Going For A Jog

Emma West is just your average 17 year old girl. She loves One Direction. She is insecure about herself. She likes doing her hair and make up. She is out jogging one day when something completely unexpected happens!


2. On The Run

"Love, that isn't very attractive." A British accent says.  I look around and take my headphones out. I don't see anyone but there are some shadows over right by the alley. While I am having an argument with myself about whether or not I should go over and see who it is. A boy steps out of the alley and he looks familiar. When he looks up at me, I am shocked.

 I am looking straight into the green orbs of Harry Styles. My breath hitches and I think I stopped breathing for a minute because all of a sudden I am on the ground and he is next to me. "Love, are you alright? You seem a bit... I don't know, flustered." He smirked at me. I nod my head "No I am fine. Sometimes I do that" I fib. He smirks at me again. Damn he sees right through my lie. "Oh. ok then.
It hits me that I am in my smelly running clothes and am sweating in front of The HARRY STYLES. Shit. He must have noticed that I was about to leave because he grabbed my wrist. But I got a weird feeling. I shook it off because I was standing here talking to one of the guys that saved my life. "Do you have a pen?" I asked him. he pulled a sharpie out of his pocket. "Sure do, love. Why?" "Will you sign my ipod case?" I asked. He smirked at me again. "I only do this for pretty girls so-" I cut him off. "Oh ok then." He looked at me weird and I was about to walk away but he grabbed my wrist again. He frowned at me, "Love you didn't let me finish. I was going to say so of course I will sign it for a gorgeous girl like you. So where is your ipod?" I handed him my mint green ipod and looked down embarrassed. This had to be the single most embarrassing moment in my life. He wrote something on it and then handed it back to me. He wrote- "To Emma, You are a gorgeous girl. Love Harry Styles." and then he wrote his number! " Thank you so much!" I squealed. I realized how late it was getting. "I have to get going, but now that I have your number maybe we could see each other again." He looked disappointed but then he thought about something and it made him smile so he said "Do you really have to go, love?" I nodded. He slumped his shoulders but then kissed me and walked away. While he was walking away he looked back and called, "Bye Emma, see you soon, love." I stood there for a minute in shock. Because I, Emma West, had just had my first kiss by the one and only, Harry Styles. And he gave me his number! But then I felt like I was bring watched and then it dawned on me that I never told him my name. I took off running and I could hear more than one set of feet pounding of the sidewalk behind me.

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