Through My Lens

Joanna Artis loves taking pictures, and now she gets I dream chance to do that. She has always moved around, loosing homes and family, now she's found a new home. But will the magazine job cause her to lose her the very home and chance it have her with one direction? Will she have to leave home again?


3. A Place to Call...

When I woke up the sun was still rising and as I gave a little stretch I felt someone. I nearly jumped out of my bed before remembering that I was the one who asked Liam to sleep with me. Man that sounds wrong.

I smile to my self as I crawl out of the bed. The clock said it was only 4 but I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep so I decided to take a shower. The hot water felt good but I knew I should get out. I washed out my hair then turned off the water.. I step out a towel Wrapped around me when I hear the room's door open.

"Liam! Zany's taking too long. And I got to go. So I'm using yours!"

I jumped for the handle but was too slow and Niall opened the door as I was in the middle of reaching out. He looked me up and down as I stood there in my towel.

"Well this is defiantly one of my better morning. Good morning beautiful." He pushed pass me and started undoing his pants "I'm sorry but I really got to go." I scream and pull the towel tighter as I run out of the bathroom. Liam jumps out of bed and grabs me.

"Hey, hey! What's wrong?"

"Niall's a pervertir!" I yell in the direction of the bathroom. Liam start to ask another question but Niall walks out.

"She means she got surprised when I walked in on her to go bathroom." He smiles at me, "sorry I just really had to go. Besides I'm not the pervert here." He motions to Liam who is still holding me. We look at each other and blush. He let's go and I grab some clothes ducking back into the bathroom again.

By the time I came out of the bathroom the room was empty. I walked over to the window and looked out. The city was busy below but the sky was clear and calm then I notice my reflection. My hair was still slightly wet and ready tangled for the first bird who decides to take up residence. I sighed and started brushing it out with my fingers as someone knocks on my door.

"Come in!"

I turn to look as Zayn walks in.

"You decent?" He teases.

"Yes I am." I turn back to the window fixing my hair in the reflection. I get simi decent and start to pull it up into a bun when I hear a snap. I turn and Zayn smiles at me.


"Why do you got to do that?" I walk over and reach for the camera.

"I like taking pictures. I like to think I'm good at it." He smiles and turns the camera to me so I can see myself.

"Well I guess your not half bad." I smile back.

He handed me back the camera and gave me a serious look. "You think you can share some of the photos you take with me? My mom and sister are always wanting me to send photos of what were doing but I never take any good ones. Oh and my girl friend."

He looked down a little embarrassed and walked over to him messing with my phone.

"Sure I can, just put your number and email in here and I'll send you some." I hand him my phone and then walk away to pack up my camera.


Once he was done he told me to be down in the lobby by seven with all my stuff or they would leave me. I nodded and said I would be there and he chuckled as he left my room. I then quickly started packing my stuff up and it was almost seven by the time I finished so I put on my coat and grabbed my things.

My phone said it was exactly seven when the elevator dinged for the first floor but as soon as I stepped out I was pulled into a conference room.

"Shh... It's just me."

I stop trying to scream and look behind me glaring at Niall.

"What are you doing?! Were suppose to be going?!"

"I know, I know. But I want you to help me with something."

"What ever it is no."

"Please!" Niall begged me with puppy eyes. "If you don't I won't go out there, then well miss the flight, then miss important interviews and maybe a concert."

"Oh and you would sabotage yourself just to get me to help you."

"That and you wouldn't get much of a story." He smiled knowing that he had won.

"Fine what is it."

"Open up your suitcase."



I was angrily pulled my luggage as Harry came around the corner.

"Your late."

"I know sorry. I got... Caught up."

"It's fine Niall is late too you seen him."

"Yeah in the elevator, he ran off saying he was going straight to the car."

"Trying to steal shotgun. Well whatever. Want some help with you bags?"

Harry walked over and grabbed my suite case's handle and grunted. "Man this is heavy. Do you have chain mail dresses in here."

Normally I would of laughed but I was in no mood. "No it's just all my camera equipment. It gets heavy sometimes."

Harry nodded and lead me to the lobby. The other boys greeted me, though I noticed Liam and Louis blush a bit. I smiled then sigh.

"Can we get to the car and get this over with."

"Get what over with?"

Liam gave me a questing look as the other boys started to the car. I walked next to him and smiled a little, damn I was starting to enjoy Niall's little game.

"Oh nothing."

We reach the car and I stand by the back waiting for are driver to open it up.

"I'm sorry for earlier."

Liam looked over at me and I could tell he was worrying about this morning.

"It's fine. I didn't mind so much as I did when Niall tried to go bathroom in front of me." We both let out a small laugh. "And besides now we're even after I made you sleep with me." Again that sounds so bad.

"Joanna? Where's Niall?"

"I don't know Harry he said he was coming."

"Then why isn't he here."

"If your so worried about him then go look for him." Louis joked as he ruffled harry's curls. Harry pouted and claimed he didn't care and lifted my luggage into the back of the car before getting in himself. 

"Im sure hell be here soon." the driver said as he looked at his watch, "though we may be late at this rate." 

everyone took there cue and started piling into the car. 

"comming?" Liam opened the shotgun door for me and motioned for me to take the seat. 

"yea just let me get something out of my my bag." i went to the back and messed with my lugage before taking my  seat.

"i bet hes trying to scare us again." Zyan pointed out as he climbed in after Liam.

"He hasn't done that in forever besides he missed his chance, shut all the doors." I couldn't tell if Harry was annoyed but something told me this was more of a game to him and he thought it was pointless since he thought he had won. Harry and Louis went on about how Niall would always try the scare them but he was never able to. i found myself laughing as they told their stories. 

"Well I don't know about you Harry but he'll never get me." Louis bosted and relaxed back against his seat.  

"Never is a strong word mate." i covered up my laugh as Louis screamed and jumped out of his seat. Harry was also surprised but did a better job at covering it.

"Bloody hell when did you get back there?!"


"I said open up your suitcase." He said that while opening it up so I didn't have much choice but when he started unpacking it I had to ask.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" he shushed me and pointed to his suitcase. 

"Put your clothes into mine."

"Why?" had a bad feeling about this.

"cuz im going to get into your case and your going to put me in the back of the car so i can jump out once everyone sits down." Yep this was bad. "Don't worry about your clothes they will be delivered to the car along with mine before anyone gets there."


"And you went along with him." I nodded a yes to Harry as I continued to laugh with Liam and Zayn.

"I'm sorry but he was holding my clothes hostage."

"Yea and Louis just paid the ransom." Naill added sending us all into another laughing fest. Harry and Louis joined in and then both reached back dragging Niall over the seat.

After that the car ride seemed boring and at the air port the boys started there phone calls. I passed the time taking more photos and taking to Emily who had just arrived.

As we were boarding the plane Harry walked up to me.

"You nervousness?"

"What flying? No I'm use to it."

"Yeah I guess you do get use to it. though I'll never get use to leaving home."

"Or coming back home."

I look up and make eye contact with Liam. I look away and quickly walk to my seat and sit down.

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