in 'airplane mode'. About a half an hour later the speaker informed me that I can use the free wifi, they have on the plane. I turned off my airplane mode and instantly received two messages:


From: Kayla

Did you get on the plane yet? Text me when you get home I miss you!!!


To: Kayla

Hey babeee, we just left. Tomorrow we need to catch up!!



From: Harry

Natalie, come to section B I have an empty seat ;)

To: Harry

I'll be there in five xx 


"Mom, I'm going to see a friend," I explained getting up from my seat.

"You have friends?" I looked at my mom angrily. "I'm only kidding!" she defended. With that I left in search of finding section B, which didn't even seem like there is a Section B.


"Excuse me," I approached the flight attendant.

"Yes?" the woman asked in a nice way, other than the stereotype of a fight attendant.

"Where is section B?" I asked.

"That is a private section, let me get your name and I'll make sure they are expecting you."

"Oh ok, my name is Natalie Adams," I told the woman as she walked behind the curtain, coming back within seconds. 

"Follow me," I followed the flight attendant as she brought me into the small section with about ten people, Harry included.

Harry's head turned around to look at me getting up and awkwardly approaching me. "long time no see," I said sarcastically.

He smiled, walking towards me, "guys, this is Natalie, she's a friend of mine," Harry gestured towards me as he told the group.

"Is that the one you spilt coffee on?" the one with the blonde hair asked, in a thick irish accent. Why does everybody but me have a cool accent?

"I see you already told your friends about me," I smirked at him.

"They asked where I was," he defended, putting his hands up. I lightly laughed, more like a giggle, at the face he made as he looked back at Irish.

"Anyway," Harry faced back towards me, "that's Niall," he pointed toward the blonde Irish boy. "thats Zayn, Liam and Louis," he pointed to the boys in the row as they sat. "They are the others in One Direction. That's Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend," the beautiful girl smiled at me, why can't I be as pretty as her. "and that is Louise, she's our hair person, and her daughter Lux" he pointed to the, once again, beautiful woman with her baby. 

"Aww," I said, waving at the little baby.

"Caroline, our dresser-person, just had a baby, but she's not here. And that's Paul, our tour manager. He manages our tour" he added in.

"I didn't think that a tour manager would actually manage a tour" I said sarcastically.


We went back into the seats that were empty and talked the whole ride. I got a couple texts from friends here and there, I'm guessing they were trying to keep me company or some shit, but that can wait. 

"I think we are planning on getting some pizza or something, would you wanna come?" Harry asked me as we exited the plane. 

"Yeah that sounds good," I smiled, "oh shit, I forgot about my family. Um, I'm just gonna call my mom." he nodded, approving and giving me a minute to call my mom. I dial my mothers cell phone number and putting it up to my ear, her answering on the second ring. 


"Mom, I'm going to get pizza with Harry?" I told her, more like a question.

"Harry's the one you left is for?" she fired.

"Yeah, is that alright?"

"Um, I don't know you just me-."

"Thanks Mom, love you" I cut her off, hanging up the phone so she couldn't get anything else in. I walked back to Harry and everyone else, I guess he could tell that I'm able to go because he had cute little grin on his face as I came toward him.


"We're gonna go to get luggage and then we'll leave," Harry explained. I guess I should text my mom, just saying 'thank you.' I know its gonna be a bit rough for them to carry my luggage along with my moms, sisters and step-douches. 

"Sounds good," I smiled, putting the loose hair behind my ear. We walked up to the luggage pickup, where there were windows, and about fifty paparazzi's, and it looks like a bunch of teenage girls.

We headed towards the exit, "put your head down and follow me," he ordered and I followed, Harry grabbing my hand leading me to one of the two big black trucks with tinted windows. The drivers unlocked the cars, as Harry and I jumped in while Paul put the luggage in the back along with Louis, Eleanor and Niall's. He then went to the other car to help Zayn put everyone else's luggage in the back, like how Paul had just done for ours. Paul hopped in the front seat of the other car, the driver giving the one in our car a thumbs up and we left. We almost hit three paparazzi's trying to get pictures.

"Sorry about that, everywhere we go the paps follow us." Harry explained, "that's why we go to Josh's friend's pizza place. He lets us come in the back and he keeps us on the down-low."

"Oh so there won't be any paps there?" I asked skeptical. 

"Nah, there shouldn't be," he turned around to see if they were following, nope, thank god.

"We asked him to stay open a tad bit longer because of the flight getting delayed." Niall chimed in. 



Minutes later we were brought to a dark ally, the driver unlocked the doors. Paul got out and opened the door for me. Once Harry and I were out, Paul pointed to the door to go to we walked to the door followed by Louis, Niall, Paul and Eleanor. The car drove off out of the ally, seconds later we saw the other car which dropped off everyone else.

"Lou is going back to the house, she needs to put Lux to sleep," Liam spoke quietly.

"Why do we have to be so quiet?" I asked, in response all I got was laughter that was tried to be concealed. 

After a fer minutes of everyone laughing keeping me from the secret, Harry answered my question, "because the paps or fans will hear us." Wow that's an obvious answer. How did I not even think of that?

"Josh, call Lenny?" Louis asked, more of a command though. I'm guessing Lenny is the guy who owns the place. Minutes later we were in the delicious smelling restaurant. 



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