It's my bodyguard!

Niall Horan the famous singer needs a new bodyguard! And really quick, his mangement has found one and his best friend Olivia knows things about his new bodyguard but the only thing Niall could know is that his name is Liam Payne and he thought that his name was really weird..
What will Niall think of Liam?
Find out!!
Much Love!
Yasmine! <3


2. Chapter 1.




A/N: Hyee guys!! New fanfic is started! Hope you like him?





Much Love



btw Scarlet almost at the end of this part is the psyhologist.. :D 





Day of the meeting

Niall’s POV

Today there are gonna happen some importing things..

I’m filming my new video clip , and I have a meeting with my mangers… For god sakes why?!


My new song is my first song of my new album too..

The song ; You make my heart apocalypse

I like it because I wrote the most of it myself..


I’m in the make-up right now, and I see Olivia walking up to me..

She is one of my mangers but she is my best friend too..


She yells for the whole studio and I’m smiling..

‘You never can come in without yelling do you?’

‘neehh, that’s nothing for me’

She says while she’s smiling at me..

‘Well cmon, tell me why do I need to go later?’

‘Well you know, we were searching a new bodyguard for you right?’

‘yes, I remember’

‘Well we found someone special and you will be meeting him later when you have that meeting but also for some other stuff’

‘wow, cool! And how is he like?’

‘Niall, I need to tell you one thing.. He absolutely can’t open up to you, so please don’t make it hard for him?’

‘for god sakes, what the fuck do you mean with “not open up”?’


‘well he can’t tell you if he has a wife or a girlfriend, nothing about his privet life’

‘wow amazing!!!’

‘Niall quit the sarcastic behaving’

‘I’m sorry but this is total bullshit. Does he don’t wanna open up? I’m a nice guy you know that’

‘Yeah, babe. But that’s not the problem, he can’t. Not from his boss and not from your boss.. His bosses say he can’t because that isn’t a part of the job, and your bosses saying you can’t have someone who you can talk with, and open up with. They only see you to work and work’


‘I have the best work ever!’

She rolls her eyes

I go close to her ear and I whisper;

‘believe me next year when this damn contract is done I’m leaving I’m going to another management, I swear!’


‘You are gonna leave me?!!’

She yells for the whole studio and all the people look at me..

Olivia turns around and points to her ear where her little speaker thing is in her ear..

And all the people get it and go back to work..


‘We’ll talk later’

I say to her..

‘When we get home immediately!’

She says..

‘yeah about my new bodyguard, can I at least know his name?’

‘Liam James Payne’

I smirk



‘yeah I know, I laughed too..’

And we start laughing together


This is gonna be great really! He can’t talk to me, what a nice bodyguard I have truly..


I start mumbling some lyrics..

‘Mmhmhm, baby you have me, you want me...’


‘Niall, I’m gone I need to speak Samuwel see you later in the meeting?’

‘sure Olivi!’

She smiles because I used her nickname..

And I start singing again

‘But please don’t forget all the things we had’


I’m going to my dressing room and take my guitar and start playing that song of me..


The time flies over and I need to get ready for my meeting..

I take something and put it on because I was only in my tank top..

I know all my bosses are in this building upstairs..

So I take the stairs, and I check my Iphone 15:24 pm

I take a deep breath before I walk inside and then I nock the door..

Then  I walk inside and there are they all sitting at a really big table..


Samuwel Snider ; the biggest boss

Nick Huffman ; second biggest boss

Then we have Ruby Adams ; sales manager

And ofcourse Olivia Moore also sales manager but more an new assistant

She smiles at me and does thumbs up and I smile back at her..

Behind Samuwel stands and really hot guy.. Short brown hair, abit beard, hazel brown eyes..

I would say the perfection, Is he? Is he my – my bodyguard..

I think I’m gonna collapse really.. I look with wide eyes at Olivia and she smiles at me..

And she points at her ear, telling me I need to listen to Ruby.. I didn’t hear a single word of it..

‘I’m sorry Ruby can you repeat that one more time? I was somewhere else with my mind, I’m sorry’

Ruby smiles at me

‘Okay then’


Ruby is a sweet woman, she’s nothing like  Samuwel she is more like a mom at work. I will miss her when I would leave

 ‘I was saying that. The merchandise collection is going really strong, we have over more than 1 million dollar only on T-shirts and books’


‘wow, that’s great’ Olivia says

‘That is really good’ I say smiling

‘yeah but everything needs to get better’ Samuwel  says..


Ofcourse he needs to say something bad again..

‘Well Niall’ Nick starts

I nod

‘that guy behind Samuwel  is you new bodyguard we were looking for’

I look up at him and I smile abit..

And a little smile appears on his face..

‘This is Liam James Payne’

Nick says and I look over at Olivia who is trying to hide her smile

‘Nice meeting you’ I say

‘The pleasure is all mine’

He says back

GOSH! That voice! It’s like an angel but on earth..

Niall focus!

‘Yeah, Niall we will fax all the rules and Liam will be  staying at your house’

My eyes go wide and I look over at Olivia, my management doesn’t know me and Olivia live together because that wouldn’t be right..

On Olivia her certificate stands that she still lives with her parents but she lives now for almost 6 months with me

She looks at me with a face that everything will be alright..

‘Uhn okay?’

I say

‘yeah he will drive to your house later when you are going home’

‘okay, but I think it’s better that he comes later because I have in an half hour my appointment with my psychologist’

‘Oh okay, well we will hold him here and talk with him and Olivia can bring him to your home?’

‘Yeah sure’

She and I say on the same moment and we smile at each other..

‘Well now I’m going home, see u later Liam?’

‘yeah, I’ll be there’

He says

I smile

I look over to Olivia and she nicks at me..

‘Bye Ruby, Nick and’Samuwel'

‘Bye Niall, I will fax you the things’

‘sure’ I yell when I step outside


I take my phone and type a text to Olivia


To Olivi <3: I think were in shit girl! xxx

I push sent and get in my car..


When I’m home I see I have a text back


From Olivi <3: We will see Nialler don’t worry we will say to Liam he can’t say anything.. Now go home and stop worrying, enjoy you session.. I’ll see you in an hour or so.. Together with Liam the hottie!! Xxx


I smile at her text but she has right..


To Olivi <3: You got it right girl!! Love you!! See u later!! Xxx


I make a cup of coffee, and I sit down on my couch.

Scarlet (read authors note) will be here soon

I smile when I get a text back and look

From Olivi <3: Love you much much more!! :p xxxx



She is soo silly but still my best friend!! 



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