Going For A Jog

Emma West is just your average 17 year old girl. She loves One Direction. She is insecure about herself. She likes doing her hair and make up. She is out jogging one day when something completely unexpected happens!


1. Sitting in my room

Hey. I'm Emma. Emma West. I am 17 and I have long dirty blonde hair that goes down almost to my waist. I have the tips of my hair dyed red though. Anyways I have eyes. Well that came out weird, I have eyes and I was going to say my eye color but I realized that they change color so... They are sometimes chocolate brown and sometimes hazel and then other times they are green. I am not very tan but not pale. Kind of in between. I used to have an outgoing personality but then I changed and grew distant from things that I used to love and I was depressed for a while and I did things that I am not proud of like cutting myself. But now I am not cutting and feel a little bit better about myself so... What really got me through that phase was One Direction. Their music makes me feel like I am worth it. I was searching for a reason to live and I found five. I know it sounds cheesy but its true. They were and still are there for me when no one else was and I get really defensive when someone tries to degrade them. I tell people that they can make fun of me and degrade me all they want but if they ever try that with One Direction I promise that I will smack them. No one ever insults them in front of me twice because they know I mean it. No one knows that I cut myself or even that I was depressed. I just suffered silently. My best friend knew something was up but I told her I would tell her when the time was right and she accepted that. My parents, they are great. They love me and all but they are oblivious. They noticed changes in me but they never put the pieces together. It's cool though because I didn't want them to. 

Anyways, I am sitting in my room, eating an apple and checking Instagram. I saw the picture of all the boys working out and shirtless and then there is Niall who is wearing a shirt, riding a segway, and eating a Popsicle. I laugh and screenshot it. Then I lock my phone and get on my running clothes. I am going to go for a run because I hate my body and want a boyfriend so I am going to start running so guys will be interested in me. I read so many fan fictions about the boys and it really makes me want a boyfriend. I shake my head and bend over so I can pull my hair into a high ponytail. I pull on my shoes, grab my headphones and ipod, and go downstairs to tell my mom. 

"Mom, I am going for a run" She gives me a weird look but just says "Ok hun. How long do you think you will be?" I think for a minute and then say "Not sure. Probably not much more than an hour" She nods and I walk out the door. I unlock my ipod, go on itube, and play my favorites playlist. It is mostly One Direction with a few expectations like a couple of 5SOS songs like Try Hard and Good Girls Are Bad Girls and a few others by them but that is it. I start running down the sidewalk. I go up the hill in my neighborhood and then around the corner by the golf course and then I am almost alone. Very few people come this way and I think that is why I love it so much. A few cars pass by here and maybe 2 people walking their dogs but that is about it. And then there is me, I run this path everyday at 3 starting a week ago. I start to sing along to Stand up when I had to spit so I stopped and spit out some well, spit. I was about to start running again when I heard a voice.

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