Going For A Jog

Emma West is just your average 17 year old girl. She loves One Direction. She is insecure about herself. She likes doing her hair and make up. She is out jogging one day when something completely unexpected happens!


17. I want

Liam is knocking on the door but there is no way that I am answering the door. If he thinks I am going to answer the door than he is fucking stupid. Then I have the sudden urge to laugh. So I do. Because it wasn't very smart on their part to put a lock on the door. Like what kind of kidnappers are they? Seriously? Who the hell kidnaps a girl and then puts her in a room with a lock on the door. Fucking idiots. I am about to start crying because I really like Niall but he fucking ruined it by kidnapping me. Like, I love them still. But I am fucking pissed. And I just... I don't know anymore. I think Liam walked away because he stopped knocking. I hope they don't have a key. God that would suck. I feel something pressed against my butt that was not there a minute ago. I reach down and I find my iPod with my headphones connected and a note on top. I grab it and read the note. It says: "Em- Here is your iPod, I know you really like music so I am trusting you. DON'T go on the internet or try to contact anyone... or else you will be punished. By Zayn or Harry. -Liam" I gulp at the last two sentences. I wasn't even thinking about going on the internet but I am already here, it couldn't get much worse. I might as well! And they will never know anyways... I will only text my best friend Madison. I turn on the iPod and am surprised when it has a full battery. They probably charged it. Good thing I have a password. Because I have some dirty stuff on here about them. Like dirty imagines and that shit. I mean come on, who doesn't have them? Carrots? HA! But really I will just die if they went on here. They are like sex ones... With all of them! Jesus! Holy Shit! Fucksicle! I feel like punching the wall. I will seriously scream if they found and read them. I type in my password, put in my headphones, turn on the music, and get to work hacking the internet. It really isn't that hard. I mean who's password is: 

NiLiHarLouZay ? That is pretty stupid. But then again... Actually, no comment because I used to worship the ground they walked on. So what does that say about me? I connect to the internet and literally 100 messages pop up from Madison. They mostly consist of Where the hell are you?! or Seriously Em, your mom and dad are freaking out. or Now I am getting freaked out. Where the fuck are you? I smiled a little bit knowing that she messaged me so many times and it has only been a couple of days. She doesn't even like One Direction, what is she going to say about this? 

Emma: Mads? I waited all of about 20 seconds for a reply. I was expecting her to be asleep but then again, if she was missing I would be a mess. 

Madison: Emma? Are you okay?What the fuck-shit happened? What the actual fuck?! Where the hell have you been? Where the fuck are you now? 

Emma: I am okay. After we stop talking, you have to delete the messages. I know it sounds crazy but if anyone finds out I was texting you, I will be punished and I don't know what their definition of punishment is. 

 Madison: Emma... What the actual fuck? Have they brainwashed you? Where the hell are you? Who the fuck kidnapped you?

Emma: Mads... You have to trust me on this one. I will be fine if you don't tell anyone. I can only keep texting you if you don't tell anyone. Seriously though.

Madison: Ughhhh. Fine.

Emma: Thank you so much! I love you Mads!

Madison: I love you too, Em. But seriously. What the FUCK happened to you??

I sigh because I have to tell her and I know she is going to be pissed. 

Emma: Well.. You see it is a really funny story...

Madison: Emma... 

I take out my headphones and turn of the music and get to work explaining what happened and making sure it is all true because she knows it when I am lying because I am a terrible liar. 

Emma: Well... I was running and you know how I have been sick? Well, I had to spit. So I stopped and spit and then I was about to start running again when I heard a voice. So, I turn and Harry Styles is standing there and we talked for a minute but then I realized that I had to go so I said goodbye and HE KISSED ME ON THE LIPS. And signed my iPod case and gave me his number and then he was like "see you later Emma." and he walked away. And then I realized that I never told him my name so I started running and I heard people running me and after like 10 minutes of running I turned a little bit to see who it was and how close they were and it was the WHOLE FREAKING BAND. And they were like right behind me and eventually Zayn grabbed me and they carried me back to their van and then we talked for a minute and Niall took his hand off my mouth and I screamed really really loud and then they drugged me and I was out for 3 DAYS. And when I woke up yesterday, I was tied to a bed in "my" room. And then they came in and just fucking stood there and I was like are you going to untie me or just stand there like fucking idiots and then they untied me and then we talked for like 10 minutes. Then Harry and I got in an  argument because I called him Curly because I decided they didn't deserve to be called by their first names, you know? And then I almost slapped him but he caught my arm and got really close and was like "Wanna try that again sweetheart?" And then I got in the shower and went to the closet where they got me a bunch of clothes (all in my size and everything. Creepy I know!) And all the stuff they bought was booty shorts and shirts that showed off my boobs and there is no way I am wearing that shit with 5 boys around. So I found some sweatpants and a sweatshirt and it was one of the boys' so it was HUGE on me. Then I went downstairs and I was going to eat then go back upstairs and like not talk to them but Harry gave me a HUGE plate of food and told me I couldn't leave the table until I finished it. (Like I am fucking 2 years old) So I ate it all and didn't say anything and I put my dish in the sink and then I was going to head upstairs and Niall grabbed me around my waist and was like "where are you going princess" and I was like, "I am tired" and they were like there is no way you are tired you just woke up and so I got carried into the living room where we played 20 questions and truth or dare and it wasn't so bad and I was having fun and then I was like 'wait what the fuck?! They fucking kidnapped you Emma!' And then they were asking me questions like if I was a virgin and how many boyfriends I had and I was appalled but I answered because what else could I do? And then we watched a movie and I fell asleep on Louis' shoulder. Then he woke me up in the morning and we pranked all the other boys and then we hid in Liam's closet and he is actually pretty ok. And then they found us and dragged him out and he covered for me and was like I don't know she didn't hid with me and they left but Zayn came back and found me and he carried me downstairs and then all the boys besides Louis tackled me and tickled me for like 15 minutes and you know how ticklish I am. And then we had breakfast and watched another movie and then I went upstairs and laid on "my" bed. But then they came in and laid on the bed with me and then Louis and Zayn and Harry went to buy me clothes because I told them that I wasn't wearing the clothes that they bought. And then it was me and Niall and Liam and then I asked Liam if I could have my iPod back because I wanted to listen to music and he nodded and then left to go get it and it was me and Niall and then we were hungry so we raced to the kitchen and I won. And then I was going to rub it in and he grabbed me and carried me into the living room and we both sat on the couch. And then we were both leaning in towards each other. But I realized what was happening so I pulled away and ran into "my" room and locked the door. And then Liam slid my iPod under the door with a note, that was all like; "DON'T go on the internet. Or else you will be punished."  Even though it wasn't connected to the internet. But I hacked them because they have a stupid password. It was: NiLiHarLouZay. Like seriously? They are such fucking idiots. 

