Perfection Between Us

Lindsey Hale moves to a small town beach in North Carolina. She loves the smell of the ocean air, and the salty sand. In her neighborhood, they are 5 friends she meets. It turns out to be the best summer a 15 year old could have. But what happens when a bad hurricane hits, and Lindsey finds herself alone with only 3 of the friends?


5. Sweet Revenge

   Tyler finally made it back and put me down. As I pack all my stuff, everyone crowded around and packed their's up too. "I'm sorry Lindsey." Tyler whispers. But right after he said that, Kaleb appears in front of us. "Going somewhere?" he asks. It started to rain. "Home." I said harshly. "Not so fast," Kaleb mumbles, "You are going to kiss me right now...Or I have other things planned." he said with an evil smirk. "Stop Kaleb." Tyler says. "She doesn't like you, ass hole." I look at Kaleb and he laughed in sarcasm. "Oh...I know that Tyler. But she has to be my girlfriend, or else.." his voice trailed off. "Or else what?" Tyler asked. "She will be preggo." Kaleb replied, smirking once again.

    I held onto Tyler's hand. He squeezed mine, telling me he wouldn't let it happen. "No Kaleb. I think it's time you go back to Creedmore where you belong." Tyler says, stepping in front of me. It starts to thunder and the wind blows the sand onto my legs. It felt like needles hitting me. "C'mon Lindsey let's get you home." Tyler says, pulling me away from Kaleb. I get into my golfcart and drive off, following Tyler and leaving Kaleb to walk.

   I finally got home and got into my shower. I loved the warm water stinging my back. I wash off my hair and body and turn off the water. I grab the towel and dry off. Thank god my mom was in Virginia with Meghan for a month because she was visiting my grandma. I told her I wanted to stay home and hang out with friends and she said I could. So maybe I can invite everyone over for a re-party because the pre-party, was terrible.

    I wrap the towel around my tan body and brush my hair then go out. I was walking toward my room and I heard a knock. I go to the door. "One second! I have to get dressed." I say. The person didn't reply. I went and put on a gray Hollister crop top and my white denim cut offs and threw my hair into a bun. I walk to the door and open it.

   Kaleb lunges at me and grabs me. I scream way louder than I thought I could. Then he pinned me against the wall, holding my wrists tightly. "Hey there sunshine." he says evily and kisses my neck. "Stop!" I scream, trying to break his strong force, that was against me. I shift my head to the right and notice the door was open. When I turn back, a knife hits me right in the cheek.

  I scream in pain, closing my eyes tightly. I felt blood, gushing out of my cheek. That was gonna leave a scar. I heard 3 voices, yelling. I knew exactly who it was. Jordan, Ridge, and Tyler. "LET GO OF HER!" Tyler yells. I start to cry because he grips my wrist tighter. Tyler struck Kaleb in the jaw, knocking a tooth out. He let go of me and held his mouth. I run to Tyler and he hugs me and he doesn't let go.

   Once Kaleb was escorted out by the police, the paramedic cleaned the cut on my cheek. "Well you won't need stitches but it will definetely leave a scar." she said, packing up her stuff. "Ok. Thank you ma'am." I reply politely, rubbing the scar. "No problem sweetie! That's what I do." and with that, she left.

      Tyler, Jordan, and Ridge stood there, staring at me. "Um..Wh-" "Lindsey...Turn on the TV." Jordan ordered. I turn it on and the news was on. "A tropical storm is blowing over to Emerald Isle beach, Atlantic Beach, and most of the costal plain area in our area. The storm is turning into a hurricane, so please everyone find a storm shelter and have food and water. This hurricane will probably be over by tomorrow at 5:00 in the morning." the reporter says. I quickly look at my phone. It was 8:00.

      I look at the boys and we rush to my room. I pack a hoodie, sweatpants and then run to the kitchen. I got 4 water bottles and chips for us. We all run outside and the wind hit us hardly in the face. The screen door stayed open then ripped off. It blew into Jordan and knocked him over. Ridge and I run to him and help him up while Tyler pushed the door under my porch.

    The wind was so strong it was dangerous. Rocks blew up and hit us as we ran to my car. I got in the drivers seat and Tyler plopped into the passenger seat. Jordan and Ridge layed in the back. I drove off toward the storm shelter down the road. But while were heading down, a tree falls and hits my car. The car jerked to stop, but a car comes around and crashes into mine.

    I open my eyes and realize I was in Tyler's lap on the ground. Ridge was beside me, rubbing my hair, and Jordan was on the phone with his parents. The person in the other car had already ran off, (Stupid idiot) and left us here.

     I knew we needed to go somewhere when rain stabbed us like knives. "C'mon we need to go!" Ridge yells. Tyler picks me up and we run toward the shelter. It felt like forever until we reached 1 mile. A mile to go, and Tyler, Ridge, and Jordan were getting weak. We dodged the falling trees, luckily making it to half a mile left. But Tyler had already lost all energy. He fell down onto the grass with me and closed his eyes. Ridge and Jordan drop beside us. "Tyler! Tyler wake up!" they scream. I cover my eyes from the sand that blew in the air. I felt like giving up.

     It was all too much. Tyler was unconcious, I was weak along with everyone else, and we couldn't get to the shelter. I lay beside Tyler and close my eyes.

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