Going For A Jog

Emma West is just your average 17 year old girl. She loves One Direction. She is insecure about herself. She likes doing her hair and make up. She is out jogging one day when something completely unexpected happens!


30. Sad... ):

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated. It is just, a lot has gone on... My cousin (the one who was just born on Wednesday, Ryder) was having a little bit of trouble breathing and he was panting so they put him in the NICU and didn't let him go home today :( He is hooked up to an I.V. and everything. (That is how he is getting his food) And I am like really worried because he is only two days old. But he is a fighter and he is going to be fine! Because the same EXACT thing happened to me in the same EXACT hospital. They kept me for five days after I was born and I am fine now, soo... 

UUUGGGHHHHHH! I can't find the picture of him and now that I started thinking about it, it made me sad. So here is something that cracks me up every time. I would literally kill to hear him say that. Anywho! I will figure out whats happening with my laptop and where the picture went and then I will upload it! Love you! 

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