Going For A Jog

Emma West is just your average 17 year old girl. She loves One Direction. She is insecure about herself. She likes doing her hair and make up. She is out jogging one day when something completely unexpected happens!


18. Taken (Hehe, I should have done this one for the third chapter)

"Um, okay. But you have to get out." I say. "Why?" God, Harry. I grit my teeth. "So I can change dipshit." I say furiously. Like the fucking nerve! "Nah. I'm good in here. What about you, Zayn?" He looks at Zayn, "Nah, mate. I'm good here too." I clench and unclench my fists a couple times while taking a deep breath. Then Liam surprises us all. He smacks Zayn and Harry in the back of the head. "Have some respect. Get out!" They look down, muttering things under their breath. I smile at Liam, "Thanks" he smiles back, "No problem babe." I blush a little bit at the 'babe' part. No one has ever called me babe besides Mads. Harry and Zayn sticks their heads back in the door, "Hey Em, we want to see all the stuff in the bags. Zayn and I got you some special stuff." Then they both wink at me. Shit. Now I am really scared. Liam leaves and I get to work trying the stuff on and showing the boys.

I spend the next two hours trying on the stuff that Louis got. The stuff actually isn't bad. At all. He got really cute sweatshirts and sweats that actually fit me. And he got like a million pairs of jeans. Luckily they are cute... Then he got really cute shirts and most of them are short sleeve but there are a couple of long sleeve, which is good. And he got another million pairs of shorts, but these are  respectable length. Like my mom wouldn't cringe to see me in them. My mom. God I miss her so much. You never really realize what you have until it's gone. I am about three quarters of the way done, and there are still like thirty bags, filled to the brim with stuff, left to try on. I put on some sweats and a sweatshirt that I already tried on and walk out of the room. When I walk in they all look up. "Erm... Pumpkin, we already saw those." Louis said. "I know Lou, I am starving!" They all laughed at me. "But you haven't tried on our stuff yet!" Harry said, smirking. "I am so hungry, I couldn't cry anything else on. I will probably fade away into nothing if we don't eat soon." They all laughed at me again. "Now you sound like Niall, babe." Liam said. At the sound of his name, I cringed. I hoped it wasn't very noticeable. I didn't want to be mean. I only saw Zayn staring at me, but that was normal. We went into the kitchen and Harry and Liam and Lou went to work making food. Niall was on his phone and Zayn came and sat down next to me. "Follow me, princess." I didn't want to but he wasn't smirking or anything. He looked serious. So I did. I followed out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and into... his room! What the fuck? No way! He closed the door behind me before I could turn around. I must've looked really scared or something because he laughed. "It's nothing like that, princess." I looked at him. "So....?"  "Why did you cringe when Liam said Niall's name?" I flinched. I was not expecting this. "Erm.. What are you talking about?" He doesn't believe me. "Yes you do. You flinched when I said his name again. So I just want to know why?" I sigh. "He tried to kiss me.." My voice trails off. "He what? Did you kiss him back?" He looks almost.. mad? "No, I pulled away before we kissed because you know... he kinda kidnapped me." His face softens at this. "We had a good reason, princess." His voice is softer than before. "Really? Then what is it? Because no one has told me why I am here. And I am afraid to ask." I practically screamed. His face dropped. "It isn't anything bad... But I can't tell you." I just look at him and he looks so sad and I feel bad. So I do something I never thought I would do. I hugged him. It surprised him too but he hugged me back and we walked back downstairs into the kitchen where the food was ready. It smelled amazing. We had burgers and tacos and pizza and burritos. I was REALLY hungry so I had seconds of everything. Once everyone finished, Lou clapped his hands. "Ok! Time too finish trying everything on!" Harry and Zayn were smirking again... I thought Zayn was nice. He was so nice earlier! We all went upstairs and I went into the room and went through the bags and spent the next hour trying stuff on. I finally came to the last bag and Harry and Zayn said it was their bag. Liam and Lou looked at me, sympathy evident in their eyes. I slowly opened the bag and was super surprised! I was all One Direction stuff. There was a One Direction Onesie. And A couple Shirts. Two pairs of sweatpants. Three pairs of shorts. Nine bracelets. Two pillows. A blanket. Four Towels. Like twenty posters. And there was a note in the bag, on top of all the stuff. It said: "Emma- We are sorry that we have been a little weird towards you and we hope this helps to make up for it. We will be nicer and better people towards you. We really are sorry. -Love, Zayn and Harry" I smiled, the biggest smile I have smiled since I got here. I ran out of the room and jumped on Zayn and Harry at the same time and hugged them tight. "We really are sorry, princess." Zayn said in my ear. This just made me smile even bigger and hug them tighter. Pretty soon, everyone was hugging us, and it was a giant group hug. I would rather be kidnapped by these idiots than some creep any day.

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