Going For A Jog

Emma West is just your average 17 year old girl. She loves One Direction. She is insecure about herself. She likes doing her hair and make up. She is out jogging one day when something completely unexpected happens!


13. Author's Note

Hey guys. I am so so so sorry. I can't update until I clean my room.    Mothers    .-.  

But I started cleaning it just now and I am almost done. I just need to clean my closet, hang up my clothes, and clean off my dresser and desk. I will defiantly be updating tomorrow. Probs 7 at the latest and around 4 at the earliest unless I can go on in the morning before anyone wakes up (; 

Ok goodnight my beautifuls. And OMG my This Is Us movie came today with all the special features and OH HOT DAYYYUUUMMM! It is amazing. Or amazayn. Haha, no? ok. I saw it in the theaters but my mom wouldn't let me buy it and then it came late from Christmas. Ok it is like 11:20 and I am going to get in the shower! Until tomorrow!


Is it bad that this may or may not turn me on? Just the slightest bit? Does it do that to anyone else? No? ok.


This is legit like how it is. Haha


Me and Niall have so many things in common. For instance, we both love him! You guys are all invited to the wedding!


AWWWWWW! Fetus! Have you seen the one where He is calling him and it goes to voice mail and then Harry is like "Oh no! I've been rejected on Christmas Eve!" and then he puts his head in his hands and sweet lordy Jesus he has some big ass hands! 

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