Madison: Wow...

Emma: I know. But remember! You can't tell anyone!!

Madison: I won't but are you serious? One Direction, your favorite band ever, kidnapped you? 

Emma: Yeah.. I know. I didn't believe it at first either.

Madison: But... Why? No offense or anything babe.

Emma: None taken. But honestly... I don't know. I have no clue at all. Your guess is as good as mine...

Madison: Okay... Do you at least know where you are? Maybe I could come and pick you up.

Emma: Umm... thanks but I don't think you could drive and pick me up. 
Madison: Wait! Your are still in California, right??

Emma: No. They had the nerve to take me to fucking London!

Madison: Holy Shit..

"Emma, what are you doing? Why is the door locked? We got your clothes!" Shit! It's Louis and Harry and Zayn. Think Emma, think! Bingo! "Just a sec! I am in the bathroom. I will tell you when I get out" I heard them say ok so I practically sprinted to the bathroom. I have to text Mads and then let them in, all in a matter of like three minutes. Okay, here we go. Emma, you can do this.

Emma: Mads, they are back. I have to go. I am turning the wifi off so I probs won't respond. Remember you said you wouldn't tell. 

Madison: I don't like this but okay. Stay safe babe... I love you. And you better text me! 

Emma: I love you too. I will try too text you at least once a week. I don't know how much I will have my iPod but if I don't respond within a month of the text, then you can worry. I don't like this either but what can you do about it, you know? 

Madison: What the fuck? A month! Are you crazy?! 

Emma: I know. I know. I'm sorry. I have to go. Don't forget to delete the messages. 

With that I flushed the toilet, I was sitting on and turned off the wifi. Then I turned on the water to make it seem like I was washing my hands when in reality, I was deleting the messages between me and my best friend. Talking to Mads made me feel a little bit better, it always does. But it also made me miss her like crazy. Then I plug my headphones back into my iPod and make it seem like I just paused my music. Then I went to answer to the 5 boys outside "my" door. 

As soon as I opened the door, I was bombarded with question. And the boys came pushing into my room. They all had at least 10 bags... on each arm.

"What were you doing?" "Why was the door locked?" "What were you doing in the bathroom?" "What were you doing with your iPod?" "Let me see your arm?" The last one surprised me so I just said, "Woah, dudes. Seriously, one at a time." They looked at me and Harry grabbed my wrist and yanked up the sleeve. I just realized that they were checking to make sure I didn't cut myself again. "You didn't cut yourself again right?" I shook my head. They looked suspicious. "Not anywhere, right?" I shook my head again. "What were you doing in the bathroom?" I raised my eyebrows. "Going to the bathroom..." "Ok, good." "What were you doing with you iPod?" "Just listening to music. It helps me think." "You weren't on the internet or anything?" "How would I get the wifi password?" They nod and I silently let out a breath of relief. "Let me see your iPod." I furrow my eyebrows at this. "Why?" "Just give it to me." I feel it yanked from my head and I thank God that i was smart enough to delete the messages. "What is your password?" "Can I just put it in?" "No tell it to me. We need to know it, in case you try to pull something. And you better not change it." "3713" "Why?" "Why what?" "Why 3713?" Liam asks. "Because 37 is my favorite number and 13 because it is 1 and then 3 is D or is it my lucky number and then 1D" He nods and they go back to snooping. "So I really like these pictures of us, Emma." Shit. Harry smirks at me. "What are they, mate?" Niall asks him. "They are more of things you read. I think Emma should read them to us." The whole time Harry is talking to Niall, he never takes his eyes off of me and the smirk never leaves his face. I gulp. He hands me the iPod. "I... My throat hurts. I don't really feel like talking. Maybe I will read it tomorrow." He is still smirking. Damnit! There is no way he is letting this slide. He grabs the iPod back from me. "Okay. Then I will read them." And he does. Every single one. By the time he is done, I am the color of a tomato. I am probably never going to live this down. They are all rolling on the floor laughing. Literally. This is so embarrassing. I can't believe he read every single one of them. Some of them are really, like, kinky. And I mean, yeah... It's hot but still. At seventeen years old, I have never been touched by a boy. At least not like that and reading this dirty imagines. And the people that are reading the imagines are the ones that the imagines are about, this couldn't get much worse. After a few minutes after he reads the last one, the laughter dies down a bit. "So... What clothes did you get?" I ask Louis, hopeful that they will drop it. Luckily, they do. "Why don't you give us a fashion show?" he sounds so excited, how could I say no? Harry and Zayn were smirking at me and I couldn't help but think,

oh Jesus, What did I get myself into?  




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