Perfection Between Us

Lindsey Hale moves to a small town beach in North Carolina. She loves the smell of the ocean air, and the salty sand. In her neighborhood, they are 5 friends she meets. It turns out to be the best summer a 15 year old could have. But what happens when a bad hurricane hits, and Lindsey finds herself alone with only 3 of the friends?


6. Waking Up

    I felt hands grabbing me. I woke up and saw Tyler, Jordan, and Ridge. "Lindsey! Where are we?" Ridge asked. I rubbed my head and my sight clarified. We were in the middle of a field. "H-how'd we get here?" I ask. Tyler helped me stand up and we looked around again. "Wait! I think I know! We are in a field that is about 15 miles away from our houses." Tyler says. "Oh yeah!" Jordan says, and smacks his forehead. "This is where we used to hunt."

    I grab onto my bookbag and threw it on my shoulder. The field wasn't pretty, that's for sure. Trees were laying everywhere, tin from barns were ripped to pieces and lay everywhere, even children's toys, and dead animals. I start to cry when I found a picture. It was laying under tin but I dig it out and stare at it. Me, Kaleb, Meghan, and Kaleb's baby sister. I was posing behind Meghan, Kaleb was kissing my cheek and holding his sister. We were at Disney World when my mom took that picture. I tore it and threw it on the ground.

    We started to walk back towards our neighborhood. Ridge gave me a piggyback ride for the whole way. he was very tired when we reached our neighborhood. I almost cried when I saw it. All our houses were broken, trees were everywhere. But I could see the beach way behind all the damage. Tyler ran, ran so fast toward his smashed home. I jump off Ridge's back and run with him. He stopped and I stopped behind him. I gasp and cover my mouth and nose. Tears stream down my face. There lay his mother, his brother, and his dog. They were dead.

     Tyler looks back at me, his face full of tears. I hug him and don't let go. When I did, I saw Jordan and Ridge standing by their houses that were also torn. But mine was worse than anyone's. I run from Tyler and drop to my knees when I got to my house. A tree was laying across it, the porch was gone, my room was smashed to pieces. I start running into the house. "LINDSEY STOP!" Tyler yells. I walk into the broken living room and see my dead mother, and Meghan crying on the couch. "MEGHAN! " I scream in tears. She runs and hugs me. Tyler rubs my shoulders while crying.

     Me, Meghan, Tyler, Ridge, and Jordan all gathered outside and talked. "I will call Jenna and Rikki. You guys call 911." I say. I dial Jenna first. She answers frantically. "Lindsey! Where are you? Are you ok?" she asks. "I'm in the neighborhood. I'm fine. Just some cuts. The boys are fine and so is Meghan. but everyone else is dead." I say, my voice wavering. "Me and Rikki are at the shelter. We are ok, but our mom's died and my sister survived." she said. "We have police coming to get us and take us to the shelter." I said. She said bye and we hung up. The police arrived and piled all of us in the car. I had to sit in Tyler's lap and Megan sat up front with the policeman. "You all are lucky to survive. Lots of people from out out North Carolina donated to us so luckily, we have enough for all of you to by an apartment. We provide enough food though." he says, turning into the shelter. "That's great sir!" Meghan chirped. We all went inside and ran to Rikki and Jenna.

     Rikki had bruises and scar everywhere. Jenna did as well. They hugged all of us and lead us to the lost and found section. Laundry baskets were filled with clothes. I luckily found all my clothes. So did the guys, Meghan, and Jenna and Rikki.

     Rikki had her car so she drove us to an apartment that the police picked for all of us. We all ran inside and unpacked our clothes into designated rooms. I was in one with Meghan and Tyler. Rikki and Jenna were paired. Then Ridge and Jordan had one. Sharing rooms was really bizzare. Especially since Tyler chose me and Meghan to be with. But we had a big room anyways.

    Once everything was unpacked, we knew we had to go down to the beach. Meghan went into the bathroom to change while Jordan and Ridge changed in their room, and Jenna and Rikki in theirs. I stood awkwardly with Tyler in our bedroom. "Go ahead and change I won't look." he says. I laugh sarcastically and shake my head. "Yeah right." he smiles. "Trust me!" He yells playfully. I roll my eyes and Meghan comes out in her blue tankini.

   I rush to the bathroom with my dark purple bikini and change. I put my hair in a bun and came out. I smile at Tyler and Meghan. "Let's go." Meghan says, grabbing my hand and yanking me with her and Tyler out the door with everyone.

    We finally made it to the beach. Trash and wood was everywhere. No. This was too upsetting. I couldn't stand it.

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